NAADAC 2018 Pre-Conference Workshop with TBHI Faculty

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Marlene Maheu of the TBHI Faculty will provide Telebehavioral Health training at the NAADAC 2018 Pre-Conference Workshop. NAADAC 2018 Pre-Conference Workshop will commence. The post NAADAC 2018 Pre-Conference Workshop with TBHI Faculty appeared first on TBH Institute Blog.


Join SPM’s workshop May 16 at “What’s The Fix?” at Dell Medical School. Free registration!

Society for Participatory Medicine

For the first time, SPM will be the creator and host of a hands-on May 16 pre-conference workshop , Finding The Fix: Strategies to empower patients and strengthen health care !

NAN’s 2018 Annual Conference with TBHI Faculty

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TBHI Faculty to Provide CE Workshop at NAN’s 2018 Annual Conference On October 20, 2018, Saturday, Dr. Marlene Maheu of Telebehavioral Health Institute (TBHI) Faculty will be gracing the National Academy of Neuropsychology’s or NAN’s 2018 Annual Conference. Blog Conference Workshops Dr. Marlene Maheu National Academy of Neuropsychology Speaking Engagement TBHI Faculty


Straight & Narrow, Inc to Host 2-day Telehealth Certificate Training Conference

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Blog Dr. Marlene Maheu Inc Straight & Narrow Telebehavioral Health Workshop Telehealth Training ConferenceJoin the Telebehavioral Health Insitute (TBHI) and Straight & Narrow, Inc as they present the Telehealth Certificate Training Conference in Wayne New Jersey Discover the secrets to a thriving legal and ethical online practice with the most highly respected telemental health certificate … Read more.

Lorman Institute to Offer 50% Discount on ‘Telemedicine Laws’ Online Training

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Blog discount lorman Lorman's Institute lormans Telebehavioral Health Workshop Telemedicine Laws Online Training WebinarTelebehavioral Health Institute and Lorman Institute present Telemedicine Laws: Do they Apply and How to Comply at 50% discount Gain an understanding of telemedicine law. Join this live webinar to be familiar with the issues and legal challenges that medical service providers of … Read more.

When Buying a Pair of Jeans Competes With Filling a Prescription at CVS in Target

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Macy’s conducted a customer workshop last year and learned that there was consumer interest in the company offering these clothing options. Note that The Workshop at Macy’s is an incubator for minority- and women-owned businesses.

3rd Qtr. Release Notes

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Enhancements include: 10 New Workshops. New My Wellness Site, Video Sharing, and ID Card Printing. It’s here! The My Wellness portal has been enhanced for more functionality, better member engagement, and more usability for employers. 30 New Health Challenges. Integration with more than 70 health apps & devices. News Release Notes Data ehim eligibility file ID card mobile restriction video wellness


It takes a Tribe: A new model of type 1 diabetes care in Australia

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Individualized workshops for babysitters and school teachers. With a focus on building community, peer-led information exchange, creative health programs, and social support, the Family Centre does diabetes differently and represents a new model of care for people with type 1 diabetes.

Will Pre-Cert Increase the Advantage of Big Companies? (UPDATE)

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There was a two-day workshop in January to discuss the early days of the pilot. There was a public workshop on the pilot in January. The impact of FDA's digital health Pre-Cert program has yet to be fully seen.

Will Pre-Cert Increase the Advantage of Big Companies?

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There was a two-day workshop in January to discuss the early days of the pilot. There was a public workshop on the pilot in January. There is much debate about the relative advantages of big vs small companies on the development side of the device/product equation.

How can health systems intervene to prevent firearm death?

Kaiser Permanente Center for Total Health

17 and 18 for a workshop exploring the role of health care systems in preventing firearm-related injury and death. Firearm-related injuries account for tens of thousands of premature deaths of adults and children each year, significantly increasing the burden of injury and disability.


JDRF Rolls Out its PEAK Program on Exercise and Type 1

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Now, JDRF is rolling out the new program in a series of workshops both in the U.S. JDRF has now created workshops designed to help the Type 1 community access that information.


Real Seniors lack essential technology – who will make it happen in 2019?

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AARP pays for training it offers in its regional workshops , which is free to participants. When Pew stops tracking senior adoption, does that imply a market saturated? Rant on.

Connected Health Initiative Sees Positive Movement in FDA Guidance


In the year ahead, we look forward to participating in Pre-Certification Pilot workshop as part of the Digital Health Innovation Action Plan. This morning, the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) released new guidance to provide greater clarity in the regulation and adoption of medical-grade software and digital health innovations.

Real Seniors lack essential technology – Consider an Older Americans Technology Act in 2019

Aging in Place Technology Watch

AARP pays for training it offers in its regional workshops , which is free to participants. When Pew stops tracking senior adoption, does that imply a market saturated? Rant on.

