A Report on the Status of Telemedicine from the Three C’s


Over the past ten days I have been on the road speaking and participating in a number of completely different telemedicine-related meetings including the Canadian Society of Telehealth in Vancouver, Canada, a cellular industry conference in California and the Cartagena Telemedicine Conference in Colombia. Talking with these three groups in the three “C’s” (Canada, California and Colombia) provided an interesting opportunity to get a bigger view of where telemedicine is going.

Medicine 2.0 : Implications of Connected Medical Devices & Digital Healthcare

Lloyd Price

Empowered by the latest technology, patients today expect to be more actively involved in their own health matters. emerging uses of advanced technology include the digitalisation of diagnosis, and disease prevention through the use of wireless/mobile health solutions including smartphone apps, wearables, gamification and remote monitoring. As healthcare providers embraces new digital connectivity options as part of this Medicine 2.0