The 2020 Health Populi TrendCast – HealthConsuming, TechLash, and Public Health Goes Private

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So it is with scenario planning in health care, a key work-flow this time of the year for me with my clients spanning the health/care ecosystem from providers to payors to Big Food, electronics and tech, and financial services. The Retail Health Landscape Will Broaden and Deepen.

How technology ruined, and can save, the doctor-patient relationship


Each year, Medical Economics surveys physician readers to find out what irks them most. Topping the latest list: insurance paperwork, followed closely by electronic health records (EHRs). Tech Health IT Primary Care Public Health & Policy

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Physician Burnout is a Public Health Crisis

BHM Healthcare Solutions

Editor’s Note: Given the rapidly changing health care environment, it is critical to quantify the economic impact physicians have on society. BHM watches health trends and understands the importance of improving and changing with the industry. Physician burnout is a public health issue that “urgently demands action” from the rest of the healthcare industry, according to a report from Harvard University and Massachusetts trade groups.

Consumers Expand Their Definition of Well-Being to Include Food-As-Medicine

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Consumers put food front-and-center when thinking about their health. Viewing food-as-medicine is going mainstream for health consumers, who look beyond the “medicine” in that phrase toward a broader concept of personal well-being. Health care delivery in the U.S.

Scaling the Social Determinants of Health – McKinsey and Kaiser’s Bold Move

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People who are in poor health or use more health care services are more likely to report multiple unmet social needs, such as food insecurity, unsafe neighborhoods, lack of good housing, social isolation, and poor transportation access, found through a survey conducted by McKinsey.

Loneliness, Public Policy and AI – Lessons From the UK For the US

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There’s a shortage of medical providers in the United Kingdom, a nation where healthcare is guaranteed to all Britons via the most beloved institution in the nation : The National Health Service. He studies digital health passionately, personally, viscerally.

The Smartphone Is the Consumer’s Personal Health Platform – Implications from Deloitte’s 2018 Survey

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Furthermore, voice technologies are “making noise,” according to Deloitte in A New Era in Mobile Continues, the 2018 Global Mobile Consumer Survey : US Edition. I’ve mined the US data of this global survey to divine insights for health/care.

Thinking About Health Care One Year From the 2020 Presidential Election

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Health care will be a key issue driving people to their local polling places, so it’s an opportune moment to take the temperature on U.S. Here’s The Hill ‘s coverage on the survey, which was conducted with the Peter G. has the best health care system in the world.

The Growing State of Diabetes in America on World Diabetes Day 2018

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patients have skipped insulin doses or monitoring due to costs, an Upwell Health survey found. ” Thus far, Panera has developed videos on sugar, eggs, and meat quality and provenance for food system sustainability and human health outcomes.

The Cost of Prescription Drugs, Doctors and Patient Access – A View from HIMSS19

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Mashed with other patients’, prescription drug utilization data can combine with more data to be used for population health, cost-effectiveness, and other constructive research pursuits.

The Grocery Store As Health Destination: Publix Produce for Kids and the Social Determinants of Health

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Food insecurity ranks high on Americans’ greatest social health risks. Publix and other food chains, collaborating with the Produce for Kids program, are walking the talk on nutrition for local health citizens.

Financial Stress Is An Epidemic In America, Everyday Health Finds

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Stress is a way of American life, based on the findings in The United States of Stress , a survey from Everyday Health. Everyday Health polled 6,700 U.S. adults between 18 and 64 years of age about their perspectives on stress, anxiety, panic, and mental and behavioral health.

The United States of Care Launches to Promote Healthcare for All of US

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If you’re reading Health Populi , then you’re keen on health policy, health economics, most of all, patients: now playing starring roles as consumers, caregivers, and payors in their own care. Shall we just say: “it’s about the health care, stupid?”

Technology, Aging and Obesity Drive Healthcare Spending, BEA Finds

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High Spending Growth Rates For Key Diseases In 2000-14 Were Driven By Technology And Demographic Factors , a June 2018 Health Affairs article, analyzed this data. The Bureau is working to better understanding health care spending at this detailed level, by condition. health citizen.

Healthcare Access and Cost Top Americans’ Concerns in Latest Gallup Poll

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Health Populi’s Hot Points: Today is National Employee Benefits Day , and health benefits continue to rank as the most-valued benefit offered at the American workplace. And keeping a job usually means holding on to health insurance when the employee has been receiving it at work.

It Could Take Five Generations for a Low-Income US Family to Reach Average Income in America

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“As countries reach high levels of development, progress necessarily slows down in some key dimension, such as education or health: not everybody can or wants to hold a PhD and health cannot improve indefinitely,” the OECD observes.

The $4 Trillion Health Economy of 2020

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In 2020, national health expenditures (NHE) in the United States will exceed $4 trillion to cover 334.5 of health spending per person. Together, these three categories will comprise just over 80% of health spending in 2020.

What the Latest Pew Consumer Data Means for #HIMSS18

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But in the past year, the percentage of people using Facebook and its corporate sister YouTube has flattened, based on the survey report, Social Media Use in 2018 from the Pew Research Center. Health Populi’s Hot Points : Health is social: isolation is a social determinant for ill health.

The True Costs of Diabetes Go Well Beyond the Wallet

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The daily life of a person managing diabetes feels many costs: at work, on relationships, at play, during sleep, on time, on mental health, and to be sure, on personal finances. Finally, there’s mental health: over one-half of PwD are worried about the future, and 39% report depression.

Physicians Don’t Talk Enough with Patients About Non-Medical Needs

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The Doctor-Patient Conversation , a survey conducted for the Samueli Foundation by the Harris Poll, examined how patients feel about their health, healthcare, and relationships with physicians. ” The Harris Poll surveyed 2,027 U.S.

