A Profile of People in Medicare Advantage Plans – HealthMine’s Survey of “Digital Immigrants”

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There are over 60 million enrollees in Medicare in 2019, and fully one-third are in Medicare Advantage plans. Medicare is adding 10,000 new beneficiaries every day in the U.S. Younger Medicare beneficiaries are more digitally engaged (connected) than their older peers.

Medicaid’s Telehealth Expansion Waiver Changes ACO Restrictions

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For years, the CMS and Medicare have been open to recognizing telehealth. For instance, to date, Medicare has limited its coverage to serving only clients/patients in rural Health Professional Shortage Areas (HPSA). Blog Accountable Care Organizations Behavioral Telehealth Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services How to Stay Out of Hot Water: Telehealth Documentation!

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Medicaid’s Telehealth Expansion Waiver Changes ACO Restrictions

Telebehavioral Health Institute

For years now, the CMS and Medicare have been open to recognizing telehealth. For instance, Medicare limits its coverage to rural Health Professional Shortage Areas (HPSA). Blog Reimbursement Strategies: Increasing Authorization & Payment TMHI Certification Program Accountable Care Organizations Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services How to Stay Out of Hot Water: Telehealth Documentation!

Survey: Many Medicare beneficiaries fear receiving a surprise medical bill


A majority of Medicare beneficiaries are worried about getting a surprise medical bill as Congress ponders how to handle the issue

How To Become a Telemedicine Provider


From medical emergencies to ordinary exams, telemedicine is shattering healthcare barriers all over the world. In addition to reducing costs and improving outcomes, virtual health can bring advanced care to underserved patients while relieving overworked providers.

Medicare: Cover CGMs Now!

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Unfortunately, Medicare policy hasn’t kept up with evolving diabetes technology, and policymakers have left out CGMs from the list of reimbursable diabetes devices. This isn’t the first time this has happened to the diabetes community, the senator points out.

How To Become A Telemedicine Provider


Before providing remote medical services, you’ll need to identify the right resources and take the right training to ensure your telemedicine practice will be successful. A patient with Parkinson’s who lacks transportation to appointments? Telemedicine is exploding in popularity.

New study says 'Medicare for All' will save the U.S. money with lower healthcare costs


As the debate over how to lower healthcare costs in the U.S. continues, including whether "Medicare for All" is the answer, a new study finds a consensus that a single-payer system would result in savings

Implementing a Private Pay Telehealth Program: Factors to Consider & How to Get Started

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Here is a situation that many of our telehealth partners face daily: a Medicare age patient is being discharged from telehealth. Suddenly, after 60 days, the patient is not only losing their home health services, but also the technology that they have come to rely on to help manage their chronic condition. A very common question that our partners receive from these patients and their caregivers – is there any way to keep the telehealth equipment?

Wasted: $1 of Every $4 Spent on Health Care In America

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trillion, waste amounts to nearly $1 trillion. In “Waste in the US Health Care System,” a team from Humana and the Univrsity of Pittsburgh recalibrated the previous finding of 30% of wasted spending to the 25%, which equates to a waste-range of $760 bn to $935 bn.

Painful Medicare Journey to get GGM/Pump Coverage

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I quickly realized my primary care doctor was not very knowledgeable of T1D and despite the often-disliked Medicare insurance I had, I was fortunate to find an endocrinologist who had studied at the world-renowned T1D Barbara Davis Center in Denver.

The Promise of Telehealth for Older People – the U-M National Poll on Healthy Aging

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And so, too, are older folks re-imagining how and where their health care services could be delivered and consumed. Health Populi’s Hot Points: I recently collaborated with HealthMine on a survey looking into Medicare Advantage members’ views of health and digital technology.

