FHIR Oauth Scope

Healthcare Exchange Standards

As FHIR matures, the security topic becomes more and more important. In fact the specification they have " FHIR OAuth 2 " is not open for review, yet. It is made up of a set of strings that represent a few FHIR resources. It is not a complete list of FHIR resource types. The list is a logical thing that someone would create given simply that FHIR is based on REST.


FHIR Security and Privacy - tutorial outline

Healthcare Exchange Standards

Rene asked for an outline of Security topics for FHIR for an upcoming tutorial he is giving. The easy answer is go read all my blog articles under the #FHIR topic The second easy answer is to point at the FHIR security pages. link] The outline of the main topics to be covered: With HTTP REST interaction model for FHIR, it is designed to leverage any security model that HTTP includes. There are efforts underway to create a Privacy Consent Directive modeled in FHIR.


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FHIR Security: Do (Not) Worry

Healthcare Exchange Standards

I have been asked quite often to explain how to secure FHIR. The basics of Security for FHIR are written up on the FHIR Specification. Don’t worry about security The first answer is the one I give to those in HL7 that are working on developing FHIR, or just getting their feet wet learning FHIR. Developing FHIR Resource definition: The committee members developing FHIR need to focus on developing well thought-out Resource Definitions.


What is MHD beyond XDS-on-FHIR?

Healthcare Exchange Standards

This happened to be the same timeframe that Grahame was fanning the FHIR flames. So we joined forces and brought the concepts needed for XDS into FHIR®. So now, I take those FHIR based Resources and re-write the profile. Mobile Access to Health Documents (MHD) - Revised 2015-03-12 I am not going to go into deep details, but take the perspective here that the reader is a FHIR expert, and wants to understand this MHD profile.


Can Apple Keep the Doctor Away?

Chilmark Research

For now, looking at ghosts of PHRs past as well as the current mHealth environment, we can point to several issues that will define the success or failure of Apple and their contemporaries. Healthcare software has decidedly shifted in a mobile-friendly direction, from a wellspring of APIs from major HIT vendors to emergence of standards like HL7’s FHIR. “His treatment was fragmented rather than integrated.


5 Digital Health Predictions for 2018 by Lloyd Price

Lloyd Price

App Orchard, for its part, lets developers use a FHIR-based API to access an Epic development sandbox. Source : Bots in healthcare: interview with Thomas Schulz, Organiser of Botscamp [link] ) 2018 Digital Health Prediction 4 : Mobile phone manufacturers will follow Apple's lead on connecting to hospital EHRs using FHIR. Samsung, HTC, Nokia, Motorola will roll out native apps that can use FHIR to pull hospital and medical practice data onto their devices.


Five Offerings from the Boston Connected Health Conference 2018

Aging in Place Technology Watch

At the heart of our system is a cross-platform, personal health records app that uses SMART on FHIR to provide users with seamless access to all of their health records. category tags: mHealth-Digital Health-Telehealth-Voice Health , healthcare ? Held each year – but has much changed?

Mobile Health Cloud vs Privacy Regulations

Healthcare Exchange Standards

There is some strong discussion going on at HL7 around privacy concerns, especially now that HL7 FHIR has enabled easy application writing. The discussion started with an article " Warning mHealth security fears are opening doors to app and device innovation " summarizing a study done by Ketchum. There is concern that applications are being written by people that might not be as mature in the knowledge of how important Privacy is in healthcare.

“Apple announces effortless solution bringing health records to iPhone”

mHealth Insight

mHealth Insights. I’m fortunate to be working with incredible Clinicians who have been giving their Patients full access to their medical records for 30+ years but it’s an understatement to say that I’m overjoyed to learn that the world’s leading mobile brand has followed on from it’s promises to prioritise mHealth and Patients and is going to start making it normal for Patients to have and carry their own medical records.

The Most Important Trends For Health in Mary Meeker’s 2019 Internet Report Aren’t About Health Care

Health Populi

For health care, the application of FHIR standards helps mobilize data for better health, turbocharging this trend. Increasingly, “mobile health,” “mHealth,” “telehealth” and “eHealth” are just part of normal health/care workflows and personal life flows that complement face-to-face, synchronous health care delivery.

Workforce development: Your organization is only as strong as its people

Healthcare IT News - Telehealth

With FHIR 4, Open APIs, Carequality and CommonWell reaching a milestone of sorts and the finalized information blocking rule from Health and Human Services coming, the table is set for notable advancements in health information exchange. Oranit Ido, chairwoman of mHealth Women, has the recap.

Don't disassemble ATNA, what you are looking for is there.

Healthcare Exchange Standards

This is the same recommendation you will find in FHIR, and SMART. So if you are focused on HTTP like things, FHIR, then stop worrying about the client certificate in ATNA Secure Communications, and start demanding OAuth for client; as this does meet the ATNA requirement and is far more easy to manage in HTTP like architectures (Mutual-Auth-TLS is very hard to deal with in web centric architectures). I have been pulled into many discussions that are not taking 'all' of ATNA.

Review of Mobile Devices and Health by Ida Sim in the NEJM

mHealth Insight

who is a Primary Care Physician, Professor at UCSF & coFounder at Open mHealth (follow her on Twitter @IdaSim ). mHealth Insights. An obvious example of how such limited thinking comprises your ability to see the opportunity is demonstrated by how Dr Sim has presented the concept that mHealth is somehow limited by adoption of smartphones. 44 FHIR allows external third-party apps to integrate into the EHR workflow.

Apple’s Health Records App: A Ripple or a Roar?

mHealth Insight

mHealth Insight. This blog post by Dr Joe Kvedar reflecting on Apple’s Health Record announcement makes for interesting reading ( I’m very optimistic about what this means for Patients and Carers ). “To quote Yogi Berra, “It’s déjà vu all over again.” Or so it seems. Last week, Apple made a big announcement that headlines and excited many in our industry.

Telemedicine Today: November 2016

American Well

We support every data integration type (including FHIR) with every EHR in the market place,” said Shawn Farrell, Vice President of Customer Engagement at Avizia. “As mHealth Intelligence. Welcome to the November 2016 edition of Avizia’s Telemedicine Today! Each month we re-visit some of the most recent announcements, news and events in the telehealth.