Mental Health Is the Next Pandemic


While many of us are sheltering in place to help slow the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic, a massive mental health pandemic is also brewing. Fears about COVID-19, the economic meltdown, and prolonged social-isolation are all taking a toll on mental health.

Basis launches consumer mental health counseling app with $3.75M investment

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The app offers 45-minute counseling sessions with trained (but unliscensed) mental health specialists for $35 per session.

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Top Therapeutic Techniques (+ Activity Ideas) for Pediatric Mental Health


Child therapy techniques provide kids and their caregivers with the skills they need to work through issues caused by a plethora of factors, including childhood trauma, abuse or neglect, mental health issues, and even autism. .

A helping hand, World Mental Health Day

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However, the 2019 Mental Health at Work report from Mercer Marsh Benefits and Business in the Community reveals that “minority stress” is rampant across the UK. The post A helping hand, World Mental Health Day appeared first on Digital Leaders

No-Cost Talk Therapy & Telehealth Technology Are Put to Use in England, to Provide Greater Access to Mental Health Services


No-cost phone talk therapy is funded by the National Health Service and is a hotline available for unlimited phone therapy sessions. Negative stigma in the UK has kept many people from receiving the proper mental healthcare.

Would you trust AI with your Mental Health?

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Artificial intelligence (AI) is now playing a role in mental health care and if we can navigate the ethical and privacy concerns, it may help us keep up with increasing demand. But what are we talking about when we talk about artificial intelligence in the mental health field?

How COVID-19 Is Driving More Deaths of Despair

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The analysis quantifies the impact of isolation and loneliness combined with the dramatic economic downturn and mass unemployment with the worsening of mental illness and income inequity on the epidemic of Deaths of Despair. Integrate mental health with health care.

Art As Medicine – WHO Weaves the Evidence for Arts’ Role in Improving Health

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“What’s the evidence on the role of the arts in improving health and well-being?” ” asks a report from the World Health Organization ‘s Europe region team (WHO-Europe).

Stressed Out By COVID and Civil Unrest – the APA’s Stress in America Survey, Part 2

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residents through the lens of health consumers and, especially this year and in this study, health citizens. The phenomenon of Stress-due-to-Corona was evident in Volume One of the APA study, covered here in Health Populi.

Strengthen America’s Mental Health Workforce Together

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With more than 44 million Americans having a diagnosable mental health condition—56 percent of which do not receive treatment—taskforces unite from various sectors in strengthening the nation’s mental health workforce. About the Center for Total Health .

“Digital Health Is An Ecosystem of Ecosystems” – CTA’s 2020 Trends to Watch Into the Data Age

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In CTA’s 2020 Consumer Tech Forecast launched yesterday at Media Day 1 at CES, Steve Koenig VP of Research, said that, “digital health is an ecosystem of ecosystems.”. In the best case scenario, per Dr. Eric Topol’s Deep Medicine , AI can help bring more humanity to health care.

Telepsych and Mental Health in the Workplace


A report gathered by the American Heart Association, “Mental Health: A Workforce in Crisis,” found that 8,000 employees around the world die every year from medical conditions like strokes and heart attacks caused by job stress. We’re in the thick of the holiday season.

How To Decide Which Mental Health Practice Software is Right for You


How to Select the Best Mental Health Practice Software for Your Practice. Choosing mental health software for electronic health records (EHR) can be tricky. Will the EHR vendor provide training, and if so, is that included in the cost?

Early warning signs of a mental health tsunami: A coordinated response to gather initial data insights from digital services providers

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The aim of this study is to document initial observations from multiple digital services providers during the COVID-19 crisis, especially those related to mental health and wellbeing. Digital services providers reported a diverse range of mental health concerns.

How Telemedicine Psychiatry Addresses Mental Health Access Issues

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Telemedicine psychiatry , also called telepsychiatry, is helping patients across the country gain access to mental healthcare services. Using telepsychiatry , the health system has been able to: Reduce follow-up no show rates by 50%.

How Telemedicine Psychiatry Addresses Mental Health Access Issues

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Telemedicine psychiatry, also called telepsychiatry, is helping patients across the country gain access to mental healthcare services. Using telepsychiatry , the health system has been able to: Reduce follow-up no show rates by 50%.

Steps Count: More Steps Are Self-Care Goodness in the COVID-19 Lifestyle

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Going outside for fresh air and walking, which is free for the doing, is key to maintaining our physical and mental health in shut-in, physical distancing mode. The second chart dives into the data for heart disease and cancer, showing that more steps — again, the 10,000 goal — reduces death rates for both cardiac health and for deaths from cancers. Caveats — obedience training is key for dogs walked by older people to lower risk of fractures due to falls].

#093: Brain in a Dish: Personalizing Depression Treatment for Every Individual

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In this episode we dive into mental health. Fewer than half of those suffering from depression are able to receive treatment due to limited resources, a lack of trained Health care providers, and of course, the social stigma that is still sadly associated with mental disorders.

Coding Leader & TBHI Faculty: Telehealth Reimbursement Webinar

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Join Telebehavioral Health Institute Faculty (TBHI Faculty) and Coding Leader as they present a telehealth reimbursement webinar entitled, “Telemedicine Mental Health Services: Finally Get Paid.” ” Learn how to get paid with telehealth, telemedicine, telemental health, or telebehavioral health. Blog Coding Leader Dr. Marlene Maheu live telemental health training Reimbursement Webinar Speaking Engagement Telehealth Reimbursement

SAMHSA Telebehavioral Health Webinars with Dr. Marlene Maheu

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The post SAMHSA Telebehavioral Health Webinars with Dr. Marlene Maheu appeared first on TBH Institute Blog.

