Healthcare Cybersecurity – Familiar and Unfamiliar Risks?

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The following is a guest article by Andy Nieto, Global Healthcare Solutions Manager for Lenovo Health. As healthcare continues its digital transformation journey, providing care is becoming easier and more efficient for providers. Technologies like cloud computing and IoT devices carry inherent risks associated with cybersecurity. But that convenience comes at a cost. That points […].

Telehealth is biggest threat to healthcare cybersecurity, says report

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Although a new report suggests that the healthcare industry slightly improved its security posture this year compared to last, it warns that increased provider reliance on telehealth since the COVID-19 pandemic now presents a new slate of risks to patient data. WHY IT MATTERS.


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Security Budgets Level, Attacks Increasing – No Wonder Healthcare Cybersecurity Efforts Are Inadequate

Healthcare IT Today

While their leaders know the potential of a breach remains high, few hospitals are focused on methodically beefing up their cybersecurity as of yet, according to a new survey. Ambulatory C-Suite Leadership Healthcare IT Hospital - Health System IT LTPAC Security and Privacy Black Book Market Research Chief Information Security Officer CISO Healthcare Cybersecurity Healthcare Cybersecurity Budgets Hospital Cybersecurity Investments Hospital Cybersecurity Vendor Hospital Security

More Evidence That Healthcare Cybersecurity Could Stand To Be Tightened Up Quite A Bit

Healthcare IT Today

Not long ago, I shared the results of a survey concluding that healthcare organizations generally felt pretty confident about the state of their cybersecurity defenses, despite having had WannaCry wipe the floor with them just two years before.

Enhancing Healthcare Cybersecurity Through Legacy System Retirement and Data Archiving

Healthcare IT Today

The following is a guest blog post by Justin Campbell, Vice President, Strategy, at Galen Healthcare Solutions. C-Suite Leadership EMR-EHR Health IT Company Healthcare IT Hospital - Health System IT IT Dev Ops LTPAC Security and Privacy Galen Healthcare Solutions Health IT Legacy Healthcare Cybersecurity Healthcare Data Archiving Series Healthcare Scene Featured HIPAA HIPAA Breaches Justin Campbell Legacy Health Systems

Hidden Dangers in Healthcare – Healthcare IT Today Podcast Episode 30

Healthcare IT Today

For the 30th episode of the Healthcare IT Podcast, we’re doing another edition of Buy or Sell. For those not familiar with this format, we’ll offer up some health IT assertion and then Colin and John will discuss whether they’re buying or selling that assertion and why. Here's a quick summary of the buy or sell items discussed: * Buy or Sell: EHR Vendor Consolidation is a Threat to Healthcare Stability. *

When It Comes Telehealth Security, We Don’t Want A Free-For-All

Healthcare IT Today

In many areas of health IT, experimentation is good and may ultimately be to the benefit of users. On the other hand, when it comes to telehealth security, it’s looking more and more as though establishing routine practices and following security best practices is a good idea.

The Difference Between HL7 and APIs: What CIOs Need to Know to Succeed with the 21st Century CURES Act Final Rule

Healthcare IT Today

The 21st Century CURES Act Final Rule is a major change for healthcare data interchange. The reason being is because patients are now entitled to use Application Programming Interfaces to download their health data into their application of choice.

Cyberattackers Hit Hospitals Hard During Pandemic

Healthcare IT Today

Things have arguably gotten even worse for health IT leaders as COVID-19 caseloads mount and the need to slap together solutions addressing the pandemic grows. Given this level of chaos, it’s predictable that cyberattackers […].

Looking Back at the Last Decade of Health IT – Healthcare IT Today Podcast Episode 26

Healthcare IT Today

For the 26th episode of the Healthcare IT Podcast, and we’re taking a look back at the last decade of Health IT. Hard to believe that it’s almost 2020, but as we enter the new decade join us as we look back. Another decade is almost in the books and so we take a look […] We're coming to the end of a decade and a lot has happened with Health IT. Cybersecurity Explosion. Healthcare Consolidation. Big Tech Entering Healthcare.

A Deeper Look at the Ryuk Ransomware Threat Targeted at Healthcare

Healthcare IT Today

A little while back the government put out a cybersecurity advisory about an “imminent cybercrime threat” that was targeting hospitals using Ryuk ransomware.

Mysteries Solved: Telehealth, Data Security and Privacy

Healthcare IT Today

Ambulatory C-Suite Leadership Health IT Company Healthcare IT Hospital - Health System LTPAC Security and Privacy Telemedicine and Remote Monitoring CISO COVID-19 Healthcare Cybersecurity Healthcare Scene Featured HIPAA OCR Telehealth Telehealth Privacy Telehealth Security Telehealth Vendor Securit

COVID-19 Is Ushering in a Consumer Revolution in Healthcare

Healthcare IT Today

Administration Ambulatory C-Suite Leadership Communication and Patient Experience Health IT Company Healthcare IT Consumer Revolution in Healthcare Health Payment Systems Healthcare Consumerism Healthcare Costs Healthcare Cybersecurity Terry RowinskiThe following is a guest article by Terry Rowinski, President & CEO of Health Payment Systems, Inc. We’re now several months into navigating our next normal.

