The New Employer Wellness Lens Includes Mental Health, Telehealth and Women’s Health

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Four in five medium, large and jumbo companies expect their spending on health and wellness programs will increase over the next three years. Of key import is the finding that 9 in 10 employers have plans to address mental health stigma in the next year.

Holmusk and Janssen R & D partner to develop digital mental health strategy in China

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Singapore-headquartered digital health and data analytics company Holmusk signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Janssen (China) Research & Development Centre (Janssen), to explore the development of a digital mental health strategy in China

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Top Therapeutic Techniques (+ Activity Ideas) for Pediatric Mental Health


Child therapy techniques provide kids and their caregivers with the skills they need to work through issues caused by a plethora of factors, including childhood trauma, abuse or neglect, mental health issues, and even autism. .

Would you trust AI with your Mental Health?

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Artificial intelligence (AI) is now playing a role in mental health care and if we can navigate the ethical and privacy concerns, it may help us keep up with increasing demand. But what are we talking about when we talk about artificial intelligence in the mental health field?

List of Top Evidence-Based Practices in Mental Health


There are many evidence-based practices to choose from, giving you the ability to tailor your treatment strategies to each client. This guide will explore six of the top evidence-based practices you can integrate into your mental health work. .

Stressed Out By COVID and Civil Unrest – the APA’s Stress in America Survey, Part 2

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residents through the lens of health consumers and, especially this year and in this study, health citizens. The phenomenon of Stress-due-to-Corona was evident in Volume One of the APA study, covered here in Health Populi.

Early warning signs of a mental health tsunami: A coordinated response to gather initial data insights from digital services providers

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The aim of this study is to document initial observations from multiple digital services providers during the COVID-19 crisis, especially those related to mental health and wellbeing. Digital services providers reported a diverse range of mental health concerns.

What We Know We Know About ZIP Codes, Food, and Deaths of Despair – HealthConsuming Explains, Part 3

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” That’s the first sentence of Chapter 7 in my book, HealthConsuming: From Health Consumer to Health Citizen. Chapter 7 of my book, HealthConsuming: From Health Consumer to Health Citizen , is titled, “ZIP Codes, Genetic Codes, Food and Health.”

Key takeaways from ‘The role of Tech for Good in addressing mental health’ panel

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To mark the official launch of our research into digital mental health services for young people, we hosted an expert panel discussion on Thursday 20th June at One Moorgate Place in London. Victoria Hornby, Chief Executive, Mental Health Innovations.

Physicians in America – Too Many Burned Out, Depressed, and Not Getting Support

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The subtitle, “The Generational Divide,” tells a bit part of the subtext of this annual report that’s always jarring and impactful for both its raw numbers and implications for both patient care and the larger health care system in America.

Loneliness, Public Policy and AI – Lessons From the UK For the US

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There’s a shortage of medical providers in the United Kingdom, a nation where healthcare is guaranteed to all Britons via the most beloved institution in the nation : The National Health Service. This initiative resulted in a strategy for tackling loneliness in the United Kingdom.

For a More Holistic SDoH Picture, Look at Social Determinants of Mental Health

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As members of the broader healthcare community, we have been reviewing the many facets of the general healthcare delivery environment: from the old-school “diagnosis and treatment plan” strategy to understanding more about the patient’s real-world constraints on the path to wellness.

Getting More Personal, Virtual and Excellent – the 2020 NBGH Employer Report

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In 2020, large employers will be “doubling down” efforts to control health care costs. This is the annual forecast for 2020 brought to us by the National Business Group of Health (NBGH), the Large Employers’ Health Care Strategy and Plan Design Survey.

Intent, Insiders/Outsiders and Insights — Disney Institute’s Women’s Leadership Summit

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In this post, I aim to share the key lessons that resonated with me, many of them through my broad lens on health. Energy is currency in the brain, which operates on an ROI mentality. I connect the dots between this wisdom and FDR, who collaborated with Churchill on the D-Day strategy.

The Health of A Nation – Being Healthy In America Depends on Where You Live

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For health and longevity, sorry to see the lowest five ranked states are Washington DC which ranks last, along with Mississippi, Louisiana, South Carolina, and Alabama. Depression and mental/behavioral health conditions also feature prominently in years lived with disability.

The U.S. is a Nation in Pain – America’s Life Expectancy Fell Again in 2016

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wars since 1950, according to Pain in the Nation Update from the Well Being Trust and Trust for America’s Health. The Trust for America’s Health is a non-profit, non-partisan organization focused on public health and healthy communities.

Sounds Like A John Denver Song: Virginia and Colorado Towns Rank High As Healthy Communities

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News & World Report, with help from the University of Missouri Center for Applied Research and Engagement Systems (CARES) and a team from the National Committee on Vital and Health Statistics. In addition, lower stress in the workplace also improves health status.

As Medical Cost Trend Remains Flat, Patients Face Growing Health Consumer Financial Stress

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There’s this macro-health economic story, and then there’s the micro-economics of healthcare for the household. The second graphic, labeled Figure 3, compares national health spending as a share of U.S.

Phone Calls, Social Plans, and Entertainment As Prescriptions for Older Peoples’ Loneliness

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Loneliness is a killer, a health risk factor that’s been equated to smoking 15 cigarettes a day. There’s a Loneliness Epidemic in America, according to the Health Resources & Services Administration , part of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

How will Covid-19 affect employers’ healthcare costs? It depends, says PwC report

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Soon, they will be picking health plans for 2021, and the pandemic will certainly go into that calculus. Researchers with PwC’s Health Research Institute interviewed health plan actuaries from 12 national and regional payers over the past three months. [link].

