July, 2018

The #1 Reason Hospital Service Desks Fall Short With Users — and Potential Solutions

HitPoint Blog

Many hospital service desks have all the equipment, software tools, standards, and certifications needed to do a bang-up job in supporting their users. They’ve bought the software and employ an appropriately sized staff. On the surface, this may look right. Yet hospital providers from the largest health systems to 25-bed critical access facilities are dogged by poor help desk performance and frustrated, unhappy physician users. Here is one elephant-sized reason for this painful problem.

The Foursquare Framework for investing in HealthTech based on Medicine Needs and Social Needs

Lloyd Price

Krishna Yeshwant, a doctor and investor with GV, Alphabet's venture firm, takes a lot of meetings with entrepreneurs that have lofty goals to fix health care. But different patients have different needs.

If Data Is The New Oil in Healthcare, Will It Be Safe to Drink? The Accenture Digital Health Tech Vision 2018

Health Populi

With the vast majority of patients’ medical records now digitized in electronic health records systems, the opportunities to mine, learn from, and act on the findings are promising for U.S. healthcare.

Technology ought to save lives. So why aren’t we using it better?


Technology can be both a blessing and a curse and nowhere is this more painfully evident than in the U.S. health care system.

How Med Tech CMOs Are Recruiting Influencers And Helping Patients Through Online Groups

Duane Boise

Working as a med tech CMO has rapidly changed in the past decade alone due to the advent of smartphones, mobile browsing, and social media. Today, medical tech CMOs are now recruiting influencers to help patients in new and innovative ways using the internet.

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New Tech Tonics Podcast: Tech Tonics: Owen Tripp – Grand Founder

Digital Health

Owen Tripp, Founder and CEO of Grand Rounds, was brought up by parents who taught him that you could do whatever you chose to do and that there was not one clear path to the right door. Owen has taken this to heart, starting adult life as a Spanish major and working his way through […].

The IoMT Value Hierarchy Webinar

Medical Connectivity

I think it's time that we have this conversation. If data from your medical device ends up in the EMR, then automating that clinical documentation process is now part of the minimal viable product.

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Healthcare, and Especially Covering Pre-Existing Conditions, Ranks High for Voters in 2018

Health Populi

President Trump and his administrative have been trying to make the ACA fail, claim most U.S. adults.

How today’s EMRs are like self-driving cars


Drivers are distracted klutzes and computers could obviously do better. Self-driving cars will make all of us safer on he road. Doctors have spotty knowledge and keep illegible records. EMRs with decision support will improve the quality of healthcare. The parallels are obvious.

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SkinVision gets $7.6M to continue expanding skin cancer app

Mobi Health News

Amsterdam-based skin cancer screening app SkinVision has raised $7.6 million in new funding from existing investors Leo Pharma and PHS Fund, with additional contributions from undisclosed new backers described by the company as "high net worth impact investors


Better Late Than Early? The First Mover Disadvantage

Digital Health

I’m sick. I have some nasty bronchitis thing and it sucks. There is nothing worse than a sick healthcare industry person. We are the worst patients ever because we know all the things that can go wrong and we know all the ways we can make ourselves worse. And that makes us even crankier than […].

The Surprising Power of Telephysiotherapy


The number of telehealth users will hit seven million sometime this year. With advancements in telecommunication technology and rising interest among millennials (who place a high value on convenience), that number is expected to grow in the coming years. Still, many people associate telehealth’s uses with mild illnesses like a cold or sore throat. Expect that perception to change soon. Telehealth practices can be implemented across almost every field of medicine.

Telemedicine, opioid response tech get a boost in CMS payment proposal

Morning eHealth

VA names Morris officially to head EHR modernization — Banks to lead House Vets’ new Cerner subcommittee

EHR 106

A Breakthrough, Sobering Report on Teens and Young Adults, Digital Health and Social Media Use: Implications for Mental Health

Health Populi

There’s a load of anecdotal data about teens and young adults (TYAs) and their always-on relationship with mobile phones and social networks.

If Facebook knows me better than my spouse, why does my doctor know so little?


A few months ago, I was on call and admitted a 65-year-old man to the intensive care unit for a flare of his chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).


Walgreens launches 'Find Care Now,' a digital platform for connecting customers to healthcare providers

Mobi Health News

Walgreens Boots Alliance has launched a new digital platform, available through its mobile app and website, called Find Care Now. The service is designed to be a curated way to connect customers to a range of healthcare providers that Walgreens has partnered with, including telemedicine companies, digital-enabled house call companies, and more traditional providers

Where has all the telemedicine research gone?

Telehealth Blog

Have you been to any telemedicine meetings lately and wondered what’s happened to the basic research presentations? Surely it can’t be that we’ve solved all the challenges and finally proved to everyone that telemedicine really does have all the advantages we’ve been touting for years.