State of Healthcare Today: IT Leaders Speak Out

Healthcare IT Today

The following is a guest article by Dr. Bob Monteverdi – Global Healthcare Solutions Leader, Lenovo. Want to know what’s top of mind for Healthcare IT leaders today?

Rethinking Healthcare Security as a Cost Center – #HITsm Chat Topic

Healthcare IT Today

This week’s chat will be hosted by Mich Parker, CISO (@mitchparkerciso) on the topic of “Rethinking Healthcare Security as a Cost Center“. Healthcare Information Security has been considered a nice-to-have.


How Are Healthcare Institutions Being Attacked and What Can You Do About It?

Healthcare IT Today

Seems like a week doesn’t go by with at least one or multiple healthcare systems being compromised by hackers.

Universal Health Services Restores Network After Massive Ransomware Cyberattack Shuts Down Systems Across US

Healthcare IT Today

Hospital and healthcare services provider Universal Health Services has restored its network after being offline for more than a week in the wake of a massive cyberattack which forced it to shut down systems at locations across the US.

Cybersecurity’s Impact on Patient Safety and Trust

Healthcare IT Today

In discussion of cybersecurity breaches, most people talk about the impact to the organization’s reputation and the financial implications of a breach. Plus, cybersecurity attacks are becoming more and more […].

A Healthcare CIO’s Guide to HIPAA Compliance in Co-working Spaces

Healthcare IT Today

In the case of healthcare, one of the lines of thought has been as to whether or not team members not directly involved in patient care or support need to be located at facilities where it takes place.


Partner Breach? Steps to Protect Your Own Organization

Healthcare IT Today

The following is a guest blog post by Scott Ruthe, Chief Information Security Officer and Rick Fitzgerald, Chief Digital Officer at Ciox.


Navigating Cybersecurity In Healthcare

Electronic Health Reporter

By Navin Balakrishnaraja, practice director for healthcare IT Services, All Covered (IT services division of Konica Minolta). Technology continues to advance the healthcare industry, providing more precision and improved delivery of care.

Four Tasks that Might Save You from Cybersecurity Landmines In The “New-Normal”

Healthcare IT Today

The following is a guest article by Drex DeFord CI Security’s Chief Healthcare Strategist, and President of Drexio Innovation Network. The optimist in me wanted to believe the stories I read a few weeks ago: several hacker organizations had pledged to lay off healthcare after the pandemic started, but the pessimist cyber-guy in me was […].

Moody’s Frets Over Hospital Cybersecurity Vulnerabilities

Healthcare IT Today

Readers of this blog know well that hospitals’ cybersecurity measures aren’t exactly impenetrable, as hack after hack attests. Financial analyst firm Moody’s Investors Service has just a released a new report outlining its concerns about the adequacy of hospital cyber-defenses and the consequences facilities could […]. This isn’t just a concern for health system execs, though.

A Virtual CISO Can Help Boost Security and Compliance in A Distributed Healthcare World

Healthcare IT Today

Cyber adversaries continue to hone their capabilities and the sophistication of their attack methods, particularly during the pandemic as healthcare organizations are expanding to remote methods of care. As threats evolve to take advantage of health systems under strain, it is […].

A 12-Step Program to Fix New COVID-19 Cybersecurity Risks

Healthcare IT Today

You built a strong IT security environment based on people working from your offices, including firewalls, endpoint protection, access controls, and automated processes that align with your cybersecurity policies. Ambulatory C-Suite Leadership Health IT Company Healthcare IT Hospital - Health System LTPAC Security and Privacy Coronavirus COVID-19 Healthcare Cybersecurity Healthcare Remote Work HIPAA HIPAA Risk Assessment HIPAA Security remote work


Healthcare CIOs Speeding Up Social Determinants Of Health Efforts

Healthcare IT Today

New research has concluded that healthcare CIOs see analyzing social determinants of health data as a top priority going forward, along with tackling data interoperability and cybersecurity.

5 Steps to Securing Healthcare Data and Assuring Continuity Through Crisis

Healthcare IT Today

It is not an overstatement to say that healthcare workers are the real heroes of the Covid-19 pandemic. Ambulatory Health IT Company Healthcare IT Hospital - Health System IT IT Infrastructure and Dev Ops LTPAC Security and Privacy Healthcare Cybersecurity Healthcare Data Backups Healthcare Ransomware Sean Derrington StorageCraft Telehealth Telemedicine

Cyber Risk in the time of COVID-19: Why Hospitals Are More Vulnerable than Ever – and How to Respond

Healthcare IT Today

Ambulatory C-Suite Leadership Health IT Company Healthcare IT Hospital - Health System IT IT Infrastructure and Dev Ops LTPAC Security and Privacy Dustin Hutchison Healthcare Cybersecurity Healthcare Hacked Healthcare Security HIPAA Breaches Hospital Seucrity Pondurance Remote Workforce SecurityThe following is a guest article by Dustin Hutchison, President and COO, Pondurance.

