Telehealth Research Used to Support New Policy Initiatives for Expansion

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In Fierce Healthcare’s report of the first telehealth study , which author Matt Kuhrt describes as a letter published in the latest Journal of the American Medical Association , researchers found a “ notable uptick in the use of telemedicine among primary care physicians between 2015 and 2017.”.

Wearable, Shareable, Virtual: The Demands of the Digital Health Consumer in 2018

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As I wrote here in April 2017, telehealth and virtual healthcare are mainstreaming. This week at the 2018 annual HIMSS conference, telehealth is playing a mainstream role in discussions about right-sizing and right-placing healthcare.

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Best Telehealth Podcasts for Healthcare Professionals

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Essential Telemedicine Terms Clinicians Should Know

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Asynchronous telemedicine: Asynchronous telemedicine, sometimes known as store and forward, refers to telemedicine that is delivered at a later time from when the patient or another healthcare provider requests it. Applying for telemedicine jobs and want to stand out?

How Millennials are Reshaping the Entire Healthcare Sector

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Millennials have reshaped healthcare most visibly on the technological front. Millennial influence has inspired the healthcare sector to rethink its entire IT strategy to serve millennial preferences. The basic reasons for rethinking IT strategy for millennial workers and patients may also motivate overhauls of care delivery, public relations and other nontechnical departments. There is an opening for these motivations to drive significant changes in healthcare.

150 top places to work in healthcare

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Becker’s Healthcare is pleased to release the “150 Top Places to Work in Healthcare | 2018” list, which highlights hospitals, health systems and healthcare companies that promote diversity within the workforce, employee engagement and professional growth.