CNBC: Why TeleMedicine is a Bust

mHealth Insight

mHealth Insights. We’re not dropping the ‘m’ in ‘mHealth’ we’re dropping the ‘Health’ CNBC have it captured well: A MAN IN WHITE COAT WITH A STETHOSCOPE TAPPING AT HIS MOBILE is a perfectly valid and useful depiction of telemedicine today.

Why telemedicine and remote patient monitoring demand will skyrocket in 2019


If you were to ask someone on the street what they consider the most impactful digital health innovation over the last five years, there’s a good chance their response would be, “telemedicine”. A quick search will provide you with hundreds of wonderfully SEO optimized articles outlining the differences between telehealth, telemedicine, telecare, remote patient monitoring…. Mobile health (mHealth) : health care and public health information provided through mobile devices.