Teletherapy is closing the provider gap in rural North Dakota


There is a nationwide shortage of mental health services, but this shortage is even more pronounced in rural states like North Dakota. In response to the shortage, the state has boosted telemedicine as an option for mental health care. It’s helped them reach more patients in rural areas and those who can’t travel far for mental health care, including the elderly. “We’ve

Caring for veterans: A privilege and a duty

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There is no question that the VA health care system has to change, and it already has begun this process. today received some part of their training at a VA hospital. The VA faced a physician shortage, as almost 16 million Americans returned from war, many needing health care.

Behavioral Healthcare Is an Important Part of Effective Care for Addicted Mothers


The training discussed how to interact effectively with this at-risk patient population, as well as heightening the awareness of the issues these pregnant women faced as active addicts who also might be battling mental health issues, homelessness, and a roster of other issues

The Big Unlock: How COVID-19 will Unlock a New Care Future

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I recently had the pleasure of representing Aligned Telehealth and our Amwell family at ‘The Big Unlock’ virtual event where we dove into the question: How will connected health technology change the future of healthcare?

Tackling the Opioid Crisis in Arizona: UA Center for Rural Health Has Key Role

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The University of Arizona Center for Rural Health is partnering with the Arizona Department of Health Services and other state agencies to train first responders to recognize opioid overdoses and to administer the drug naloxone to prevent fatalities.

Telepsychiatry saves east Texas hospitals $18 million over 7 years

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In the early 2000s, the state of Texas was in the midst of a widely recognized, multi-decade crisis from lack of mental health services for people in need. " Susan Rushing, Burke Mental Health Emergency Center.

The Suicide Rate in America Increased by 40% between 2000 and 2017. Blue Collar Workers Were Much More At Risk.

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The data can be quite granular with information on mental health diagnoses and treatments, toxicology tests, and stressors such as health problems, relationship-, financial- or work-related challenges. Training personnel to detect and appropriate respond to suicide risk.

Healthy Aging – It’s never too late to start

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It’s never too late to take your health in your hands and implement healthy practices to prevent common problems encountered as you age. Be mindful of your mental health. The Kaiser Permanente Center for Total Health hosts internal and external educational events.

How telemedicine can help close the maternal health gap

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Avera eCARE CEO Deanna Larson also highlighted the potential to train people how to take their own measurements, as providers have done during the COVID-19 crisis for pregnant patients.

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How Apps Are Making Healthcare Accessible For Low-Income Individuals

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Health care’s quality has leapt so far, so quickly; advances in medical technology unthinkable only decades past have rendered the diagnosis and treatment of many illnesses an exercise in simplicity.

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Maintaining wellbeing while working from home

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In my last post I shared some examples of the support we offer to our colleagues to protect their mental, physical and financial wellbeing. In light of the recent pandemic, health and wellbeing counts more than ever before. Training, support and guidance.

Nursing community collaboration on the European COVID-19 front-lines

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Telehealth Women In Health IT Workforce The pandemic has underlined the importance of nurses working together and ensuring we are better prepared for any future crisis, as highlighted during the 'European Nurses Facing COVID-19' webinar.

Microsoft : The Chatbot Opportunity in Healthcare

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There’s currently a 75% rejection rate for funding of a continuous care package, which is governed by statutory rules published by the Department of Health and Social Services. One project showcases the importance of Chatbots in mental health.

Easy and Effective Child Group Therapy Activities


Under the guidance of a trained group therapist, participants create a safe, open space to discuss their individual struggles and solicit ideas and social support from other members. Human beings have evolved to live, work, and relate to each other within a collective group.

Perspectives on Being a Health Psychologist


An Overview of Health Psychology. What is Health Psychology? The American Psychological Association writes that “health psychologists study how patients handle illness, why some people don’t follow medical advice and the most effective ways to control pain or change poor health habits.”

The Virtual Couch: Rise of the Digital Therapist

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When it comes to mental health, the digital world is often portrayed as the enemy. But, increasingly, psychologists and therapists are looking to the digital world to create or deliver programmes that might improve our mental health.

How Telehealth Is Improving Healthcare for Veterans

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Suicide, mental health, PTSD, and numerous chronic conditions are common among United States veterans. According to an analysis of the program by researchers at the VA Center for Innovation to Implementation, around 75% of participants dealt with a mental health issue, and most had multiple chronic conditions. This includes more interest from leadership and providers, increased connectivity, adequate staff training, and more resources for telehealth programs.

Reducing Suicide Calls for Cross-Sector Collaboration

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We recognize that health systems need to be suicide safe, communities need to be prepared to support those at risk for suicide and those grieving a suicide loss, and media and entertainment depictions of suicide must be safe and accurate,” the Action Alliance reported.

Burnout and Stress Prevention for Physicians and NPs

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Close For Clinicians For Employers Telehealth Jobs Family Medicine General Practice Emergency Medicine Internal Medicine Nurse Practitioners Family Nurse Practitioners Physician Assistants Psychiatry / Mental Health Hospitalist Dont see your specialty?

Employers Take on Health Activism, Embracing Behavioral Health, Virtual Care, AI, and Transparency

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employers are growing activist roles as stakeholders in the healthcare system, according to the 2019 Large Employers Health Care Strategy and Plan Design Survey from the National Business Group on Health (NBGH). More U.S.