Intermountain Healthcare: Optimizing the Patient Experience Through Telehealth Interoperability

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Intermountain Healthcare, a not-for-profit integrated health system headquartered in Utah, has built a robust virtual health program that includes Connect Care , its direct-to-consumer telehealth service and Connect Care Pro , its acute care program.

How Philips Has Pivoted In the COVID-19 Pandemic: Connected Care From Hospital to Home

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This second graphic diagrams a patient journey map for the coronavirus, across the continuum of care settings from the community and home to primary care, emergency, hospital, and post-acute. Then consider the patient/consumer perspective. What a difference 90 days makes.

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Consumers’ Embrace of Digital Health Tech Stalls, and Privacy Concerns Prevail – Accenture’s 2020 Research

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Six in ten people are open to health and wellness services via virtual channels, over half like the idea of remote monitoring linking with at-home devices, and 1 in 2 people would be open to routine appointments through telehealth.

“Digital Health Is An Ecosystem of Ecosystems” – CTA’s 2020 Trends to Watch Into the Data Age

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That speaks to Steve’s phrase, “ecosystem of ecosystems,” because that’s not just “digital” health — that’s now the true nature of health/care, and what is driving connectivity toward interoperability, cloud computing, and the adoption of APIs to enable health data liquidity.

Health Consumers Expect Healthcare to be Digital (and Secure), Philips Future Health Index Finds

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Philips surveyed health care professionals and consumers living in 15 countries, from North America to Asia, and found that these health systems share one over-arching objective: to provide quality care with improved experiences for both patients and healthcare professionals.

Cost and Convenience Underpin Patient Demands As Health Consumers

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Across generations, from younger to older patients, cost, transparency and convenience drive consumer satisfaction, Accenture’s latest health consumer survey found. This is driving choice when patients select which health care system to work with, Brian explained.

Telehealth is past the 'tipping point' – how's it doing with interoperability?

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As the American Telemedicine Association annual conference kicks off in New Orleans this week, the organization has published a white paper focused on the status of telehealth interoperability. " Continuing to sort that out will require health systems to iron out some technical challenges related to telehealth interoperability, which has some unique aspects related to patient ID, workflow, data capture, communication, regulatory issues and more.

A guide to telehealth vendors in the age of COVID-19

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Telehealth always has been a key pillar of technology-enabled care delivery that helps hospitals, health systems and group practices deliver quality care at a distance – and often also gain efficiencies, improve patient and provider satisfaction and save costs.

New CDS from Change Healthcare enables home-based telemonitoring

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InterQual is able to offer payers and providers evidence-based guidelines to help identify patients who might be good candidates for home-based care programs. Change Healthcare on Monday unveiled the most recent version of InterQual 2019, its flagship clinical decision support technology.

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Partners launches expansive 5-year digital health innovation plan

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Partners HealthCare on Thursday announced a new five-year technology initiative designed to drive digital innovation, improve clinical care and enhance the patient experience.

2019: Healthcare IT gains new ground

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Enhancing the patient experience with technology. This month, our coverage will continue a special focus on the patient experience. Reducing the cost of care requires aligning incentives of providers, payers and patients.

How One Hospital System Baked Love Into Their Health App

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That’s Jefferson’s health solutions group that focuses on digital innovation and consumer experience. Here’s a health system that’s focused on that customer experience, which has become a critical success factor for healthcare to thrive.

There Was Something For Everyone At HIMSS 2019


There were topics for everyone, including AI, wearables, telehealth, patient engagement, genomics, interoperability, and data & analytics, and Women in Health IT. Telehealth is crucial for delivering better remote care, improving outcomes.

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InTouch Health Ranked 2020 Best in KLAS for Virtual Care Platforms

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InTouch Health continues to lead the market with its unrivaled proactive service, leading day-to-day support, and highest-rated clinician and patient experience, as mentioned in the “Telehealth Virtual Care Platforms 2018” report. “We The Best in KLAS designation is a recognition of outstanding efforts to help healthcare organizations in their quest to deliver outstanding patient care. health systems – as they deploy telehealth programs across their enterprises.

Workforce development: Your organization is only as strong as its people

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How can you recruit the best people, retain talent you have and ensure a diverse workforce that reflects the patients you serve? Interoperability: Health IT's hardest problem is (finally) at an inflection point. Doctors rarely aware of online feedback from patients.