The Future of Telemedicine


Telemedicine, which uses the Internet to connect patients and providers, is growing. Though the terms e-health, m-health , and telehealth are often interchanged for telemedicine, the deliverable is always the connection and interaction between patient and caregiver in a digital medium. While telemedicine is an established service, the popularity of the tool is still growing.

Achieve Business and Clinical Resiliency in Times of Change


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9 Best Telemedicine Newsletters You Should Be Reading to Keep Up With the Industry

Enzyme Health

Quickly scale your telemedicine business using our clinician network - announcing Enzyme On Demand ! Blog Login Sign Up 9 Best Telemedicine Newsletters You Should Be Reading to Keep Up With the Industry Enzyme Health Team March 27, 2019 In an industry that can feel isolating, it’s important to keep connected. Subscribe to these telemedicine newsletters to stay informed on news, policy, and technological changes that can impact your work in telehealth.

My Favorite Myths About Telemedicine


Last year I asked the ATA staff to come up with a list of the top myths about telemedicine. Anyway, here are a few of the most popular myths, in no particular order, and a brief explanation why the statement is a myth: Telemedicine is a new, emerging field. This has been repeated in a number of articles and blogs by newcomers to telemedicine who haven’t heard of it before and, thus, believe it must be new. Broadband is important but not for every telemedicine application.

SEARCH is Headed to the West Coast

South Central Telehealth Resource Center

telemedicine, telehealth, eHealth, mHealth, etc.). SEARCH started in 2016 as a small team of academics, researchers, and clinical professionals who met to discuss the need for a society of connected health researchers – free from commercial bias – to prove (or disprove) the benefits of telemedicine. That discussion has evolved into an annual meeting of open dialogue that revolves around telemedicine research, findings, and national priorities.

The future of healthcare: revolution or evolution

Digital Leaders HealthTech

I know I don’t sound very futuristic when I say that the biggest win from this crisis for the Healthcare industry will be the widespread adoption of telemedicine. We have heard the term bandied around for more than half a century now and over the years we have coined terms such as eHealth, digital health, mHealth and remote care, with the evolution of technology. I was recently part of a virtual session, discussing what transformation will look like for various industries.