Plug & Play Programs to Enhance Your Benefits Offering

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Whether it’s completing health risk assessments, accessing wellness workshops, getting personalized help from a health coach, or organizing company-wide wellness competitions, both employers and employees have a full suite of online tools and resources to meet health and wellness objectives.

RCGP: “Online consultations don’t necessarily help to alleviate workload pressures on GPs, or improve access to GP services for patients”

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Despite the visionary papers and video consulting skills workshops the RCGP has been left behind by the most senior members of society and the youngest. Online consultations need careful consideration, says RCGP. mHealth Insights.

Significant FDA Regulatory Advancements Clear a Path Forward for Connected Health Innovators


The FDA later announced plans to convene a public workshop on January 30-31, 2018, at the National Institute of Health’s main campus in Bethesda, Maryland. According to a detailed agenda, the workshop’s purpose is to “discuss the progress of the pilot precertification program and to seek input on the ongoing development of the Software Precertification Program.” More than 60 percent of Americans already use mobile apps to make informed choices about their health.

How can Amazon disrupt Healthcare?

Lloyd Price

In the next 2 years expect to see "Amazon Health Dev Days" and workshops as Amazon invest heavily in distributing their technology across the healthcare market.

Recognition, Reimbursement, Results: Why 2017 Was a Win for Connected Health


Specifically, we plan to submit comments on the draft CDS software guidance and participate in the Pre-Certification Pilot workshop within the FDA’s Digital Health Innovation Action plan to continue our efforts to create a supportive regulatory environment for connected health innovators. As we look to the year ahead, this is an important time to reflect on 2017, and the exciting developments that will make 2018 even better for connected health innovation.

My Parents Tried to Have Type 1 For a Day

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The first summer I had diabetes, my parents and I attended a workshop for parents of teenagers with diabetes at the International Diabetes Center in St. Diabetes activist Quinn Nystrom has written a memoir called If I Kiss You, Will I Get Diabetes?, about growing up with Type 1 diabetes.

A New Era in Ultrasound Diagnostics

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Doctors today are constantly engaging themselves in various learning platforms to enhance their clinical knowledge and also keep themselves updated on the latest technologies” Philips is partnering with many Key Opinion Leaders and executing hands-on workshops where clinicians can actually experience working on these ultrasound systems and understand the nuances of it from the KOLs.

How many tries does it take to flip a physician?

Society for Participatory Medicine

I raised similar questions when I hosted a local workshop as a “patient activist” assisting the Choosing Wisely effort. As shown in this slide I made for a Choosing Wisely workshop, it has since become common to question many aspects of conventional wisdom in medicine.

My T1D Journey as a Systems Engineer

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“Use of Physiologic Models as an Aid to Patient Decision Making in the Self Management of IDDM,” International Federation of Automatic Control, Workshop on decision support for Patient Management: Measurement, Modeling, and Control, City University, London, (1989). Systems Education. I was always technically inclined, and majored in physics in college, then did graduate work in Cybernetic Systems.


Why Does Weightlifting Make My Glucose Levels Skyrocket?

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I also started to read and attend numerous lectures and workshops on the subject. Opinion.


Drafting Your Diabetes Dream Team

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The workshops and meetings she attended were either filled with people much older or children much younger. In Shawn Shepheard’s new memoir, Life is Sweet , he details how he learned to embrace the challenge of late-in-life Type 1 diabetes.


National Healthcare Decisions Day: April 16

Kaiser Permanente Center for Total Health

We offer life care planning workshops for our employees because we feel that all adults regardless of age can benefit from thinking about and discussing what their own health care decisions would be if they are unable to speak for themselves due to a serious and/or sudden health crisis. I remember Janie and her daughter from the workshop.


Top 10 Must-See Moments at the NBGH National Conference on Health, Productivity and Human Capital

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1:15 pm: Workshop Session B. Workshop Session B-2, also known as: ?Critical ?. It’?s s basically the Woodstock for Employee Benefits,? I responded last week when my friend asked me about the National Business Group on Health?s s annual conference on Health, Productivity and Human Capital. And I was being serious too. If you?ve ve ever listened in on an NBGH webinar or read one of their reports, you know how much easier their insights make this often complicated field.


Too Old for Diabetes Summer Camp?

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Sure, there would probably be diabetes instructional videos and activities, some diabetes nutrition workshops, and a few panel discussions on the best diabetes paraphernalia to have in the house.

Telemedicine and Health Reform: a little progress, a lot of hope


Yesterday, the Federal Communications Commission held a workshop on healthcare and broadband. Over the past few months you have heard a lot from ATA about the various machinations going on with national health reform. Starting out with high hopes we have witnessed the usual highs and lows of the legislative process.

150 top places to work in healthcare

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Hackensack Meridian Health offers several team member benefits, including Meridian Early Childhood Education Centers, fitness and wellness memberships and discounts, and Team Meridian University, an internal corporate university that offers courses and workshops for advanced education. [link].