August, 2018

I didn’t become a physician to do data entry


The trouble began when I needed to open the electronic health record (EHR) system for the tenth time that day. EHRs have significantly changed the way we practice medicine.

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Creating a Holistic View: Data Consolidation and Integration


The consolidation of data and integration of systems is essential to providing a holistic 360-degree view of patients and members. This view can enable a variety of activities to enhance and drive efficiency in business and clinical activities, such as increasing patient safety and the quality of care healthcare delivery organizations provide to patients. One organization that understands the challenges associated with bringing data together across a large number of hospitals is Mayo Clinic.

Evolution of Blockchain in Healthcare : The View From Inside the Industry

Lloyd Price

In what was considered a pivotal moment for blockchain in healthcare, five prominent healthcare groups announced in April that they would be launching a blockchain-based pilot with the aim of improving on healthcare data quality and reduction in administrative costs.

Social Media and Mental Health – Teenage Wasteland or Land of Opportunity?

Digital Health

By offering telehealth via its mobile app, CVS is putting healthcare in the palm of your hand


Starting Aug. 8, the visits can address minor illnesses and injuries and skin conditions for children and adults in nine states and Washington, D.C. The virtual visits can treat patients over two years old for “minor illnesses and injuries, skin conditions and other wellness needs," according to CVS

Telemedicine vendor breaches the data of 2.4 million patients in Mexico

Mobi Health News

The personal data of 2,373,764 patients was left exposed online after Hova Health, a telemedicine company based in Mexico, misconfigured a MongoDB database

A new digital divide is keeping older adults from accessing digital health


The digital divide used to be about who had internet access and who didn't, with broad implications for every aspect of life — especially health care. But digital health innovation is growing rapidly, with projections showing a $536.6 billion market by the end of 2025 compared to the $179.6

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How Can Hospital Culture Drive Improved Patient Care?

Mobile Health Matters

What makes a hospital great? Each year, a variety of industry lists designate which hospitals are ‘the best,’ including U.S. News & World Report rankings, CMS star ratings, Leapfrog grades and Truven Health Analytics.

IoT is Reinvigorating the Engineering Medical Device Market

Duane Boise

The advancements in technology enable consumers to have mobile and wearable devices, which can also monitor and improve health. Smartwatches, pendants and other wearables monitor vital signs, sleeping patterns and activity habits.

Exciting Aspects of Healthcare Mobile App Development

Electronic Health Reporter

This content is copyrighted strictly for Electronic Health Reporter. By Ritesh Patil, co-founder, Mobisoft Infotech. In the past few years, information technology has developed and now it becomes an integral part of the medical sphere.

Can you identify 7 qualities of a successful telehealth program?

Telehealth Blog

Consumer need is driving the development of telehealth programs across the country. Consumers want healthcare that is: easy-to-access. cost-effective. convenient. quality-focused.

Physicians must reclaim the medical record


A guest column by the American College of Physicians , exclusive to I recently saw a new patient who came to our practice following a lengthy hospitalization. He is in his 80s with a fairly complex medical history typical of many in this age range.

Disruption Is Healthcare’s New Normal

Health Populi

Googling the words “disruption” and “healthcare” today yielded 33.8

3 Text-Based Strategies for Driving ER Diversion


Encouraging people to avoid the ER when they’re not facing a true emergency has long been a priority for commercial and public payers as well as employer groups. While the high cost associated with these visits is certainly the primary reason for diversion efforts, the benefits of saving the ER for emergencies expand beyond just financial.

Robotics in Healthcare – Beam Me Up or Be Gone?


When you hear the word “robot” like most, you probably begin thinking of a fictional, sci-fi movie – Star Wars; Short Circuit; I, Robot, etc., rarely would you think healthcare. Given the recent uptick in the use of robotics within the health sector, this could soon change. Robotics is not a foreign concept to the healthcare industry. In fact, the use of robots was introduced to the world of medicine back in the 1980’s.

Reimbursement Update: It’s raining new codes!

The cHealth Blog

Reader alert: reimbursement codes are not exciting but are critical in advancing connected health… and, after all, we all want to advance connected health. Read on!

How Pharmaceutical Companies Can Take Advantage of the EHR Revolution

Electronic Health Reporter

This content is copyrighted strictly for Electronic Health Reporter. The 21st century has seen a massive change in the way people live their lives. It is now the digital era, and almost everything is online or made available in electronic form. There are now jobs online.

Artificial intelligence in medicine: not ready for prime time


July was an interesting month for artificial intelligence in medicine. A study from MIT found when human doctors order tests on patients, they factor in something that artificial intelligence is not currently aware of.


Wealth is Health and Health, Wealth, Fidelity Knows – with Weight a Major Risk Factor

Health Populi

The two top stressors in American life are jobs and finances. “My weight” and my family’s health follow just behind these across the generations.