How to ensure bundled payments coexist with ACOs


Bundled payments and accountable care organizations have emerged as favored alternative payment models within Medicare. According to a blog post in Health Affairs, overlap between the two models could produce unintended consequences

Health Care and the Democratic Debates – Round 2 – Battle Royale for M4All vs Medicare for All Who Want It – What It Means for Industry

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The line-up from left to write included: Marianne Williamson. Harris and VP Biden on race, busing, and segregation — which in the larger public health context continue to have a direct impact on health equity, health disparities, and socio-economic status.

Medicare’s Role in Reducing Senior Poverty


Medicare’s Role in Reducing Senior Poverty. Medicare’s Role in Reducing Senior Poverty. As Poverty Awareness Month comes to an end this January, it’s a time for us to remember the strong relationship between poverty and health, and to consider the ongoing challenges of poverty among older adults. One in four Medicare beneficiaries has less than $15,000 in total savings, and almost one in 12 has no savings or is in debt. [1]

A new focus: How to become empowered patients

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After years of doing this blog in fits and starts — particularly the two-year gap while I was essentially prohibited by a full-time employer from writing about health IT here or anywhere else but that company’s site — I have decided to refocus on healthcare consumers rather than industry insiders. Despite what you may have read elsewhere, Meaningful Use was not part of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, the 2010 bill that’s come to be known as Obamacare.

Value for All: How to Fix American Healthcare

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As the Trump administration tries to invalidate the Affordable Care Act in the courts and progressive Democrats promote “Medicare for All,” the. The post Value for All: How to Fix American Healthcare appeared first on MedTech Boston.

What we’ve learned from the telemedicine explosion

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This week, we convened leaders from across our Gist Healthcare membership to share learnings and questions about their telemedicine experiences. Switching to 100 percent telemedicine was easier than most doctors anticipated. How should physician compensation change? [link].

CMS Issues New RFI for Patients over Paperwork Initiative

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The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) has issued a request for information (RFI) on how to evolve its “Patients over Paperwork” initiative that was initially launched in 2017.Since launching in fall 2017, according to agency

Will Health Consumers Morph Into Health Citizens? HealthConsuming Explains, Part 5

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” “Citizens” in this sense goes back to the Ancient Greeks: I return to Hippocrates, whose name is, of course, the root of The Hippocratic Oath that physicians take. ” Hippocrates’ book The Corpus is thought to be one of the first medical textbooks.

Telehealth Is Just Healthcare Now – One Post-COVID Certainty, Three Reports

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On the provider side of the telehealth equation, telehealth visits fast-scaled between 50 to 175 times pre- and post-COVID’s emergence, McKinsey’s physician survey learned. This graphic comes out of my book, HealthConsuming: From Health Consumer to Health Citizen.

HIPAA and Telehealth FAQ from HHS

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We wrote previously about HIPAA enforcement being suspended for telehealth during COVID-19 and more details on how to implement it. Plus, we shared the expansion of Medicare coverage and payment for telehealth. However, there were still many questions. The good news is that HHS released a HIPAA and Telehealth FAQ that addresses some of those […].


Telehealth and COVID-19 in the U.S.: A Conversation with Ann Mond Johnson, ATA CEO

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Let’s travel to Shanghai, China where, “the covid-19 epidemic has brought millions of new patients online. They are likely to stay there,” asserts “ The smartphone will see you now ,” an article in the March 7th 2020 issue of The Economist.

Rationing Care in America: Cost Implications Getting to Universal Health Coverage

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It would not be surprising to know that when the Great Recession hit the U.S. in 2008, one in three Americans delayed medical treatment due to costs. The post Rationing Care in America: Cost Implications Getting to Universal Health Coverage appeared first on HealthPopuli.com.

Telehealth, HIPAA compliance and innovation tracking

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This applies to caring for and treating the 2.5 But the interest and use of telehealth in senior living has been accelerating since April 2019, when Medicare Advantage plans began covering it. All that's left is to install the connectivity to make it effective.


The Future of Healthcare: What’s Best for the Diabetic Community?

