8 Ways Practices Are Investing in Patient Experience Now

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Providing a great patient experience is slowly shifting from a differentiator to a survival tactic. In a world where reimbursements are tied to patient experience and where online ratings can impact patient volume, practices can’t afford not to focus on experience.

Patient experience is evolving as providers embrace telehealth

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More and more patients are able to take advantage of remote consults and other virtual care options as health systems have begun pursuing telehealth programs in earnest, new HIMSS Media research shows. WHY IT MATTERS. It all gets moved into the home."

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Telehealth Features – What’s Required?

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As the telehealth adoption wave continues in healthcare, we thought we’d take the time to do a series of articles on a number of aspects of telehealth. In this first series we’re going to look at various Telehealth features.

Feel the Rush – Healthcare IT Today Podcast Episode 38

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For the 38th episode of the Healthcare IT Podcast, we’re feeling the rush. No, it’s probably not what you’re thinking. This is especially true in health IT with the COVID-19 pandemic. No, it's probably not what you're thinking.

Why Telehealth Is Real Now – The Value Equation

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Everyone sees the obvious when it comes to telehealth. The Stay at Home and Physical Distancing that’s come with COVID-19 has almost required telehealth. What other option did healthcare organizations have? Embrace telehealth or die?

Is Telehealth Shifting from Modifying Patient Behavior to Replacing Physical Visits?

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As I was researching to create our list of live video telehealth companies, it became clear to me that telehealth meant a lot of different things to a lot of different people and companies.

Telequarantine ? Is it the Future Reality?

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One of the really interesting pieces of telehealth that has exploded during this time has been a type of telehealth called Telequarantine.

More Than Half Of Seniors Willing To Use Telehealth

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Results from a recent survey suggest that seniors are more comfortable with telehealth than you might think, especially given their techno-phobic reputation. As things stand, when seniors need off-hours care, telehealth consults are hardly the first thing that comes to their mind.

3 Reasons Why Contactless Payments Are the Future for Healthcare

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Not only are patient preferences shifting to a more consumer-style experience model, but […]. The following is a guest article by Bird Blitch, CEO and co-founder at Patientco.

Texting + Telehealth Together in a Single Platform from TigerConnect

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Of all the new healthcare technologies coming to market, TigerConnect’s TigerTouch solution may be one of the best-timed. When combined with the company’s other products, it offers a truly seamless communication experience.

AMA Suggests that Telehealth Tech Use Is Up Since 2016, But Still Modest

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A new survey has found that physician use of technology to provide telehealth or virtual visits has doubled since its previous study in 2016. This meshes well with other market research suggesting that a healthy cross-section of providers are preparing to get on board.

How Philips Has Pivoted In the COVID-19 Pandemic: Connected Care From Hospital to Home

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HIMSS cancelled the conference just days before it was to commence… due to the great disruption of COVID-19. People at Philips are going out of their way to make it happen,” noting “extraordinary efforts” and teams mobilizing in the pandemic to meet the moment.

List of Free COVID-19 Health IT Products and Services

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As you can imagine, we’ve been innundated with COVID-19 related health IT news. We’ve done our best to cover the areas we thought were most important to healthcare organizations.

Expansion of Medicare Coverage and Payment for Telehealth Visits During COVID-19

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CMS has announced the expansion of Medicare coverage and payment for telehealth and telemedicine visits.

HIPAA and Telehealth FAQ from HHS

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We wrote previously about HIPAA enforcement being suspended for telehealth during COVID-19 and more details on how to implement it. Plus, we shared the expansion of Medicare coverage and payment for telehealth. The good news is that HHS released a HIPAA and Telehealth FAQ that addresses some of those […]. However, there were still many questions.


Figuring Out the Right Workflow for Hybrid Patient Care (Virtual and In Person)

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We’ve all seen the explosion of virtual visits in healthcare. No one is predicting a return to the largely in person patient visit world we lived in before COVID-19. We’re also going to see the return to in person visits.

Simple Solutions Making a Big Difference in Care Delivery

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The following is a guest article by Molly True, Worldwide Healthcare Marketing for Lenovo Health. The goal of Health IT is to make the healthcare experience simpler, faster and better, for both patients and providers.

Communicating with Patients: Best Practice in the Digital World of COVID – #HITsm Chat Topic

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This week’s chat will be hosted by Leslie Kelly Hall (@lesliekellyhall) on the topic of “Communicating with Patients: Best Practice in the Digital World of COVID“. Communicating with patients today demands new skills […].

Barriers To Consumer Health Adoption Are Falling

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A new survey has concluded that the bulk of Americans are not connected with or using telehealth services, including, notably, those in rural areas for whom telemedical services should be a lifeline.

How Healthcare Organizations are Integrating Virtual Chronic Care Solutions to Adjust to the Next Normal

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Telehealth is here, but the question of whether the shift to virtual chronic care in all its varieties is here to stay is still an important discussion.

What?s the Right Approach to Change Management in an Always Changing Digital Workplace?

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There’s nothing in healthcare people like more than change. No one likes change and healthcare is included. Although, ironically, the one constant in healthcare is change. Ok, that was a joke.

Virtual Care is the Face of the Future: Are Doctors Going to Be Left Behind?

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Editor’s Note: This article was queued up before the Covid-19 situation, but it still gives great insights into the virtual care world coronavirus is pushing us towards.