Healthcare Costs Stress Out U.S. Voters One Week Ahead of 2018 Mid-Term Elections

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So warns the Sixth Annual Nationwide TCHS Consumers Healthcare Survey , with the tagline: “Stressed Out: Americans and Healthcare.” Health Populi’s Hot Points: The vast majority of the most seriously ill patients in the U.S.

Out-of-Pocket and Prescription Drug Costs – Connecting Digital Health Dots at CES 2020

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The top two health care concerns facing Americans are out-of-pocket costs and prescriptions drug costs, according to a poll published today in Morning Consult. Health care is the top issue driving voters’ choices in the 2020 elections for most Americans.

While Costs Are A Top Concern Among Most U.S. Patients, So Are Challenges of Poverty, Food, and Housing

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Rising health care costs continue to concern most Americans, with one in two people believing they’re one sickness away from getting into financial trouble, according to the 2019 Survey of America’s Patients conducted for The Physicians Foundation. health care system every other year.

Digital health apps could save NHS billions, says report

Healthcare IT News - Telehealth

Digital health could save public health services in England £7.5 billion (nearly $10 billion) across England, according to a report from Now Healthcare Group. WHY IT MATTERS.

Physicians in America – Too Many Burned Out, Depressed, and Not Getting Support

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The subtitle, “The Generational Divide,” tells a bit part of the subtext of this annual report that’s always jarring and impactful for both its raw numbers and implications for both patient care and the larger health care system in America.

Lower Prescription Drug Prices – A Tri-Partisan Call Across America

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A new poll jointly conducted by Politico and the Harvard Chan School of Public Health bolsters my read on the latter issue – prescription drug pricing, which has become a mass popular culture union. patients drain the prescription drug supplies of other nation’s health citizens?

Americans Most-Trust Health Care Providers With Their Data – But Are They Right To Do So?

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I pose, prompted by this month’s survey from POLITICO and the Harvard Chan School of Public Health on data privacy and e-cigarettes. The study also looked into Americans’ views on data privacy for health information seeking.

Most Americans Regardless of Income Say It’s Unfair for Wealthier People to Get Better Health Care

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In America, earning lower or middle incomes is a risk factor for having trouble accessing health care and/or paying for it. The survey was conducted in July and August 2019 among 1,885 U.S. has health insurance coverage, the third chart tells us.

Asynchronous video telemedicine helps TB patients, saves costs in Guam

Healthcare IT News - Telehealth

The Guam Department of Public Health and Social Services has to cope with a very serious tuberculosis problem. Patients with TB were having to receive their medication via daily visit to or through an in-home visit from the health department.

Medical Issues Are Still The #1 Contributor to Bankruptcy in the U.S.

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That’s a sad fiscal fact, especially as more Americans gained access to health insurance under the Affordable Care Act, according to a study published this month in the American Journal of Public Health (AJPA). of debtors contacted responded to the survey.

In U.S. Health Care, It’s Still the Prices, Stupid – But Transparency and Consumer Behavior Aren’t Working As Planned

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I’m glad to be getting back to health economic issues after spending the last couple of weeks firmly focused on consumers, digital health technologies and CES 2019. in fact devotes fewer hospital beds, physicians and nurses to health care delivery compared with other countries.

Prescription Drugs: From Costs and Bad Reputation to Civica Rx and Amazon to the Rescue

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Wages increased about 2.6%, and consumer prices, 1.3%, based on the 2019 Segal Health Plan Cost Trend Survey. Wage growth over that decade was relatively flat, as workers covered by insurance through employers traded off health benefits for wage increases.

Most Americans Want the Federal Government to Ensure Healthcare for All

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But while there’s majority support for universal health care, we should think broadly about this concept at this moment. This asked people whether they would prefer a government-run health system. What happens to these patients’ financial health?

32% of Rural Americans Struggle with Healthcare Access

BHM Healthcare Solutions

The poll — which covers rural Americans’ personal experiences with health, social, civic and economic issues where they live — is based on a survey conducted for NPR , the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health.

Bringing Telehealth to the Rehabilitation Industry

Advanced Medical Reviews

Currently, 35 states and the District of Columbia have passed “parity” laws, which require health insurers to cover telehealth services equal to those provided in-person. healthcare in the coming decade, with 74 percent of surveyed patients saying they would use those services.

How Drinking Plenty of Water Improves Your Diabetes Health

Insulin Nation

And if you’re one of them, chances are that dehydration is affecting your blood sugars and other more subtle aspects critical to your daily health. Let’s take a closer at how your water intake affects your blood sugar levels and overall health.

Social Stigma Concerning Opioid Use Hinders Fight

BHM Healthcare Solutions

In a survey, the researchers queried respondents’ attitudes on needle exchanges, (where people can dispose of used syringes and get sterile ones), safe injection sites (where people can use drugs under medical supervision) and broader opinions on addiction.

Nurses: The Force for Change

Mobile Health Matters

both a celebration of the profession and an opportunity to educate the public about the role nurses play in healthcare and their communities. This week marks National Nurses Week in the U.S.,

Aging in Place Technology – Four Blog posts from March 2018

Aging in Place Technology Watch

Surveys affirm increasing tech use among older adults, but for some, not so fast. Traffic deaths are a 'public health crisis that cannot be tolerated.' The tech ideas of March -- change incremental or disruptive.

Should NHS Doctors charge for patient appointments?

Lloyd Price

If the motion is passed, GPs will lobby the Department of Health to introduce the charges. A survey conducted by online general practice magazine, Pulse found that over 50% of GPs would welcome appointment fees as a way to make their workload more manageable.