What has Telemedicine done for You Lately?


You’ve discussed it in strategy meetings, you’ve overheard your competitors talking about it at conferences, and maybe patients have even asked about it: telemedicine.

The 2020 Social Determinants of Health: Connectivity, Art, Air and Love

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the health/care ecosystem warmly embraced social determinants of health as a concept in 2019. A few of the mainstreaming-of-SDoH signposts in 2019 were: Cigna studying and focusing in on loneliness as a health and wellness risk factor. health care delivery. Across the U.S.,

Lyft partners with Unite Us to coordinate rides to job interviews, food pantries


Lyft is partnering with Unite Us to coordinate rides to job interviews, food pantries and mental health services. Find out why the partnership with a technology startup is the next logical next step in Lyft's healthcare transportation strategy

COVID-19: Changes and Constants in Healthcare Marketing (Apr 9th)


While healthcare marketing efforts are devoted to coronavirus pandemic, your messaging and outreach strategies can’t come to a halt during the current crisis. Staying the Course on Your Essential Communications Strategies.

Drive-Thru Health, In and After the Pandemic

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Another friend’s dog needed to see the veterinarian, who also organized a drive-up service for pet health care. Enter health care into the drive-through and drive-up era. Retail health in suburban pharmacies had already offered drive-up service the way banks have done for decades.

What does 2020 hold for technology in healthcare?

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From improved mental health provisions to the age of telecommunications, this article, discusses what 2020 might hold for technology in healthcare. That being said, when it comes to its digital strategy, we will see significant progress in the months ahead.

The Suicide Rate in America Increased by 40% between 2000 and 2017. Blue Collar Workers Were Much More At Risk.

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The data can be quite granular with information on mental health diagnoses and treatments, toxicology tests, and stressors such as health problems, relationship-, financial- or work-related challenges. The rate of suicide in the U.S. rose from 12.9 per 100,000 population to 18.0

Health Consumers Are Now Amazon-Primed for Healthcare – HealthConsuming Explains, Part 2

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As patients now assume the role of health consumer, they rationally expect retail-level experiences with greater first-dollar payment for health insurance, health care services and medical products like prescription drugs. Joseph Health.

A Tale of Two States: Idaho, Limiting Health Plan Benefits; and Oregon, Moving Toward Universal Health Care

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While the centers of these two states only lie 290 miles from each other, they are worlds apart when it comes to their views on their residents as health citizens. Is health care a right? So close, and yet so far, health policy-wise. .

Employers Take on Health Activism, Embracing Behavioral Health, Virtual Care, AI, and Transparency

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employers are growing activist roles as stakeholders in the healthcare system, according to the 2019 Large Employers Health Care Strategy and Plan Design Survey from the National Business Group on Health (NBGH). More U.S.

Telehealth and Virtual Care Are Melting Into “Just” Health Care at HIMSS19

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Just as we experienced “e-business” departments blurring into ecommerce and everyday business processes, so is “telehealth” morphing into, simply, health care delivery as one of many channels and platforms. Ro will expand in women’s health in 2019.

Microsoft : The Chatbot Opportunity in Healthcare

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There’s currently a 75% rejection rate for funding of a continuous care package, which is governed by statutory rules published by the Department of Health and Social Services. One project showcases the importance of Chatbots in mental health.

Therapy Podcasts You Should Be Listening to in 2019


The podcasts in this section touch more broadly on the topics of psychology, mental health, and therapy. They are designed to be enjoyed both by practicing therapists or by anyone who has a broad interest in the field of psychology or mental health.

Easy and Effective Child Group Therapy Activities


Gaining acceptance from peers — Especially for children and teens struggling with significant behavioral or mental health issues, acceptance by peers may be something they’ve seldom experienced. Human beings have evolved to live, work, and relate to each other within a collective group.

Maintaining wellbeing while working from home

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In my last post I shared some examples of the support we offer to our colleagues to protect their mental, physical and financial wellbeing. In light of the recent pandemic, health and wellbeing counts more than ever before.

'Flattening the curve’ with virtual care in Australia

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The 52-year-old company director was tested a day later and spent the next three and a half weeks “ hospitalised” in his home thanks to the remote care provided by one of the nation ’ s major health facilities, Royal Prince Alfred Hospital (RPA) in Sydney.

AMA Report: 6 Ways States Combat Opioid Epidemic

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released a report to guide policymakers and states in responding to the opioid epidemic, detailing successful strategies and lessons learned in Colorado, Mississippi, North Carolina and Pennsylvania. AMA created the report in partnership with Manatt Health Strategies.

Slow Food, Slow Medicine: What Italy Can Teach America About Health

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In addition, America’s overweight and obesity epidemic results in lost worker productivity, mental health and sleep challenges, and lower quality of life for millions of Americans. can learn from the food culture, policy and economy of Italy when it comes to health.

Reducing Suicide Calls for Cross-Sector Collaboration

Kaiser Permanente Center for Total Health

Surgeon General’s Office, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Facebook and other industry leaders to leverage their impact and advance the National Strategy for Suicide Prevention. “We About the Center for Total Health.

Healthcare Messaging Conference – Special Limited Time Pricing

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Provider-Innovator Co-Commercialization Delivering Results in Mental Health. Chief Medical Officer and Emergency Physician, Southwestern Vermont Medical Center, Dartmouth – Hitchcock Health. Director of Clinical Informatics, Major Health Partners.

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