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Modernizing Medicine To Pay $45 Million To Settle False Claims, Kickback Allegations

Healthcare IT Today

These financial arrangements caused healthcare providers to submit false reimbursement claims for pathology services, along with false claims for Meaningful Use incentives arising from the use of ModMed’s technology. For example, in 2021 CareCloud Health agreed to pay $3.8

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Healthcare Providers’ Consumer Experience Gaps – Learnings from Kaufman Hall’s 2019 Index

Health Populi

The second chart illustrates that most providers offer a patient portal — that’s largely owing to the near-universal adoption of electronic health records and the Meaningful Use access point of a portal. A distant second digital tool for health consumer engagement is smartphone apps, available by one in three providers.


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Patients and Industry: Starting Our New Life Together in 2023

Society for Participatory Medicine

Having sat in on some industry meetings between clinical research organizations and study sponsors, I am excited at the patient stakeholder group having equal representation and influence with the operationalization of drug development. What good is a walk test if a patient is disabled and unable to walk?

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Randy McCleese, CIO, St. Claire Regional Medical Center, Chapter 2

Health System CIO

Claire’s journey from best-of-breed to an integrated system, the organization’s three-pronged approach to Meaningful Use, the ACO path it is pursuing with Bon Secours Health System, and its involvement in the Northern Kentucky RHIO and the Kentucky HIE. McCleese also talks about St.

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eClinicalWorks Goes from 0 to 60 with AI Throughout Their Product

Healthcare IT Today

As such, the EHR product roadmap changed to ensure that you could meet the EHR certification and meaningful use requirements. If you were an EHR company at this time, you quickly realized that you weren’t going to make any sales if you weren’t certified.

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What’s Next? The Future of Healthcare IT Social Media – #HITsm Chat Topic

Healthcare IT Today

Looking back to 2010, the health IT initiatives of that time consisted of getting up-to-speed as quickly as possible about Meaningful Use and helping to move health systems and clinical practices away from paper and analog processes to electronic and Internet-enabled technologies.

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FHIR patient extensible data portability

Healthcare Exchange Standards

argonaut) -- meeting the Meaningful Use "API" requirement. Would it be reasonable to expect that the Meaningful Use "Download" (from View/Download/Transfer) capability would be offered in FHIR format? If a healthcare provider offers a FHIR API (e.g. Proposed quick-and-dirty solution?