Sat.Aug 06, 2022

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Weekly Roundup – August 6, 2022

Healthcare IT Today

Welcome to our Healthcare IT Today Weekly Roundup. Each week, we’ll be providing a look back at the articles we posted and why they’re important to the healthcare IT community. We hope this gives you a chance to catch up on anything you may have missed during the week. The Role of Joy in the Lives of Healthcare Workers. Far too many healthcare professionals no longer experience the joy of practicing medicine.

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7 Early Warning Signs of Osteoporosis

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An osteoporosis fracture occurs every 3 seconds due to the more than 8.9 million fractures that osteoporosis causes each year globally. According to the WHO’s definition of osteoporosis, the condition affects 21.2 percent of women and 6.3 percent of men worldwide over the age of 50. This implies that roughly 500 million men and women globally may be affected, based on the number of men and women in the world. (1) Here are some early warning signs of osteoporosis. 1.