Five new technologies for older adults  October 2019

Aging in Place Technology Watch

Navigil, a specialist in white label telecare and personal safety solutions, has unveiled the Navigil Suite that consists of Navigil 580 wellbeing wristwatch and Navigil Service. category tags: mHealth-Digital Health-Telehealth-Voice Health , Learning, working, contribution and legacy Announcements of new offerings are arriving – will they/can they be used? Hopefully these 5 will offer benefit that can and will be realized by older adults.

Why telemedicine and remote patient monitoring demand will skyrocket in 2019


A quick search will provide you with hundreds of wonderfully SEO optimized articles outlining the differences between telehealth, telemedicine, telecare, remote patient monitoring…. Telehealth applications include: Live (synchronous) video conferencing: a two-way audiovisual link between a patient and a care provider. Mobile health (mHealth) : health care and public health information provided through mobile devices.

My Favorite Myths About Telemedicine


Remote monitoring, mHealth applications and telemedicine for emergency response are being deployed in every metropolitan area. PubMed a bibliographic database of medical research that is maintained by the National Library of Medicine includes over 10,000 citations of published works related to telemedicine or telehealth. Telemedicine, telehealth, eHealth, mHealth and telecare are all different.