Controlling Prison Healthcare Costs with Telemedicine


Many inmates enter prison with chronic health conditions and infectious diseases; longer prison terms and life sentences have created an aging population who often need extensive care. To manage costs and ensure quality care for inmates, TDCJ partnered with Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center and the University of Texas Medical Branch to implement a virtual care program using GlobalMed solutions.

Integrated EHR enables shift to virtual post-discharge follow-up

Healthcare IT News - Telehealth

"Timely availability of clinical information during health care transitions, in a setting with robust telemedicine access, can shift the method of care delivery without adversely affecting patient health outcomes," wrote the researchers.

EHR 147

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Doc Tom Awardees Announced at SPM2018 Conference

Society for Participatory Medicine

“Doc Tom” Ferguson (1943 – 2006) was a Family Medicine physician, a visionary and pioneer who sought to empower patients to use online resources, embraced patient contribution, and aimed for professionals to be equal partners with patients. Doc Tom was Medical Editor for Millennium Whole Earth Catalog and Health Online: How To Find Health Information, Support Groups, And Self Help Communities In Cyberspace.

How Millennials are Reshaping the Entire Healthcare Sector

Advanced Medical Reviews

For example, consumption of crowdsourced reviews often influence how millennials select health providers. A Manatt Health study funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation found that the total number of such clinics grew 900 percent between 2006 and 2014 , to 1,800 nationwide. A 2016 RAND Corporation study published in Health Affairs looked at a group of Aetna enrollees and discovered a correlation between greater use of retail clinics and higher plan utilization.

A Romanticised History of SPM

Society for Participatory Medicine

Doc Tom” Ferguson (Wikipedia) envisioned health care as an equal partnership between e-patients and health professionals and systems that support them. The medical editor of the Millenium Whole Earth Catalog (1994), he founded Medical Self-Care magazine, wrote the visionary 1996 book Health Online: How To Find Health Information, Support Groups, And Self Help Communities In Cyberspace , and authored several papers in the BMJ, as early as 2000.

Basic Consent - a necessary first step

Healthcare Exchange Standards

There are many standards efforts to develop support for Patient directed Authorization to their health data. That is right, BPPC was created in 2006. Some examples where BPPC are used: Connecticut HIE: For release of Privileged Care information, a consent document SHALL be registered with HITE-CT in the form of a BPPC conformant document using the Opt-in for Legally Protected Data (ALL) policy.

HIE 46

mHealth in Times of Crisis: the Coronavirus

mHealth Insight

On Monday the 24th February 2020 we will be gathering together world leaders in the use of mHealth to produce a seminar that will inform and educate attendees on where mHealth is today (after a decade that was defined by the convergence of mobile and health) and the best practice and lessons that can be drawn from the current methods being deployed to manage and contain Coronovirus. Kate currently serve as CEO of Corvus Health, a global health workforce services firm.