Trust My Doctor and Fear the Office: The Telehealth Opportunity in and Beyond the COVID-19 Pandemic

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patients’ most-trusted source of coronavirus information. Patients’ concerns of COVID-19 risks have led them to self-ration care in the following ways: 41% have delayed health care services. Doctors maintain their top status as U.S.

Expansion of Medicare Coverage and Payment for Telehealth Visits During COVID-19

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CMS has announced the expansion of Medicare coverage and payment for telehealth and telemedicine visits.

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The Promise of Telehealth for Older People – the U-M National Poll on Healthy Aging

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Most people over 50 years of age are cautious but open to receiving health care virtually via telehealth platforms, according to the National Poll on Healthy Aging from my alma mater, the University of Michigan. We’re in the Field of Dreams moment in telehealth, especially for older people.

Telehealth and COVID-19 in the U.S.: A Conversation with Ann Mond Johnson, ATA CEO

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Will the coronavirus inspire greater adoption of telehealth in the U.S.? Let’s travel to Shanghai, China where, “the covid-19 epidemic has brought millions of new patients online. Q2 – – Some industry observers have called this, “telehealth’s big moment.”

When Will Self-Service Come to Health Care?

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Yet despite increased use of EHRs by clinicians and smartphones and wireless technology by patients, the fundamental approaches to managing hypertension, diabetes, and chronic lung disease have remained the same for 50 years… The physician–patient encounter is health care’s choke point.

Health/Care Everywhere – Re-Imagining Healthcare at ATA 2019

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Her interview here in HealthLeaders speaks to her vision, recognizing, “It’s just stunning that there’s such a lag between what is possible in telehealth and what is actually happening.”. I’m so keen on telehealth, I’m personally participating in three sessions at #ATA19.

Heart Health at #CES2019 – Food and Tech as Medicine

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Self-care is the new health care as patients, now consumers at greater financial risk for medical spending, are learning. An important example of this self-care approach is the evidence-based Ornish food regimen which is reimbursed by Medicare (as a form of cardiac rehabilitation).

Closing the Digital Health Gap Between Consumers and Physicians

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That sharing is limited by doctors’ ability to accept patient-generated data, where only a handful of doctors have implemented technology for remote monitoring or integrating data from wearable technologies.

Consumers Want Help With Health: Can Healthcare Providers Supply That Demand?

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Whether retail clinics, telehealth, or asynchronous physician visits via mobile health apps — consumers’ adoption of these sites, away from traditional brick-and-mortar doctors’ offices and ambulatory care clinics, has hovered around 10%, Oliver Wyman gauges in this report.

As Medical Cost Trend Remains Flat, Patients Face Growing Health Consumer Financial Stress

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Simply put: the impact of growing financial risk for healthcare costs will be felt by patients/consumers themselves. Even with moderating medical trend growth, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) expect that healthcare spending will account for 20% of the U.S.

How one physician practice was transformed by EHR-embedded telehealth

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The pandemic presented a variety of problems when it came to continuing patient care during quarantine. The practice needed a reliable system that would enable seamless patient scheduling, HIPAA-compliant video conferencing and billing, Miller said. The experience was often frustrating.

EHR 163

Senate HELP Committee weighs the future of telehealth

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Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, federal policymakers have enacted 31 changes to enable greater access to telehealth. "Today we have the opportunity to consider how we can deploy telehealth to expand access to healthcare for everyone," said Sen.

Costs, Consumerism, Cyber and Care, Everywhere – The 2019 Health Populi TrendCast

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Here’s our trend-weaving of 4 C’s for 2019: costs, consumerism, cyber and care, everywhere… Health care costs will continue to be a mainstream pocketbook issue for patients and caregivers, with consequences for payors, suppliers and ultimately, policymakers.

Telehealth Is Here to Stay. Is Your Facility Ready?

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Demand for telehealth services is skyrocketing across the country as more providers and their patients look for ways to limit in-person care. Providers are also reducing their risk of exposure by remotely consulting with their patients. The post Telehealth Is Here to Stay.

Boston Children’s, Brigham and Women’s & Northwell Health leverage virtual assistants for a better patient care experience

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During the World Congress Patient Experience & Engagement Summit in Boston, I led a panel with these innovative health systems, discussing how they are using virtual health assistants (e.g. AI Chatbots, Voice) to increase efficiency in care delivery and enhance the patient experience. Within healthcare, innovation driven organizations are exploring how to empower patients with virtual health agents to access relevant care information (e.g.