With Fewer Family Caregivers, What’s the (Tech-Enabled) Plan?

Aging in Place Technology Watch

You saw the headline – America is running out of family caregivers. The numbers are daunting. Says Ken Dychwald in the WSJ article : “We’re going to have to look to nontraditional care,” says Ken Dychtwald, CEO of Age Wave, a consulting firm.

Trump administration’s DNA tests raise ethical concerns

Morning eHealth

Apple’s EHR project picks up steam — Intermountain puts $12M behind social determinants of health

EHR 104

The Cost of a Healthcare Data Breach is $408 Per Stolen Record, 3X the Industry Average

Health Populi

The cost of a healthcare data breach is $408, nearly three-times the cross-industry average, revealed in the 2018 Cost of a Data Breach Study: Global Overview , from IBM Security and the Ponemon Institute. The average cost per lost or stolen record across all sectors is $148, Ponemon gauged.

Love smart functions in your EMR? This doctor doesn’t.


How smart do we want our electronic health record to be? Somewhere between as dumb as a piece of paper and a pen, and too smart for our own good. Many, many years ago, before we spent the majority of our office visit staring at a flatscreen LED and typing away, our charts were simple manila folders with those bendy metal bars that allowed you to insert new pages, separated into multiple. Read more. Your patients are rating you online: How to respond.

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AI wearable snap40 lands $8M

Mobi Health News

This morning Scottish artificial intelligence healthcare company snap40 revealed that it closed an $8 million seed funding round led by ADV, with participation from MMC Ventures and other private investors.


Is Healthcare and the NHS suffering from Martec's Law?

Lloyd Price

Martec’s Law encapsulates the greatest management challenge of the 21st century: how do we manage relatively slow-changing organizations in a rapidly changing technological environment? It is a hard problem. As shown in the graph above, we know that technology changes at an exponential rate.


Five Recent Caregiving Technology Offerings in 2018

Aging in Place Technology Watch

What newcomers have entered the market? Besides ‘longevity market new media’ like Stria (former Next Avenue) that provided a splash of cold water for startups and investors in the older adult space.


VA looks to scrap Epic scheduling contract

Morning eHealth

ERs are getting more violent — MIPS news


The Social Determinants of Food for Health, Farms, and the Economy

Health Populi

America’s agricultural roots go deep, from the native Patuxet tribe that shared maize with Mayflower settling Pilgrims in southern New England, to biodynamic and organic winemakers in Sonoma County , California, operating today. In 2016, 21.4

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FDA green-lights 14 digital health products, continues to evolve regulations

Mobi Health News

Interest in digital health is now sprouting up all over DC, from the president’s announcement of a new AI task force to FDA Commissioner’s shout out to digital health in his budget request.

Zesty Outpatient Portal : Digital Transformation for Outpatients

Lloyd Price

Empower patients to manage their own appointments, read their letters and provide pre & post visit information. It seems incredible, but today, the vast majority of NHS trusts still post paper letters to their patients.

Voice First: Speaking Up about Health and Wellness

Aging in Place Technology Watch

Voice First is changing health and wellness offerings today. Already the predicted capability to speak a request or instruction without having to type or tap on a device – known as Voice First – has transformed how we interact with technology.

ECRI to stand up AHRQ guideline site replacement

Morning eHealth

New cyber threat: hospital hijacking — R2D4


Value Comes to Healthcare: But Whose Value Is It?

Health Populi

The Search for Value is the prevailing journey to a Holy Grail in healthcare these days. On that, most stakeholders working on the ground, globally. can agree. But whose value is it, anyway?

Why the Lights Went Out At Lantern, And What We Can Learn From It

Electronic Health Reporter

This content is copyrighted strictly for Electronic Health Reporter. By Paddy Padmanabhan, founder and CEO, Damo Consulting, and author of “The Big Unlock“ “We’re sad to say goodbye.”

Study: Prompt monitoring with wearable ECG patch more frequently detects undiagnosed a-fib

Mobi Health News

A take-home wearable ECG could be key in detecting undiagnosed atrial fibrillation, according to a new study published in JAMA this morning. Researchers from The Scripps Research Institute used the iRhythm Zio patch, an ECG screening wearable, to monitor patients with a risk for the condition.


Hands-On Technology Demos are the Focus of New Orleans Telehealth Technology Summit

Telehealth Blog

A Telehealth Technology Summit (#TTS18) is planned on December 12-13 at the Hilton New Orleans Riverside. TTS18 will feature a technology showcase hosted by the National Telehealth Technology Assessment Center (TTAC).

Marketing technology – are seniors different from other people?

Aging in Place Technology Watch

Google discovers seniors (sort of) and thus a market is maybe born.

CMS telemedicine expansion could lead to cuts in Medicare base rate

Morning eHealth

What ONC is up to — HITAC task force on interoperability to get underway