#PGHD: Buzzword to Business

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This week, I read an article from February that provided an overview of the health IT infrastructure required for population health management (PHM). Is there more that goes into “a 360 degree view” of our health? To the first, patient generated health data (PGHD) is emerging in 2014 as a recognized data layer that is available to be captured and crunched. Finally, the hottest topic in health IT today is wearables and device generated data.

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Developing digital health products and innovating within a business can reinvigorate a company, disrupt the market and create new leaders. . Whether it is detection, prevention, monitoring, support or engagement, the way that technology is empowering the health sector is awe-inspiring. We work with a range of emerging technologies to ensure that the digital health products we develop for you are future-proofed and will show their efficacy over the years to come.