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MediQuant Completes Acquisition of Knowledge Based Systems (KBS)

Healthcare IT Today

MediQuant , LLC, a leading provider of enterprise data archive technology for the healthcare industry and creator of DataArk ®, is pleased to announce the acquisition of Knowledge Based Systems, Inc. KBS), a privately held company located in the Dulles Technology Corridor of Washington, D.C.

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Roundup: Seoul National University Hospital promotes AI-powered early autism diagnosis and more briefs

Healthcare IT News - Telehealth

South Korean partnership to use AI for building rare diseases knowledge base SNUH has also recently announced a partnership with the Mogam Institute for Biomedical Research to build a knowledge base of rare diseases using AI.


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Managing the Risks of Fast-Growing Digital Health

Health Populi

At the same time, digital health companies should collaborate with the insurance industry to build a knowledge base about risks and safety to bring some standardization and accountability to the market. Those risks do not naturally fit, Beazley says, into traditional insurance silos.

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Telehealth Workshop Series: Focus Mississippi

South Central Telehealth Resource Center

Our goal is to establish a knowledge base and increase awareness and access to resources. The South Central Telehealth Resource Center will be hosting a series of events focused on Mississippi and the telehealth landscape in that region.

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[Redox Review] June 2023 product and event update


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#FHIR up the API Secure community

Healthcare Exchange Standards

The cybersecurity community is a specialty knowledge base and has specialty tools to aid with the securing of APIs, and the proofing that the API implementation is secure. This specialty knowledge is really needed by the FHIR community.

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Raising the Bar: The Power of Physician Peer Reviews

BHM Healthcare Solutions

Physicians are exposed to diverse perspectives and practices, broadening their knowledge base and encouraging professional growth. Peer reviews contribute to patient safety by identifying potential errors, promoting standardized practices, and reducing medical negligence.