How COVID-19 is impacting hospitals' IT purchasing decisions

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The coronavirus pandemic is throwing a new factor into hospitals' calculations about how to proceed with current and future healthcare IT implementations. " Some key IT staff in provider organizations are feeling the brunt of the COVID-19 surge, said Cash of KLAS.

Patient experience is evolving as providers embrace telehealth

Healthcare IT News - Telehealth

More and more patients are able to take advantage of remote consults and other virtual care options as health systems have begun pursuing telehealth programs in earnest, new HIMSS Media research shows. WHY IT MATTERS. It all gets moved into the home."

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Hospitals Switching IT Plans Rapidly As COVID-19 Impact Grows

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As the COVID-19 pandemic intensifies, hospitals are struggling valiantly to keep up with the influx of infected patients. Hospital IT departments, meanwhile, are undergoing stresses of their own as they work to support the rapidly escalating needs of clinicians.

'Telehealth titans' discuss cost-savings of virtual care, describe the hospital of the future

Healthcare IT News - Telehealth

In a panel this past week at the HIMSS Connected Health Conference in Boston, Dr. John Halamka, international healthcare innovation professor at Harvard Medical School, and four other telehealth experts tried to arrive at a definition of just what telehealth is. As Schoenberg sees it, healthcare is an industry that, "for many, many decades has been perceived as something that is brick and mortar based – you have to go to the healthcare when you need it."

How Employer Health Plans Can Utilize Telehealth as a Value-Added Service

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Much has been written about the benefits of telehealth services like remote care within the healthcare system. It’s of little surprise, then, to learn that the benefits offered by remote care also extend to employee health plans. Keeping hospital admissions to a minimum.

Oncology Patients experience a personalized journey with interventions and education for better care

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Although some steps entail engaging with care staff at a hospital or clinic, most of the time patients are challenged with managing their disease on a daily basis away from the health system. This patient information can guide the care team to intervene, reducing hospitalizations and costs. Eighteen months ago, we introduced this telehealth type of application to our oncology patients. 19 hospitals”, concludes Dr. Managini.

A guide to connected health device and remote patient monitoring vendors

Healthcare IT News - Telehealth

It is being updated regularly with more vendors. They also keep patients with less severe cases out of hospitals, so preserving precious bed space for patients with severe cases. Hospitals across the nation are using connected health and RPM to great effect during the pandemic.

Are you ready to become the hospital of the future?

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Not surprisingly, the hospital of the future will require technology solutions like telehealth to meet growing patient demands for remote access to health information and providers. While technology will ultimately help provide better care, it will undoubtedly change the day-to-day roles and responsibilities of IT teams, executives, and clinicians. Hospital IT: Driving change. They will not only drive innovation, but help put it into practice.

Seeing Your Doctor from Your Couch

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Medical Design Technology interviews Mike Baird, CEO of Avizia, a complete telehealth platform provider. In this interview with Mike Baird, CEO and founder of Avizia, he discusses many of these aspects of telemedicine, the advantages the technology offers, adoption of it, and where it’s headed. Finally, the third part of our solution is professional services that tie it all together. It’s an extremely flexible solution.

A hospital without patients

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Louis, nestled among locust, elm and sweetgum trees, the Mercy Virtual Care Center has a lot in common with other hospitals. It has nurses and doctors and a cafeteria, and the staff spend their days looking after the very sick?checking It’s a very strong future business model.”.

150 top places to work in healthcare

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Becker’s Healthcare is pleased to release the “150 Top Places to Work in Healthcare | 2018” list, which highlights hospitals, health systems and healthcare companies that promote diversity within the workforce, employee engagement and professional growth. Regional Hospital.