Cardiogram integrates with Garmin wearables for heart health insights

Mobi Health News

Garmin wearable users now have the option to gain deeper insights into the their heart health, following an announcement that the consumer tech company' wearables will have the ability to integrate with heart health app Cardiogram


Cybercrime 2018: Most Hospitals’ IT Security Is Still Not Enough

HitPoint Blog

Have you noticed? We haven’t been shocked lately by news of record-breaking security breaches, in fact not since 2015-2016. Remember Bon Secours Health System where the information of 655,000 patients was compromised via the internet?

Avoiding Bad Decisions

Design for Health

I’ve made bad decisions. We all have. Each time I hope to learn something so I can avoid repeating my mistakes. But over time I’ve also become interested in how different approaches may help.


How Telemedicine Can Improve the Reputation of the Waiting Room

The Arizona Telemedicine Program Blog

Patients, physicians and hospital staff alike can agree that the waiting room is not typically a positive experience for patients.

Is Watson the answer to all of our problems?


Last year, a cardiologist at my institution presented the story of a patient he had cared for and correctly diagnosed with a not uncommon condition after several other physicians had failed to do so.


Employers Take on Health Activism, Embracing Behavioral Health, Virtual Care, AI, and Transparency

Health Populi

More U.S. employers are growing activist roles as stakeholders in the healthcare system, according to the 2019 Large Employers Health Care Strategy and Plan Design Survey from the National Business Group on Health (NBGH).

37 Startups building voice applications for healthcare

Mobi Health News

As the next frontier in human-technology interfaces, voice-enabled and voice-first technologies are leading the way in many innovative applications across industries


Morgan Stanley: Nearly 1 in 10 hospitals at risk for closure 


A new analysis from Morgan Stanley, an investment bank and financial services company, also found that nearly 20% of hospitals are not operating in a "healthy" way. Here's more on why


5 Reasons Medical Technology Appears to Fail

33 Charts

In medicine there’s an endemic mindset that if medical technology doesn’t work it will never work. If patients don’t use the patient portal, then portals don’t work and patients aren’t interested in connecting with their own information.

Telemedicine's New Best Friend? IoT!

The Arizona Telemedicine Program Blog

The Internet of Things, or IoT, is a massive hub of data found in physical devices. From phones to vehicles to smart appliances, items network together to create a large pool of data for anyone to draw information from.

Scheduled Appointment vs Call Now


Clocktree gives you two options for connecting with clients via secure video. . . You can schedule an appointmen t in Clocktree. Your client will receive an email or text notification, then reminders leading up to the appointment. At appointment time, both you and your client log into your Clocktree accounts. Neither of you have to do anything to initiate the call. The Clocktree system will prompt both of you to join the call. . .


Healthcare’s Profits Will Be Dramatically Redistributed as Care Shifts to Consumers: Accenture

Health Populi

All sectors who are stakeholders in the healthcare ecosystem aren’t created equal, Accenture explains in their report, Healthcare’s future winners and losers.

Rock Health: Digital health adoption on the rise, but wearables, telemedicine lag behind

Mobi Health News

Eighty-seven percent of Americans used at least one digital health tool in 2017, up from 80 percent in 2015, according to a new survey out from Rock Health. For the past three years, Rock Health has surveyed 4,000 U.S. adults about digital health use and perceptions

New Tech Tonics Episode: Sometimes You Just Need to Start Things – Marcus Osborne and the Transformational Role of Intrapreneurship

Digital Health

A capitalist colored by a deep streak of social consciousness, Marcus Osborne, the leader of Health Transformation at Walmart, grew up in the South and planned on a political life. But experience in the White House and later at the Clinton Foundation made him realize that entrepreneurship more effectively matched his internal clock speed and […].

Hospital executives believe Amazon can deliver on its hype as a healthcare disrupter


Provider executives are buying into Amazon's hype. Nearly two-thirds of C-suite respondents in a new survey said Amazon will have the biggest impact on healthcare, well ahead of Apple, Google and Microsoft


By 2020, 1-in-5 Healthcare organisations will adopt Blockchain says new IDC report

Lloyd Price

Blockchain lets the healthcare industry exchange data in a standard format, automate complex processes and apply AI against large silos of medical data. It might even allow patients to sell their data for rewards.

Top 4 Digital Solutions For Preventive Healthcare

Electronic Health Reporter

This content is copyrighted strictly for Electronic Health Reporter. Digitalization is inevitable: Technology and healthcare are becoming more inextricably linked as new innovations and discoveries are made.


Multimorbidity In the US – Obesity As A Key Driver of Health Spending

Health Populi

In the U.S., the growing prevalence of multi-morbidity is contributing to increased mortality and healthcare cost growth in America.