Sun.Jan 06, 2019

What #CES2019 5 Tech Trends to Watch Mean for Health/Care

Health Populi

As #CES2019 kicks off in Las Vegas with today’s first Media Day, the Consumer Technology Association presented its forecast on the 5 Technology Trends to Watch in 2019 — and they all play into health, wellness, and medical care. The five trends are: Artificial Intelligence on the Rise.

Stanford, iRhythm's deep neural network matches cardiologists at arrhythmia classification

Mobi Health News

An algorithm trained on a deep neural network was able to perform on par with board certified cardiologist when annotating 12 different types of hearth rhythms.


Industry Voices—Beyond benefit design, provider billing policies hit families hardest


It’s time for a new approach to patient billing—one that takes into account patients’ desire to fulfill their financial obligations for care, addresses their concerns from the point of service and demonstrates a willingness to meet patients where they are


FHIR Prototyping with Node-RED – part 1


As FHIR continues to mature, one of the things we’re seeing is a move away from ‘simple’ data representation Implementation Guides to more complex ones that describe a workflow of some sort.


Insurers blame specialty drug costs for rising premiums. This report from California shows why


A report from California's insurers shows how much they are paying on prescription drugs, particularly specialty drugs. Here's a look at which are the most costly


Face ID, Touch ID now Skin ID - next Apple Watch may identify you by your skin texture

Lloyd Price

A newly published patent for the Apple Watch suggests a novel form of biometric authentication that reads skin texture to identify a user. Face ID and Touch ID are secure, familiar authentication methods employed by the Cupertino outfit that people trust.