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And for the first time in modern American history, major candidates are taking strong and varied stances on how their vision of our future healthcare system should look. The Medicare for All Option. The Medicare for Some Option. Unfortunately, this can lead to two major problems.

Telehealth In 2030 – Notes From the Future At #ATA19 with Safavi, Holt, Bathina and Swafford

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This week convened the ATA annual conference where healthcare industry stakeholders met up to deal with the current telehealth environment and imagine what the future prospects would/could be. Telemedicine used to be about solving access to no care,” Kaveh introduced the conversation.

Telehealth's post-COVID challenge: integrating in-person care

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Patient and provider telehealth use has skyrocketed since the novel coronavirus began spreading across the United States – and analysts point to a " tsunami of growth " as virtual care, after years of frustrated promise, becomes the new normal.

While Costs Are A Top Concern Among Most U.S. Patients, So Are Challenges of Poverty, Food, and Housing

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Rising health care costs continue to concern most Americans, with one in two people believing they’re one sickness away from getting into financial trouble, according to the 2019 Survey of America’s Patients conducted for The Physicians Foundation.

Can you identify 7 qualities of a successful telehealth program?

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Consumers want healthcare that is: easy-to-access. Provider access to affordable broadband and delivery methods, such as smart phones, tablets and iPads, are driving telehealth to become a delivery platform that can meet consumer needs.

Tips for Therapists to Survive Health Insurance Deductible Season


At the start of the insurance plan year, deductibles reset so many people are responsible for out-of-pocket payments to healthcare providers. Having a plan in place to ensure you’re paid in a timely manner for services will improve the cash flow of your practice and reduce costs.

A Therapist’s Guide to Working Remotely


Modern telehealth options have made it easy for therapists to offer services on a remote basis. And clients who travel frequently but want to stay consistent with their therapy schedule have boosted the popularity of remote therapy. Ability to Offer Services to a Wider Range of Clients.

MACRA: The Yardstick for Quality that Health Systems Need

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In addition, with the recent implementation of the Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act (MACRA), the rules surrounding healthcare reimbursement are being rewritten, incentivizing healthcare providers to prioritize the quality of patient visits over the quantity.

Senate HELP Committee weighs the future of telehealth

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Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, federal policymakers have enacted 31 changes to enable greater access to telehealth. "Today we have the opportunity to consider how we can deploy telehealth to expand access to healthcare for everyone," said Sen.

How Population Health Analytics Helps Providers Achieve Value-Based Care

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There’s no doubt that the healthcare industry is shifting inexorably from its traditional fee-for-service foundations to a more value-based model — a move that experts say will proceed regardless of the ongoing uncertainty surrounding the Affordable Care Act.

How Taking Care of Your Health Boosts Savings Accounts

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this year to cover their healthcare costs for the rest of their life in retirement, Fidelity estimated. How to address this challenge? Show people what improving their personal health can do to boost their 401(k) plans.

The Future of Healthcare: Telehealth. Here’s Why You Need to Consider Telemedicine in 2019

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We often hear telehealth and telemedicine used interchangeably, so let’s set the record straight – telehealth is the umbrella term that refers to medical services that healthcare practitioners provide to patients from a distance. How to Become a Telehealth Specialist.

UVA Health System expands telehealth offerings

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The University of Virginia Health System announced it would be expanding its telehealth offerings to help treat diabetes, heart disease and other chronic illnesses. This would allow the specialist to review the patient’s medical record before making a recommendation.

A startup with a cause – championing the individual in navigating health care

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Most recently, Kash was Vice President and General Manager of Digital Health at Stanford Health Care where he launched new patient-facing digital solutions, transformed health system operations, and spearheaded legislation to reform digital health access and reimbursement. Find Out How!

Value-Based Approach Reduces Costs

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Editor’s Note: BHM provides data reporting tools, metrics, and services integral to overcoming value-based payments barriers. Click HERE and discuss how BHM services reach your goals. The letter, dated March 1, came in response to questions from lawmakers about how to lower U.S.