Virtual Sitters Can Improve Patient Safety and Reduce Unbudgeted Hospital Costs

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A common practice in hospitals today is the use of patient sitters, also called “specialling”, in which non-clinical staff is assigned on a one-to-one basis to provide in-room monitoring of patients at high risk for falls, self-harm, or other […].

The Future of Telemedicine


Telemedicine, which uses the Internet to connect patients and providers, is growing. Though the terms e-health, m-health , and telehealth are often interchanged for telemedicine, the deliverable is always the connection and interaction between patient and caregiver in a digital medium.

2019: Healthcare IT gains new ground

Healthcare IT News - Telehealth

2019: Year in Review It's been an eventful year for health IT. Of course, that's been the case every year over the past decade since the first meaningful use checks were mailed out, kickstarting the digital healthcare age as we know it.

Talking Telehealth with Daniel Barchi & Peter Fleischut, Part 2: “We Need to Make Every Minute Count.”

Health System CIO

As complex as healthcare IT may seem, it all boils down to one concept: identifying the most pressing needs, and removing the barriers that exist, according to NewYork-Presbyterian leaders Daniel Barchi and Peter Fleischut. Collaboration/Shared best practices Featured Innovation Interviews Patient Experience Telehealth Daniel Barchi NewYork-Presbyterian Peter Fleischut

Best Buy Bets on AgingTech in the Expanding Retail Health Ecosystem

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the electronics retailer, it’s out with CDs and in with technology for aging at home. The company announced that it would buy GreatCall for $800 million. will continue to grow in healthcare, it’s exciting to see Best Buy making a bet in this way.

Athenahealth launches new EHR-embedded telehealth tool

Healthcare IT News - Telehealth

Athenahealth announced this week that it had launched an embedded telehealth tool to allow practitioners to conduct virtual visits without having to download separate software or use another third-party app. " WHY IT MATTERS. Healthcare IT News is a HIMSS Media publication

EHR 152

How one physician practice was transformed by EHR-embedded telehealth

Healthcare IT News - Telehealth

The pandemic presented a variety of problems when it came to continuing patient care during quarantine. The practice needed a reliable system that would enable seamless patient scheduling, HIPAA-compliant video conferencing and billing, Miller said.

EHR 159

Senate HELP Committee weighs the future of telehealth

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Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, federal policymakers have enacted 31 changes to enable greater access to telehealth. "Today we have the opportunity to consider how we can deploy telehealth to expand access to healthcare for everyone," said Sen.

Telehealth shows promise for fostering better doc-patient relationships

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As telehealth use continues to expand, many are wondering what the ramifications will be when, as is widely expected, virtual care becomes a much larger part of the healthcare experience going forward. " The third most frequently cited was “user experience."

How should your organization assess telehealth ROI?

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As more health systems avail themselves of the quality, cost and access benefits that come with telehealth, IT leaders naturally have big questions about how those major investments in technology infrastructure, reshaped clinical strategy and staffing changes should be paying off.

How MedStar Health went from 7 to 4,150 daily telehealth visits in two months

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As MedStar Health launched its telehealth response to the COVID-19 pandemic, hundreds of the health system’s caregivers first rose to the challenge of meeting a historic surge in demand for the existing MedStar eVisit urgent care, on-demand telehealth offering.

A guide to telehealth vendors in the age of COVID-19

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Telehealth always has been a key pillar of technology-enabled care delivery that helps hospitals, health systems and group practices deliver quality care at a distance – and often also gain efficiencies, improve patient and provider satisfaction and save costs.

UPMC-backed telehealth startup Abridge helps patients capture details of virtual visits

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UPMC has been working with Pittsburgh-based Abridge, a telehealth-focused startup that uses natural language processing to create after-visit summaries – enabling patients to revisit their physicians' instructions after remote consults. WHY IT MATTERS.

At Cigna, telehealth reduces patient costs and ER visits, and boosts use of generic Rx

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As healthcare costs continue to rise, the employer clients of Cigna, a healthcare organization based in Bloomfield, Connecticut, continue to seek new care delivery options that will improve access and convenience while lowering costs. Healthcare IT News is a HIMSS Media publication.

Telehealth is past the 'tipping point' – how's it doing with interoperability?

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As the American Telemedicine Association annual conference kicks off in New Orleans this week, the organization has published a white paper focused on the status of telehealth interoperability. WHY IT MATTERS. The promise is immense, but big hurdles still remain before it reaches its full potential. And its specifications are also evolving as the technology and implementations mature. Healthcare IT News is a HIMSS Media publication.

TigerConnect unveils telehealth system to help providers fight COVID-19

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Care collaboration technology vendor TigerConnect has debuted TigerTouch, a text message-oriented, audio/visual telehealth system designed to help health systems manage COVID-19 cases. WHY IT MATTERS. Communication throughout the patient journey.

Collaborate for better care


Collaboration is changing the face of healthcare, enabling agile strategies like telemedicine, remote monitoring, care-team communication, and specialist engagement. Learn more about how Cisco Collaboration can help your teams work better together and create a brighter future for healthcare.

Virtual Healthcare: Your Telehealth Questions Answered by a Doctor

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If you follow the latest developments in health care, you may have noticed: telehealth has taken off. Our country is focused on making health care more accessible for Americans, and naturally, telehealth has emerged as a key innovation that can help to make this a reality. It’s an effective way to deliver evidence-based medicine – and it’s something that we as physicians can embrace right now. What is telehealth? To me, telehealth is simple.