Growing Support for Medicare for All – But Do People Really Understand What It Means?

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Let’s start with the Morning Consult poll results, which compare support for Medicare for All from January 2019 and August 2019. the party’s loudest supporter of Medicare for All. adults surveyed, 50% believed that Medicare is free.

A Profile of People in Medicare Advantage Plans – HealthMine’s Survey of “Digital Immigrants”

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There are over 60 million enrollees in Medicare in 2019, and fully one-third are in Medicare Advantage plans. Medicare is adding 10,000 new beneficiaries every day in the U.S. Younger Medicare beneficiaries are more digitally engaged (connected) than their older peers.

Peerfit raises $18M from Virgo Investment Group

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Along with expanding its brand and business, the new funding will also go toward support of the company's Medicare Advantage product, Peerfit Move

America’s Physician Groups Responds to CMS MA 2020 Advance Notice

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The article America’s Physician Groups Responds to CMS MA 2020 Advance Notice appeared first on Editorial America’s Physician Groups Don Crane Medicare Advantage Risk Adjustment Processing System

Health Care and the Democratic Debates – Round 2 – Battle Royale for M4All vs Medicare for All Who Want It – What It Means for Industry

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Sanders, noting his call for big new government benefits like universal health care through Medicare for All and free college tuition. Senator Harris, too, mentioned government benefits like free college and Medicare for All as her health plan preference.

UnitedHealthcare Offers Health Data Support For Medicare Advantage ACO

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UnitedHealthcare has struck a deal with national physician group Privia Health under which it will offer more and better data on patients enrolled in the payer’s Medicare Advantage plans.

DaVita group to pay $270M to settle Medicare Advantage false claims probe with DOJ


A medical care group that is part of dialysis giant DaVita Inc. will pay $270 million to resolve claims it provided inaccurate information that caused Medicare Advantage plans to receive inflated Medicare payments

Doctors jump into political fray with advocacy group to protect Medicare, ACA


A group of more than 50 doctors from 14 states are launching a national effort and hope to mobilize other physicians and engage voters in a political advocacy campaign aimed at protecting Medicare and affordable healthcare

What Is the Patient Driven Payment Model: How Skilled Nursing Providers Can Get Ahead of PDPM

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The Patient Driven Payment Model (PDPM) is more than just a new name attached to Medicare payment reform. The shift from Resource Utilization Group (RUG) IV to PDPM moves the skilled nursing reimbursement model away from therapy provision as its main driver.

Seniors Satisfied With Medicare Supplemental Plan

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Editor’s Note: Medicare Advantage organizations (MAOs) continue to do a poor job of maintaining accurate provider directories—and it’s landing some in hot water with the federal government. Financial Medicare and Medicaid Medicaid Medicare payment models Value Based Payments

Health IT groups happy with the omnibus

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Verma previews Medicare agenda — Calls for MACRA reform fall on deaf ears

Medical groups sign on to public ad campaign voicing opposition to Medicare drug proposal


It’s not unusual for medical and patient advocacy groups to make their opposition known to government proposals they fear will hurt doctors and patients.

Physician groups remain split over CMS proposal to allow direct Medicare billing


The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services heard both pros and cons on its proposal to allow physicians to bill Medicare patients directly

MA plans post higher gross margins than individual, group markets: KFF


Average gross margins for Medicare Advantage plans were double those of plans in the individual and commercial group markets, with MA plans buoyed by bonus payments, according to a new analysis

UnitedHealth report: Connecting Medicare patients with ‘high-value’ docs could save billions 


Ensuring Medicare patients are treated by “high-value” physicians could lead to billions in savings for the program, according to a new report from UnitedHealth Group.

UnitedHealth beats Q1 projections, but Medicare for All talk starts stock sell-off


UnitedHealth Group’s revenue jumped by 9% in the first quarter of 2019, buoyed by significant growth in Medicare Advantage.

Wasted: $1 of Every $4 Spent on Health Care In America

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The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) forecasts that prescription drug spending will be the fastest-growing cause of rising health spending by 2027. A study in JAMA published this week analyzed research reports that have measured waste in the U.S.

Patient groups decry Medicare Part D proposal, saying it will restrict critical access


A coalition of patient groups is working to drum up opposition against the Trump administration's latest proposal aimed at tackling high prescription costs, saying the effort aimed at Medicare Part D's "protected class" of drugs could instead dramatically affect patient access to crucial therapies

Medicare Opens the Door to Reimbursement for Remote Patient Monitoring

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When CMS unveiled the first standalone reimbursement for Remote Patient Monitoring (“RPM”) by “unbundling” CPT Code 99091 in the 2018 Medicare Physician Fee Schedule , it opened the door to the widespread use of RPM services for patients and promised there was more to come.

Medicare Reimbursement for Remote Monitoring Should Drive Adoption (What a long, strange trip it’s been….)

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The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) released the 2018 Physician Fee Schedule about two weeks ago and there is at least one nugget in there that should speed the adoption of remote patient monitoring.

NBGH: Large employers have serious reservations about 'Medicare for All'


For the first time, the National Business Group on Health polled large employers about Medicare expansion plans including a single-payer “Medicare-for-All” system as part of its annual report examining their healthcare strategies.

