The Coronavirus Impact on American Life, Part 2 – Our Mental Health

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people are seeking comfort from listening to Dolly Parton’s bedtime stories , crushing on Dr. Anthony Fauci’s science-wrapped-with-empathy , and streaming the Tiger King on Netflix. With all of this time on my hands, it makes sense for me to let them know how much they mean to me.”

A Breakthrough, Sobering Report on Teens and Young Adults, Digital Health and Social Media Use: Implications for Mental Health

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There are also hundreds of stories written in both mass media outlets and professional journals on the topic of TYAs and mental health: especially relative to depression and suicidality. teens and young adults, ages 14 to 22, polled in February and March 2018.

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How to work with innovation in digital mental health

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Any healthcare administrator in a rural area faces many challenges when it comes to providing the kind of services that meet the needs of the patients he serves. Lack of Time For Appointments Due to Work And Family Obligations. They are able to do this via: Digitised Record Keeping.

How To Decide Which Mental Health Practice Software is Right for You


How to Select the Best Mental Health Practice Software for Your Practice. Choosing mental health software for electronic health records (EHR) can be tricky. When choosing a software, you want to make sure it is: HIPAA compliant.

Top Therapeutic Techniques (+ Activity Ideas) for Pediatric Mental Health


Evidence-based practices like Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Dialectical Behavior Therapy are effective for people of all ages, but pediatric therapists have a special mission to tailor these techniques for children and adolescents. How Does PCIT Work?

A helping hand, World Mental Health Day

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However, the 2019 Mental Health at Work report from Mercer Marsh Benefits and Business in the Community reveals that “minority stress” is rampant across the UK. Fundamentally, people have to take care of themselves.

How To Use the Latest Discoveries for Self-Improvement

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This content is copyrighted strictly for Electronic Health Reporter. Now that we are in 2019, its time to really take your health seriously. The article How To Use the Latest Discoveries for Self-Improvement appeared first on

#105: Digital Health for Substance Use Disorder and Mental Health

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Daniela Tudor is a CEO with a deep understanding of how to sustain long-term recovery. million people aged 12 or older had a substance use disorder (SUD) related to their use of alcohol or illicit drugs in the past year, and an estimated 20.7 Click here to Leave a Review.

List of Top Evidence-Based Practices in Mental Health


There are many evidence-based practices to choose from, giving you the ability to tailor your treatment strategies to each client. This guide will explore six of the top evidence-based practices you can integrate into your mental health work. .

Could a chat with a bot help improve mental health?

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To hear someone say we are facing a crisis in mental health is perhaps common to the point of cliché but it is a very real issue. The point is that demand for mental health services is far outweighing the available resources. So how can tech help?

The Epidemic After the Pandemic is Stress and Anxiety in America – Learning From Ginger

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workers were stressed before COVID-19; now, stress levels are through the roof,” based on data analyzed by Ginger , the digital behavioral health innovator, asserting this major mental health headline in its latest press release. It’s a mental health crisis, too.”

Outpatient is the New Inpatient – The Future of Hospitals in America

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Our ability to create that network outside the hospital is huge.” ” Health Populi’s Hot Points: Bloomberg reported that Walmart’s projected visit volume for the company’s new health clinic in Duluth, Georgia, exceeded expectations.

The Hair Economy in the COVID-19 Pandemic: Control, Wellness, and Self-Care

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The barbershop and beauty salon are important community touch points for health, wellness, and social connection in so many peoples’ lives. Check out Geoff Coates’ (known as Sadochicken, from Vancouver) take on “how quarantine hairdos are lookin’,” here.

Early warning signs of a mental health tsunami: A coordinated response to gather initial data insights from digital services providers

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The aim of this study is to document initial observations from multiple digital services providers during the COVID-19 crisis, especially those related to mental health and wellbeing. Methods: We used email and social media to announce an urgent call for support.

Telehealth and COVID-19 in the U.S.: A Conversation with Ann Mond Johnson, ATA CEO

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Let’s travel to Shanghai, China where, “the covid-19 epidemic has brought millions of new patients online. They are likely to stay there,” asserts “ The smartphone will see you now ,” an article in the March 7th 2020 issue of The Economist.

The Promise of Digital Health and the Privacy Perils – HealthConsuming Explains, Part 4

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The supply side of digital health tools and tech is growing at a hockey-stick pace. There are mobile apps and remote health monitors, digital therapeutics and wearable tech from head-to-toe. We’ll round out this journey in tomorrow’s Health Populi.

Loneliness Is A Health Risk, Especially Among Older People

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In America, one in three people over 50 years of age feels a lack of companionship, and one-fourth feel isolated from other people, according to a new poll on loneliness and aging from the University of Michigan, sponsored by AARP. How to mitigate loneliness, especially among older people?

Living in Digital Healthcare Times – Kicking off #DigitalHealthCES & #CES2020

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For several years, I’ve convened with journalists and industry analysts from around the world for these two days before the “official” opening of CES to hear the latest news from some of the largest tech-focused companies on Earth.

The Book on Deaths of Despair – Deaton & Case On Education, Pain, Work and the Future of Capitalism

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This reversal of life span in America ran counter to a decades-long trend of lower mortality in the U.S., Many middle-aged men to not know their own children… The comfort that used to come from organized religion…is now absent from many lives.

The Promise of Telehealth for Older People – the U-M National Poll on Healthy Aging

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And so, too, are older folks re-imagining how and where their health care services could be delivered and consumed. Health Populi’s Hot Points: I recently collaborated with HealthMine on a survey looking into Medicare Advantage members’ views of health and digital technology.

