Add Behavioral Data to Social Determinants For Better Patient Understanding

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To optimize communication strategies for attracting Medicare Advantage enrollment , a Mid-Atlantic health plan studied the media and social consumption patterns for older people, learning that the target population was more tech-savvy than presumed.

Universal Health Care and Financial Inclusion – Not Mutually Exclusive

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Two weeks in a row, The Economist , the news magazine headquartered in London, included two special reports stapled into the middle of the magazines.

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April 2019 Telemedicine News

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billion telemedicine Medicare fraud scheme between a handful of US telemedicine companies, dozens of durable medical equipment companies, and a few licensed medical professionals could limit patient’s trust in telemedicine and increase insurance concerns over malpractice. View study abstract > View article in MD Magazine > Best Buy to Sell Home Telemedicine Device to Consumers.

Self-Care is Healthcare for Everyday People

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Note the new alliance between Walmart and Anthem to channel OTC meds to Medicare Advantage members). I caught up with some magazine reading, noting a Prudential ad marketing financial wellness. Patients are the new healthcare payors, and as such, taking on the role of health consumers.

The United States of Diabetes: a $1,240 Tax on Every American

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The study analyzed medical claims for millions of patients, both commercially insured and enrolled in Medicare. Here’s a link to his interview with TIME magazine when he said, just days before taking his U.S. Pharmaceutical company executives are testifying in the U.S.

The 2020 Health Populi TrendCast – HealthConsuming, TechLash, and Public Health Goes Private

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Cummings Lower Drug Costs Now Act , including provisions for the Federal government to negotiate prices with Medicare, use reference pricing for drugs based on other nations, limit out-of-pocket costs for Medicare enrollees, and prevent dramatic drug price hikes.

Telemedicine Today (#tday): July 2015

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Last week, Representatives Devin Nunes and Frank Pallone reintroduced a bill that will allow licensed providers to treat Medicare beneficiaries using telemedicine across state lines. Known as the Telemedicine for Medicare, or TELE-MED, Act of 2015, seeks to address state licensure laws that create barriers for providers to practice telemedicine in states where they are not licensed. The bill only applies to Medicare beneficieries and has no impact on Medicaid.

Weekender 8/2/19

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CMS announces a pilot project to display a patient’s claims data to Medicare fee-for-service providers. It appears that it only gives them data for Medicare FFS patients. Weekly News Recap. The VA opens director and deputy director positions to oversee its Cerner implementation.

Weekender 5/18/18

HIStalk Weekender

My first inclination is to at least publish the Medicare price. I subscribed to Texture even before Apple bought the “Netflix for magazines” company a few weeks back. Weekly News Recap. The VA signs a 10-year, $10 billion contract with Cerner for its new EHR.

EMR 36

Rx 2018: A New Era of Specialty Drugs, Telehealth, Mobile Apps and Value, IQVIA Reports

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President Trump made clear on the campaign trail and in his interview with TIME magazine as Person of the Year that pharmaceutical companies’ pricing needed to be reined in using government pressure.

Prescription Drugs: From Costs and Bad Reputation to Civica Rx and Amazon to the Rescue

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health consumers believe that Medicare should be allowed to negotiate with drug companies to fetch lower prices for prescription drugs, and that more drugs should switch to generic when possible. The prices of medicines prescribed in outpatient settings rose, on average. 10.3% in 2018.

150 top places to work in healthcare

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Fortune magazine named Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta among the 100 Best Companies to Work For in 2017 for the 12th consecutive year; the year before, Working Mother magazine ranked the health system among the 100 best companies for working mothers. [link].

We Have No Idea What Donald Trump is Going to Do About Insulin Prices

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In the midst of Time Magazine’s 6,000-word “Person of the Year” profile of Donald Trump, the president-elect said, “I’m going to bring down drug prices…I don’t like what has happened with drug prices.”. Commentary.