There Is No Health Without Mental Health – Today Is World Mental Health Day

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There is no health without mental health. Today is October 10th, World Mental Health Day. The link above to World Mental Health Day will take you to the World Health Organization (WHO) website, which serves up this video reminding us that this is All of Us.

Digital mental health platform Healios raises $2.9M

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UK-based digital mental health company Healios has just closed a $2.9 The platform connects patients to mental health professionals for assessments, treatments, and wellbeing check-ins. million (£2.2 million) funding round led by Albion Capital and Spice Capital.

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VA Reports 235% increase in video visits in 2019


In addition to a 235% in video visits, there was a 17% increase in overall telehealth services over the previous fiscal year, according to new data released by the VA. Use of VA Video Connect, the agency’s video app, increased by 235% this year. More than 200,000, or approximately two-thirds of the 294,000 VA Video Connect appointments this year were for tele-mental health visits. Read more at Health Data Management: [link].

NHS, Public Health England introduce platform to help people take care of their mental health

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The initiative has the backing of the Dukes and Duchesses of Cambridge and Sussex, who will appear tonight in a promotional video supporting its launch

No-Cost Talk Therapy & Telehealth Technology Are Put to Use in England, to Provide Greater Access to Mental Health Services


No-cost phone talk therapy is funded by the National Health Service and is a hotline available for unlimited phone therapy sessions. Negative stigma in the UK has kept many people from receiving the proper mental healthcare.

Treating Mental Health through Telehealth: Understanding Physician and Consumer Willingness

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Approximately one in five adults in the United States has a mental illness, 1 but only 41% of those with a mental illness receive the necessary treatment. But are patients and providers willing to use telehealth for behavioral health treatment?

How COVID-19 Is Driving More Deaths of Despair

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The analysis quantifies the impact of isolation and loneliness combined with the dramatic economic downturn and mass unemployment with the worsening of mental illness and income inequity on the epidemic of Deaths of Despair. Integrate mental health with health care.

Could a chat with a bot help improve mental health?

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To hear someone say we are facing a crisis in mental health is perhaps common to the point of cliché but it is a very real issue. The point is that demand for mental health services is far outweighing the available resources.

Art As Medicine – WHO Weaves the Evidence for Arts’ Role in Improving Health

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“What’s the evidence on the role of the arts in improving health and well-being?” ” asks a report from the World Health Organization ‘s Europe region team (WHO-Europe).

Swinburne and Coviu partner to provide real time chat mental health support

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Swinburne University’s National eTherapy Centre has partnered with medtech startup, Coviu to allow Australians to access quality mental health services through encypted, real-time text chat sessions.

Lockdown Economics for U.S. Health Consumers

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remain home for the immediate term, our home economics blur into their personal health economics in the #COVID19 era in several respects: physically, to be sure; fiscally; and emotionally. The moderate scenario would pressure profits but not lead to a loss for major health plans.

“Digital Health Is An Ecosystem of Ecosystems” – CTA’s 2020 Trends to Watch Into the Data Age

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In CTA’s 2020 Consumer Tech Forecast launched yesterday at Media Day 1 at CES, Steve Koenig VP of Research, said that, “digital health is an ecosystem of ecosystems.”. In the best case scenario, per Dr. Eric Topol’s Deep Medicine , AI can help bring more humanity to health care.

How the Coronavirus and Technology Are Reshaping Home-Work, -Life and -Health

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households’ changing behaviors for consuming content, stocking the pantry, engaging with social media, and using online health and fitness tools. These become the tech-platforms for people working, living, socializing, and accessing health care virtually at home.

The Hair Economy in the COVID-19 Pandemic: Control, Wellness, and Self-Care

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The barbershop and beauty salon are important community touch points for health, wellness, and social connection in so many peoples’ lives. But this first-wave impact of the pandemic and #StayHome mandates have exacted a price on financial and mental health.

Instagram egg stars in surprise Mental Health advert

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The egg which beat Kylie Jenner’s record to become the most-liked post on Instagram has “cracked” in a surprise video released to raise awareness of mental health. You may have heard of me.)”, read the captions on the 30-second video.

VA partners with Facebook, Red Cross on video call devices

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Through the partnership, qualified veterans and their caregivers will receive Facebook's stand-alone video-chatting device, Portal, to reduce isolation and improve social connectedness at home. The U.S.

Health Care In the COVID-19 Era – PwC Finds Self-Rationing of Care and Meds Especially for Chronic Care

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are self-rationing care in the era of COVID-19 by cutting spending on health care visits and prescription drugs. PwC explored how COVID-19 is influencing consumers’ health care behaviors in survey research conducted in early April by the Health Research Institute.

The boom in VC funding for Mental Health startups

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Back in 2009, venture capital investors backed seven companies in the mental health space. Jump to this year, and VCs have already completed 30 deals for companies working to help people improve mental health and mindfulness.

Shinola Welcomes Immigrants on the 4th of July: A Love Letter from Detroit to the World Via NYC

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Lady Liberty beckons to welcome the tired, the weary, and the ambitious to America in this Shinola video, made in my hometown Detroit. May this bring you joy and positive vibes on Independence Day 2018.

Making Health Care Better, from the N of 1 to the Public’s Health – Trend-Weaving Medecision Liberation 2019

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Health and our health information are deeply personal. Changing health care and inspiring positive health behaviors is hard to do. The inspiration started within minutes as Deb shared several personal stories involving the health care system and its flaws.

