What has Telemedicine done for You Lately?


You’ve discussed it in strategy meetings, you’ve overheard your competitors talking about it at conferences, and maybe patients have even asked about it: telemedicine.

Healthcare Virtual Reality Market To Hit $30 Billion Within Six Years

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Healthcare uses of virtual reality technology worldwide should mushroom over the next several years, generating more than $30 billion within seven years, a research firm predicts. (I I don’t know about you, but that number was much higher than I would have expected!)

Master Guide to Telehealth Statistics for 2019

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If you are working in telemedicine, you should be aware of the latest data supporting this method of healthcare delivery. Telemedicine is a big business; by 2025, it is projected to exceed $64.1 Telemedicine saves time. Telemedicine is timely. Specialty Telemedicine Use.

Best Telehealth Podcasts for Healthcare Professionals

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Quickly scale your telemedicine business using our clinician network - announcing Enzyme On Demand ! Blog Login Sign Up Best Telehealth Podcasts for Healthcare Professionals Enzyme Health Team February 13, 2019 Want to add some telemedicine content to your podcast queue?

Virtual Reality Applications in Workers’ Compensation Reviews

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For years, many insurance carriers offered limited coverage options for such telehealth consultations conducted via phone/VoIP or video conference, for several reasons, including: Lack of a clear definition of what services qualified as telemedicine. VR can be the next step in such high-definition telemedicine. VR headsets offer new mediums for therapy and pain management. Improved Pain Management and Rehabilitation.

Sidney Regional Medical updates internet to fiber: eliminates downtime, adds telehealth

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The medical staff includes four family practice physicians, two general surgeons, a urologist, a hospitalist, 10 certified physician assistants and nearly 20 visiting providers who specialize in areas such as ear, nose and throat, cardiology, gastroenterology, orthopedic surgery, pain management, and podiatry. With faster, reliable internet routed across all locations, Sidney Regional Medical has been able to enhance its healthcare services through telemedicine.

Oncology Patients experience a personalized journey with interventions and education for better care

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According to Deloitte’s report in Evidence Based Oncology ( The American Journal of Managed Care publication), many organizations are exploring ways to control costs and enhance care quality for oncology patients (e.g. Although some steps entail engaging with care staff at a hospital or clinic, most of the time patients are challenged with managing their disease on a daily basis away from the health system. tips for managing chemo side effects) and what he is experiencing.

How Can Medicaid Coverage Combat Opioids?

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Specifically, this report singles out telemedicine and prescription monitoring tools as useful in the effort to combat the opioid crisis.

Recognizing the Leaders of Telehealth

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The Integration Leadership award recognizes those who have successfully managed integrating telehealth and building alignment within organizations. Corvel has successfully conducted a high volume of worker’s comp visits and has recently integrated a behavioral health and clinical pain management program into its offerings to support individuals at risk for pain medication addition.

150 top places to work in healthcare

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The health system aims to foster professional success through enrichment programs and the CHOP Career Management Center, an online resource for career planning and community support. [link].