Great Expectations for Health Care: Patients Look for Consumer Experience and Trust in Salesforce’s Latest Research

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health care economics, patients are now payors as health consumers with more financial skin in paying medical bills. This is a global study, conducted among health citizens from North America, Latin America, Europe and the Asia Pacific region. On the demand side of U.S.

Longevity Stalls Around the World And Wealth, More Concentrated

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First, we’ll mine the Health at a Glance 2019 annual report covering data on population health, health system performance, and medical spending across OECD countries. Unhealthy behaviors like lack of exercise contributes to a growing burden of chronic disease in the U.S.,

Intent, Insiders/Outsiders and Insights — Disney Institute’s Women’s Leadership Summit

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I’m grateful to have had the opportunity to spend much of this week at the inaugural Disney Institute Women’s Leadership Summit. In this post, I aim to share the key lessons that resonated with me, many of them through my broad lens on health.

How to Find the Best Telemedicine Jobs

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Learn the secrets to sourcing the most sought-after roles in telemedicine and get on your way to great pay, a more flexible schedule, and exciting new career opportunities. So, how do you seek out the best jobs in telemedicine?

The Health of A Nation – Being Healthy In America Depends on Where You Live

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In the US, when it comes to life and death, it’s good to live in Hawaii, Utah, Minnesota, North Dakota, and Iowa — the top five states with the greatest life expectancy and healthy life expectancy at birth in 2016. How to deal with these challenges?

The U.S. is a Nation in Pain – America’s Life Expectancy Fell Again in 2016

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That statistic of nearly 142,000 equates to deaths from stroke and exceed the number of deaths among Americans who died in all U.S. wars since 1950, according to Pain in the Nation Update from the Well Being Trust and Trust for America’s Health.

How to Pick Malpractice Insurance for Your Therapy Practice


You encounter clients who may be suicidal, children who may be being abused, and learn information in confidence that may pose a threat to someone else’s life. Knowing where the line lies that designates when action should be taken isn’t always clear, exposing you to risk.

How to Safely Take a Vacation From Your Diabetes

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When you live with a life-altering condition for months, years, or decades with no cure in sight, it can be easy to become overwhelmed. To feel helpless, exhausted, and just plain DONE. For too many type 1 diabetics, these kinds of feelings lead to diabetic burnout.

How to Be Your Own Biller as a Therapist


Outsourcing your billing offers many benefits, including allowing you to devote your full attention to client care. But if your practice is new, you’re probably not ready to outsource. And there are also benefits to doing your own billing. 4 Steps to Be Your Own Biller.

What the Latest Pew Consumer Data Means for #HIMSS18

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There are important demographic differences in social network use to call out: More women than men use Pinterest. People with more education and higher incomes tend to use LinkedIn more (50% with college degrees vs. 9% with high school or less).

Koen Kas, the Gardener of Health Tech Delights

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Healthcare must go beyond traditional user-centered design, Koen’s experience has shown, and aspire toward design-to-delight. I’ve observed this, too, in my own work in retail health and consumer-facing healthcare and wellness projects, especially as patients in the U.S.

#093: Brain in a Dish: Personalizing Depression Treatment for Every Individual

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In this episode we dive into mental health. It is an area of tremendous need and one can be very well served through the solutions and approaches that are being developed and being made available to users around the world. So, how big of a problem is severe depression?

#092: Marta Zanchi, PhD, Explains the Need for Needs-Based Innovation

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In this episode we look at needs-based innovation, and to get a better understanding I spoke with Marta Zanchi, PhD. Her experience spans from designing software and hardware devices to walking the full process of health technology innovation. Digital Health Events.

The kids are not all right: How to integrate behavioral health into pediatric practices


have a diagnosable mental health illness. Pediatric practices are integrating behavioral healthcare to help ensure children have access to the services they need Nearly 1 in 5 children in the U.S.

Psych Central podcast: “We often feel very isolated, but we have a lot more in common than we realize.”

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Psych Central is the terrific mental health community mentioned by “Doc Tom” Ferguson in the e-Patient White Paper, the founding document of our Society. (At The interview introduces participatory medicine to the Psych Central audience.

Five Tips for Reducing Back-to-School Anxiety

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Mental preparation, with these five tips, for the transition back to school is as important as getting the right school supplies: Be aware of school related stress. It’s important to be aware of kids’ worries and know how to respond. Mental health Schools

Behavioral Healthcare Is an Important Part of Effective Care for Addicted Mothers


The training discussed how to interact effectively with this at-risk patient population, as well as heightening the awareness of the issues these pregnant women faced as active addicts who also might be battling mental health issues, homelessness, and a roster of other issues

Telepsychiatry saves east Texas hospitals $18 million over 7 years

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In the early 2000s, the state of Texas was in the midst of a widely recognized, multi-decade crisis from lack of mental health services for people in need. " Susan Rushing, Burke Mental Health Emergency Center.

Coding Leader & TBHI Faculty: Telehealth Reimbursement Webinar

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Join Telebehavioral Health Institute Faculty (TBHI Faculty) and Coding Leader as they present a telehealth reimbursement webinar entitled, “Telemedicine Mental Health Services: Finally Get Paid.” ” Learn how to get paid with telehealth, telemedicine, telemental health, or telebehavioral health. Blog Coding Leader Dr. Marlene Maheu live telemental health training Reimbursement Webinar Speaking Engagement Telehealth Reimbursement

@PsychCentral Show’s Gabe Howard to co-host live podcast episode at #SPM2018

Society for Participatory Medicine

Embracing participatory medicine has helped Gabe Howard @GabeHoward29 manage his bipolar and anxiety disorders, and allowed him to become an award-winning writer, mental health activist, speaker and educator on a topic that stigmatizes so many.