12 Ways Telehealth is Saving Small Hospitals


But consider that they’re also asked to: Provide an exceptional patient experience. Avoid Medicare readmission penalties. This can have a dire impact in medical emergencies , especially for patients having a stroke or heart attack in a town two hours from the nearest hospital.

Northwell Health’s Patients engage with AI ChatBot for guidance & support through their care journey

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Northwell Health, New York’s large integrated health system with 22 hospitals and 550+ outpatient facilities, recognizes the importance of leveraging technology to extend the care team and personalize the patient journey. Think about a patient’s journey today.

TigerConnect unveils telehealth system to help providers fight COVID-19

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Care collaboration technology vendor TigerConnect has debuted TigerTouch, a text message-oriented, audio/visual telehealth system designed to help health systems manage COVID-19 cases. Less than 20% of patients log in to a portal or download an app , compared to the 97% who text.

American Well to preview TV-based telemedicine for the home at HIMSS20

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The idea behind CarePort, powered by American Well and its vendor partner Solaborate, is to transform a patient's home into a virtual hospital room. "One of the biggest opportunities for telehealth is to make a significant impact in the later stages of life," Schoenberg stated.

The Emerging Trends in Connected Health from 2018

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The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) is on board! These new codes are classified in such a way that they do not drag with them the geographic restrictions of legacy telehealth reimbursement.

Telemedicine Trends: Awareness & Support for Digital Care on the Rise

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Charting telemedicine trends has become a cottage industry: Once considered a fringe aspect of healthcare, the development of telehealth services like remote patient management (RPM) is now closely watched by groups like Xtelligent Healthcare Media , which fills the (digital) pages of an entire suite of online publications like mHealthIntelligence , HealthITAnalytics , and many others.

How Population Health Analytics Helps Providers Achieve Value-Based Care

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And emerging as a key way to usher in that change is population health analytics, which providers are embracing as a means to offset the risk transferred to them by new guidelines from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS).

'My Patients Won’t Use That Technology!'

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That was true 20 years ago when I first started developing telehealth technology designed for the chronically ill elderly. Why Some Patients Are Reluctant to Use Telehealth Technology. Overcoming Patient Resistance to Technology with Innovation, Creativity & Compassion.

2019: Healthcare IT gains new ground

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Enhancing the patient experience with technology. This month, our coverage will continue a special focus on the patient experience. Reducing the cost of care requires aligning incentives of providers, payers and patients.

GlobalMed and Answers Media Network Host Webinar on Urgent Need for Telemedicine


Industry thought leaders discuss telehealth adoption and legislation. Some patients travel hours for a 15-minute appointment,” said GlobalMed founder and CEO Joel E. Why Millennial and Generation Z patients are disrupting existing care delivery models and demanding virtual care.

2018 Year in Review: The Year’s Biggest Remote Care News & Developments

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2018 was a historic year for telehealth and remote patient monitoring (RPM), as a series of developments played out that helped extend these important care delivery services to more patients than ever before. As government agencies like the CMS and VA expanded access to telehealth towards the goal of extending care into rural areas, industry leaders like Care Innovations® announced a series of breakthroughs with exciting implications for the years to come.

With IoT, patients can get continuous health monitoring anywhere, anytime

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Remote patient monitoring is gaining momentum as healthcare providers strive to deliver more services on tighter budgets. To enable these new models, providers are increasingly embracing remote patient monitoring. Connected devices take that burden off the patient.

Telemedicine Today: April 2016

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Telemedicine is bringing patients new hope. Dr. Sandra Mattos, a pediatric cardiologist, is leveraging the power of telehealth to help thousands of babies. Mattos is practicing telemedicine, which allows doctors like her to diagnose and treat patients at a distance. Consumers (patients) are interested, but it will take time for virtual care to become synonymous with traditional in-person care. Welcome to the April 2016 edition of Avizia’s Telemedicine Today newsletter!

5 payer trends to watch in 2018

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Anthem’s policies looked to nudge patients to less costly outpatient facilities, including urgent care centers and freestanding imaging centers. Providers will need to manage patients post-discharge and keep them healthy in their homes rather than in hospitals. This has been especially true in ACA exchange plans and Medicare Advantage (MA). It also gives providers greater flexibility to choose the right care for their patients. [link].

Five Healthcare Industry Changes to Watch in 2020

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A growing volume of outpatient care will be provided in ambulatory surgery centers, primary care clinics, retail clinics, urgent care centers, nurse managed health centers, imaging facilities, emergency departments, retail clinics, and patients’ homes. [link].