IKEA Garners the Top Health & Wellness Award at Cannes Lions 2019 – the Expanding Health/Care Ecosystem

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Health is now everyone’s business,” Shaheed Peera, Executive Creative Director of Publicis LifeBrands, said this week at the 2019 Cannes Lions awards. ” The Grand Prix Lions award for Health & Wellness went to IKEA for the company’s ThisAbles campaign.

“Telehealth is a digital distribution channel for health care” – catching up with Roy Schoenberg, President and CEO of American Well

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They launched their service first in Hawaii, where long distances and remote island living challenged the supply and demand sides of health care providers and patients alike. Doing so in this way could help health/care ecosystem stakeholders to innovate their own business and pricing models.

Healthdirect Australia partners with Coviu to power its video consulting service

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Healthdirect Australia , a national public health information service in the country, recently announced that it will be working with home-grown telehealth startup Coviu, to power its government-funded healthdirect Video Call service.

What has Telemedicine done for You Lately?


You’ve discussed it in strategy meetings, you’ve overheard your competitors talking about it at conferences, and maybe patients have even asked about it: telemedicine. Why do you need it in your organization?

Heart Health at #CES2019 – Food and Tech as Medicine

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Self-care is the new health care as patients, now consumers at greater financial risk for medical spending, are learning. Using food and tech as medicine can help people avoid going on medications like statins and others for heart health.

Phone Calls, Social Plans, and Entertainment As Prescriptions for Older Peoples’ Loneliness

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Loneliness is a killer, a health risk factor that’s been equated to smoking 15 cigarettes a day. There’s a Loneliness Epidemic in America, according to the Health Resources & Services Administration , part of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

How Telehealth is Reaching Patients Far Beyond Their Couch at Home


When you think of telemedicine, you might think of a patient at home using a telehealth app to connect by phone or video with a doctor-of-the-moment who can assess their symptoms and offer advice. Telepsych and Mental Health in The Workplace.

Clocktree featured in recent Geekwire article


Seattle-area startup Clocktree offers a service for patients to find and receive therapy from mental health, relationship, addiction and nutrition counselors. Providers can connect through video and messaging with their patients, and the platform also gives counselors a HIPAA-compliant place to store notes, videos and documents. Read about Clocktree on Geekwire. [link].


What Will Healthcare Costs Be After COVID? PwC Looks Behind the 2021 Numbers

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“Medical trend” is the expected increase in a health plan’s per capita health care costs. The second table from the PwC report details patients delaying care by consumer segment, health, and insurance status.

Teletherapy is closing the provider gap in rural North Dakota


There is a nationwide shortage of mental health services, but this shortage is even more pronounced in rural states like North Dakota. In response to the shortage, the state has boosted telemedicine as an option for mental health care. It’s helped them reach more patients in rural areas and those who can’t travel far for mental health care, including the elderly. “We’ve

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Telepsychiatry saves east Texas hospitals $18 million over 7 years

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In the early 2000s, the state of Texas was in the midst of a widely recognized, multi-decade crisis from lack of mental health services for people in need. " Susan Rushing, Burke Mental Health Emergency Center.

VA sees a surge in veterans' use of telehealth services

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The VA report revealed more than 900,000 veterans used the agency's telehealth services in 2019, with their use of the VA Video Connect app, which connects Veterans to their care teams through a secure video session, jumping 235% in the same period. "More than 200,000 or approximately two-thirds of the 294,000 VA Video Connect appointments in FY 2019 were for tele-mental health visits," said VA officials. The U.S.

Psychiatrists 'pleasantly surprised' with transition to telemedicine

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Although research supported the efficacy of video telepsychiatry, the National Institute of Mental Health-funded study notes, only 5% of psychiatrists in the Medicare program had ever provided a telemedicine visit.

Veterans Affairs, Walmart open latest telehealth pilot site

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The store, located in Asheboro, North Carolina, is part of a public-private affiliation whereby Walmart donated equipment and space allowing Veterans to meet with a VA provider in a private room through video technology. The U.S.

COVID-19 has accelerated adoption of non-contact patient monitoring technology, says Frost & Sullivan analysis

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Contactless monitoring systems and smartphone health applications are playing a vital role in the war against COVID-19, a report has found. There has also been a surge in telehealth platforms being used to combat poor mental health during the pandemic.

VA telehealth program offers virtual access to care teams, wellness classes, yoga

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Last month, the VA announced a partnership with Facebook and the American Red Cross to provide qualified veterans and their caregivers with Facebook's stand-alone video-chat device, Portal. The U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs St.

What does 2020 hold for technology in healthcare?

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From improved mental health provisions to the age of telecommunications, this article, discusses what 2020 might hold for technology in healthcare. I believe that teleconsultation will come of age in 2020, and will be used increasingly across multiple health sectors.

Roundup: NHS Wales creates system for storing COVID-19 results, X-ON develops remote consultations and more briefs

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” DIGITAL APPOINTMENTS COULD BE PROBLEMATIC FOR MENTAL HEALTH PATIENTS. Chair of the Royal College of General Practitioners, Professor Martin Marshall, has expressed concern as to the suitability of remote consultations for managing patients with mental health issues.

How Telehealth Can Offer Comprehensive Health Solutions to Younger Generations

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Improving Mental Healthcare in Schools. Younger people tend to overall be healthy, but students and young adults can suffer from high rates of depression, anxiety, ADHD, and other mental health or behavioral disorders. The State of Mental Disorders Among Children in the U.S.