HIMSS 2019: The Mainstreaming of Health IT, from Jim Cramer to Opioid Risk Scores

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The fact is that HIPAA may not cover all of these data flows. This area will get more attention as patients become more aware of personal data from retail receipts and social network check-ins being used in disease management, wellness programs, or other uses that might do well to receive a patient opt-in in advance of using PHI beyond HIPAA’s embrace. Revenue cycle management (RCM) is a big HIMSS theme from providers’ points of view.

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Usually those are part of a system of trying to identify CPT codes or ICD codes in order to get paid through a billing RCM model. Just clinical, just clinical plus RCM, clinical plus RCM plus post-adjudicated, social determinants, That’s when you start identifying the right populations and how to target things that are going to be part of your performance contracts. Then I’d go in and the HIPAA paperwork was on paper and I had to sign that.

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Weekender 6/15/18

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GPB Capital acquires Maryland-based RCM/EHR vendor Health Prime International. Forty years ago in June 1978, punk rock band The Cramps played at a California state mental hospital, caught on low-quality videotape despite pre-HIPAA patient confidentiality concerns. Weekly News Recap.

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Astria Health blames its EHR conversion and contracted RCM vendor for its Chapter 11 bankruptcy. The health IT aspects include use of a system that generates a “trauma alias” fake name and the negative impact of HIPAA, where anyone calling to inquire about a missing friend or relative can’t be given information that would help identify a patient. Weekly News Recap. DocuTAP and Practice Velocity merge. Harris Healthcare acquires Uniphy Health.

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Finally, Qure4u helps care providers navigate the complicated labyrinth of RCM payments and incentives offered through CMS, state Medicaid programs and private payers’ value-based care contracts, the vendor said. Vitals are transmitted via a secure cellular 4G network to Spry Health’s cloud-based analytics engine, which meets HIPAA requirements for data security. Editor’s Note: This feature story initially was published on May 6, 2020.

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HHS announces that it will use its discretion to reduce maximum annual HIPAA fines based on level of culpability. I also am on board with you as it pertains to Cerner’s terrible attempts at RCM. Weekly News Recap. Allscripts announces Q1 results that beat earnings expectations but fell short on revenue. Meditech’s Q1 saw reduced revenue, operating income, and net cash from operations although unrealized security gains pushing earnings dramatically higher.

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