Sat.Jan 22, 2022

Journey Science : How Journey Science is Transforming Enterprise Data Science and Customer Research

Perficient Digital Transformation

Computer Science: The Beginning. In the beginning, there was Computer Science. As Computer Science evolved, new and different applications for technology spawned real-life innovations. Data Science: The Evolution.


Nutella, Wine, and COVID Tests at the Convenience Store – A Weekend Observation From Brussels

Jane Sarashon

Health/care is everywhere… even at the convenience store. Yesterday afternoon, as I was picking up a bottle of milk for this morning’s coffee, I rushed to the local Carrefour Express in my neighborhood in St. Gilles, Brussels, Belgium.

Journey Science : How Journey Science is Transforming Data Science and Customer Experience

Perficient Digital Transformation

Computer Science, Data Science, Journey Science. Computer Science: The Here and Now. In the beginning, Computer Science was abstract. The theoretical concepts of Boole, Turing, Babbage, and Lovelace quickly gave way to real-life innovations.