Sun.Mar 31, 2024

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Bonus Features – March 31, 2024 – 55% of Change Healthcare customers expect adverse impacts on patient care, a mobile app helped 84% of seniors lower their blood pressure after 6 months, plus 19 more stories

Healthcare IT Today

Welcome to the weekly edition of Healthcare IT Today Bonus Features. This article will be a weekly roundup of interesting stories, product announcements, new hires, partnerships, research studies, awards, sales, and more. Because there’s so much happening out there in healthcare IT we aren’t able to cover in our full articles, we still want to make sure you’re informed of all the latest news, announcements, and stories happening to help you better do your job.

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Brightside Raises $33M for Medicaid Expansion

Digital Health Wire

Last week’s funding-heavy news cycle was punctuated by Brightside Health’s $33M Series C round , which added more momentum to the telemental healthcare provider’s recent expansion efforts. Brightside provides full-range care for patients with mood disorders spanning anywhere from mild anxiety to severe depression. The “precision psychiatry” platform is built on a technology backbone that includes: ActiveSupervision – a real-time care management solution that tracks patient prog

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Next-Gen RPM: How Integrated Healthcare Solutions Are Changing the Game

DrKumo Remote Patient Monitoring

The integration of Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) into healthcare is revolutionizing patient care, moving us towards a future where technology empowers both providers and patients. In this article, we explore how this synergy is reshaping healthcare, making it more connected, efficient, and patient-focused. Let’s delve into the transformative impact of RPM and the new standards it’s setting in the healthcare landscape.