IoT: A Promising Prescription for Healthcare

Healthcare IT Today

Though the Internet of Things (IoT) is proving its value in many industries, perhaps the most significant benefits to consumers can be found in healthcare. Administration Analytics/Big Data C-Suite Leadership Health IT Company Healthcare IT Hospital - Health System IT Security and Privacy Telemedicine and Remote Monitoring Healthcare Cybersecurity Healthcare IoT IoT Benefits PwC Rob Mesirow

Volume of Healthcare Threats, Especially Trojan Malware, Are Expanding

Healthcare IT Today

A new report by a security vendor says that it has seen a big increase in the volume of threats against healthcare organizations during the first three quarters of this year. The report, by Malwarebytes, says that it saw a 60% increase of threats at healthcare organizations when comparing all of 2018 with just the […].

Cybercriminals Are Selling Admin Access To Patient Portals

Healthcare IT Today

Another day, another scheme to profit from the high prices commanded by healthcare data. Ambulatory EMR-EHR Healthcare IT HIM Hospital - Health System IT LTPAC Security and Privacy Cybersecurity Dark Web Etay Maor Healthcare Cybersecurity Healthcare Data Security Healthcare Portals IntSights Master Key Patient Portals Ransomware Threat Intelligence WannaCry

Is The Healthcare Industry Anywhere Near Ditching the Password?

Healthcare IT Today

A new report from a security firm Duo Labs suggests that standard authentication practices may be shifting beyond the password, though it didn’t take a stab at predicting which industries may move most quickly in that direction. To conduct its research, Duo analyzed data from nearly 24 million devices from across its customer base, including […].

Stay Compliant After the Windows Deadline

Healthcare IT Today

Ambulatory Healthcare IT Hospital - Health System IT Dev Ops LTPAC Security and Privacy FTC Healthcare Cybersecurity HIPAA Breach HIPAA Violation PCI Windows 7 Updates Windows Security Windows Server 2008 UpdatesWhat will your executives, board, and the public think if you report a breach that could have been prevented? If you have Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 systems, doing nothing isn’t an option.

The Legal Pitfalls of Using a PDF Chart Summary or Cold Storage as a Healthcare Data Archiving Strategy

Healthcare IT Today

The following is a guest blog post by Justin Campbell, Vice President, Strategy, at Galen Healthcare Solutions. When decommissioning healthcare systems to archive legacy data, there are often significant tradeoffs. For example, sacrificing fidelity (how well the original shape and precision of the data is preserved) for accessibility (how easy it is to get at the needed information). […].

Sticky Note Password Security – Fun Friday

Healthcare IT Today

At least not if it’s not Fun Friday leading into Labor Day weekend when we need a little humor after a long week. Healthcare IT Security and Privacy Aaron Miri Amar Yousif Fun Friday Healthcare Cybersecurity Healthcare Passwords Healthcare SecuritySecurity is not a laughing matter. This week’s edition of Fun Friday comes courtesy of Aaron Miri (@AaronMiri).

Healthcare Cyberattack Volumes, Sophistication Keep Increasing

Healthcare IT Today

A new survey of healthcare CISOs concluded that the bulk of their organizations saw an increase in cyberattacks over the past year, many of which have grown more cunning over time. Healthcare IT Hospital - Health System IT Security and Privacy Carbon Black Healthcare CISO Healthcare Cybersecurity Best Practices Healthcare Ransonware Hospital Cyberattacks Hospital Cybersecurity Infoblox McAfee NotPetya WannaCry

New HIPAA Cybersecurity Law Promises Lower Fines and Audit Relief

Healthcare IT Today

Safe Harbor for Implementing a Government-Recognized Cybersecurity Program On January 5, President Trump signed a new law providing Safe Harbor for HIPAA Covered Entities and Business Associates that have consistently implemented government-recognized cybersecurity practices.


Cybercriminals seek to take advantage of rapid telehealth scale-up

Healthcare IT News - Telehealth

"Cybersecurity isn’t always a priority when it comes to healthcare, but it should be. The consequences of cyber risks can be incredibly severe as healthcare data is particularly personal and sensitive," said Kelly Rozumalski, secure connected health director at Booz Allen, in a statement to Healthcare IT News. WHY IT MATTERS. Kat Jercich is senior editor of Healthcare IT News.

9 Best Telemedicine Newsletters You Should Be Reading to Keep Up With the Industry

Enzyme Health

Blog Login Sign Up 9 Best Telemedicine Newsletters You Should Be Reading to Keep Up With the Industry Enzyme Health Team March 27, 2019 In an industry that can feel isolating, it’s important to keep connected. While the field helps bridge the gap between patients and healthcare professionals in a way that was not previously possible, it can have the opposite effect on remote workers. Healthcare Innovation Group Healthcare Innovation’s mission is right in its name.