As ‘Medicare for All’ debate gains steam, many Americans are on the fence: survey 


Though support or opposition for “Medicare for All” is dominating the 2020 primary headlines, a large group of Americans is more ambivalent about the proposal, a new survey shows.

Physician Practice Roundup—Medical groups disagree over diabetes guidelines; Physician groups urge CMS to strengthen Medicare Advantage


Medical groups disagree over diabetes guidelines; Physician groups urge CMS to strengthen Medicare Advantage and more physician practice news from around the web

What $285,000 Can Buy You in America: Medical Costs for Retirees in 2019

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Health care is creating a “retirement cost gap” for pre-retirees, Fidelity’s Steven Feinschreiber, senior vice president of the Financial Solutions Group, is quoted on the company’s website.

DOJ joins lawsuit accusing Sutter Health of Medicare Advantage fraud


Federal prosecutors have intervened in a newly unsealed whistleblower lawsuit accusing Sutter Health of submitting unsupported diagnosis codes to Medicare Advantage plans, which inflated payments. The lawsuit comes weeks after DaVita's medical group paid $270 million to resolve similar allegations

Mostly praise, but some criticism for changes proposed by CMS to Medicare payments, MIPS


There was a lot for physicians to like in a proposed rule for 2020 Medicare payment rates and changes to the Merit-based Incentive Payment System, but one group said proposed changes will not push practices to transition to value-based care

Lawmakers introduce bipartisan measure to expand Medicare coverage for telehealth


Healthcare industry groups collectively cheered bipartisan, bicameral legislation introduced on Wednesday that aims to expand Medicare coverage for telehealth services.

Opposition to ‘Medicare for All’ remains, but the AMA drops out of coalition fighting single-payer system


While it continues to oppose “Medicare for All,” the American Medical Association has dropped out of a coalition organized to fight the healthcare proposal.

AHIP, other industry groups call for phased approach to CMS interoperability rule


America's Health Insurance Plans—and many other healthcare industry groups—is urging the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) to take a phased approach to its proposed interoperability rule, saying the proposed 2020 implementation timeline is "unrealistic

A group of Republicans has unveiled its healthcare plan. Here is what's new and what isn't


The Republican Study Committee, a group of 145 House GOP lawmakers, rolled out a new healthcare plan to counter Democrats’ call for “Medicare for All

The New Drug Companies Aren’t Drug Companies At All

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The health/care ecosystem continues to morph as the stakeholder groups themselves are blurring across and outside of their core businesses. Today’s example of this is Clover Health, which launched Clover Therapeutics this week.

Health IT, mental health groups back bill to eliminate telehealth restrictions for opioid treatment


Health IT and behavioral health groups are backing Senate legislation that would allow Medicare beneficiaries to receive opioid addiction treatment via telehealth. The groups told lawmakers current restrictions “significantly limit the number of telebehavioral health visits available in Medicare

Healthcare Roundup—Alaska out of Medicaid funds; groups warn SNAP cuts will hit Medicare, Medicaid


Plus, more than a dozen groups are warning that cuts to SNAP will lead to higher Medicare and Medicaid costs Maine Gov. Paul LePage continues to drag his feet on Medicaid expansion, while Alaska also struggles with Medicaid funds.

Study identifies persistently high-cost Medicare patient trends


Persistently high-cost Medicare patients tend to be younger, members of racial or ethnic minority groups, dual-eligible Medicaid patients or suffering from end-stage renal disease, a new study reports

More Evidence of Self-Rationing as Patients Morph into Healthcare Payors

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was unsure about their premium, which is a group of people who isn’t yet health-engaged as payors. Today, health care as a political priority cuts across all generations beyond older Americans, beyond Medicare.

Physician Practice Roundup—25 physician and patient groups urge CMS to implement proposed step therapy safeguards


In a letter sent yesterday, 25 physician and patient groups urged the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services to immediately implement proposed step therapy safeguards to protect patient access to needed treatments

Thinking About Health Care One Year From the 2020 Presidential Election

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Americans are roughly split — and/or equally confused — about the differences between three major health reform approaches: Medicare -for-All, improving the existing Affordable Care Act, or replacing the ACA with state-run health plans.

Do Medicare providers located at a Distant Site have to be hospital-based to provide services?

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Q: Per Medicare regulations, do the providers at a distant site have to be hospital-based or can they be in a private setting – for example, a group of pulmonologists who want to create a telehealth system on their own? Also, all telehealth services must meet the Medicare established set of criteria for reimbursement. Click here to visit the Medicare Eligibility Analyzer site. To review CCHP information on Medicare, go to: [link]. Medicare

Healthcare groups, consumer groups split over CMS proposal to allow doctors to bill patients directly


While many healthcare groups are for it, many consumer groups are opposed to a plan by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services to launch a new alternative payment model that would allow doctors to bill Medicare patients directly

UnitedHealth Group to support Medicare bundled payment program with analytics, care coordination


UnitedHealth Group says it is in the process of building a network of care providers required to participate in CMS's new BPCI Advanced value-based payment model. Using data analytics and care coordination, the insurer plans to assist providers' participation in the Trump administration's first value-based arrangement that launches in October