CMS Releases Proposed Rule Expanding Health Data Interoperability Requirements For Payers

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The announcement follows the release of the Interoperability and Patient Access final rule in July, which requires all health plans doing business with the […]. Clinical EMR-EHR Health IT Company Healthcare IT Hospital - Health System IT Regulations Blue Button 2.0

Google’s Effort To Help Healthcare Organizations Meet Interoperability Standards

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Healthcare providers are well aware that the interoperability demands imposed by the 21st Century Cures Act are barreling down the pike rapidly and will soon slam their organizations.


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The Evolving Role of Fax in Interoperability in Healthcare

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Administration Ambulatory Healthcare IT Hospital - Health System IT IT Infrastructure and Dev Ops Doug Clayton eFax FHIR Healthcare Interoperability Healthcare Scene Featured HIPAA Compliant Fax Cover Pages HIPAA Compliant Faxing HIPAA Fines Secure Fax WestFaxThe following is a guest article by Doug Clayton from WestFax. The origin of the modern fax machine dates back to the 1960’s.

Corepoint and Rhapsody Merge to Advance Interoperability in Healthcare

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Rhapsody, a global leader in healthcare data interoperability, today announced that the company will merge with Corepoint Health, the supplier of the Best in KLAS® healthcare integration platform. The transaction will bring together two companies at the forefront of interoperability and create a dynamic combination of technology, talent, services, and trusted customer relationships to address […].

Making Standards Work in Health Care: Interoperability, Open Source, and Other Impacts

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Administration Ambulatory Analytics/Big Data C-Suite Leadership Clinical EMR-EHR Healthcare IT Hospital - Health System IT LTPAC Regulations Data Sharing FHIR Grahame Grieve Healthcare Interoperability hl7 Kenneth D. Mandl NCPDP Nick Hatt Redox Smart on FHIR standards SureScripts Validic X12Standards are both critical and frustrating.

Group Brings SDOH Coding Effort To HL7 FHIR Program

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For the last few years, a growing number of healthcare organizations have been integrating information on social determinants of health into their population health management efforts. In fact, survey results published in early 2018 concluded that 80% of the organizations they surveyed had begun to track and use SDOH data. Now, in another sign that […].


On the 9th Day of #HITChristmas … Keith Boone from Audacious Inquiry

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Note: In case you missed the other 12 Days of #HITChristmas, you can start with the first day here along with the story behind #HITChristmas or read all 12 days here as they are published.

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Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR) Explained


What is FHIR? FHIR (Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources) Specification is a standard for exchanging healthcare information electronically. Healthcare records are increasingly becoming digitized. As patients move around the healthcare ecosystem, their electronic health records must be available, discoverable, and understandable. FHIR aims to simplify implementation without sacrificing information integrity. Why is FHIR Important?


Healthcare CIOs Speeding Up Social Determinants Of Health Efforts

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New research has concluded that healthcare CIOs see analyzing social determinants of health data as a top priority going forward, along with tackling data interoperability and cybersecurity.

Microsoft unveils Azure IoT Connector for FHIR, to help with RPM security

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Microsoft is previewing its new Azure IoT Connector for FHIR, an API feature that enables healthcare organizations to scale secure connectivity for an array of devices streaming protected health information. WHY IT MATTERS. Azure IoT Connector for FHIR leverages HL7's Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources spec to enable secure and private interoperability among internet of medical things devices and electronic health records.

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The New Stories Data Can Tell

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In order to make the best possible decision during a crisis, healthcare leaders need reliable, up-to-date information delivered quickly. Omni-HealthData, from Information Builders recently introduced enhanced capabilities to make it even easier for healthcare providers to get a single, high-quality view of patients, physicians […]. Delays and inaccuracies in getting that information can mean lives lost.

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SANER Project Coordinates Sharing of Hospital Bed Capacity and Availability of Critical Resources During COVID-19

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The project is an open source effort to create an HL7 FHIR API that shares […]. Analytics/Big Data Health IT Company Healthcare IT Hospital - Health System IT Infrastructure and Dev Ops Audacious Inquiry COVID-19 COVID-19 Data COVID-19 Public Health FHIR Healthcare Interoperability hl7 Keith Boone SANER SANER ProjectI’m excited to finally share some details on the progress of the SANER project.


2019: Healthcare IT gains new ground

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2019: Year in Review It's been an eventful year for health IT. Of course, that's been the case every year over the past decade since the first meaningful use checks were mailed out, kickstarting the digital healthcare age as we know it. As we look back on 2019, it's worth remembering how far the industry has traveled to get here. -- Mike Miliard, Editor. by Healthcare IT News November 22, 2019. Health IT implementation best practices.

#FHIR and the Gartner Hype Cycle

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On a forum for FHIR Foundation members, I raised the subject of where FHIR is on the Gartner Hype Cycle (see Gartner write up , or Wikipedia ). FHIR Foundation member Wes Rishel ( @wrishel ), who’s a FHIR user, and also was a Gartner Analyst before he retired, graciously made this contribution that I could post here. From 2000-2014 I was the person positioning health IT standards on Gartner’s Hype Cycle. FHIR Standards


CMS To Run Pilot Giving Providers Access To Medicare Claims Data

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In another step in fleshing out its interoperability efforts, CMS has announced plans to launch a pilot program giving clinicians access to claims data. Ambulatory Analytics/Big Data Clinical EMR-EHR Health IT Company Healthcare IT IT Blue Button 2.0 CMS FHIR API Health Data Sharing Healthcare Interoperability hl7 Medicare Claims Data MyHealthEData

FHIR, cloud, pop health and social determinants spark new security challenges

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While that likely means good things for patients and outcomes, it also drives more sharing, more data and more risk of losing your privacy. There is also a big push for increasing a patient’s autonomy around their personal health information and the access they have to it, especially via personal devices which are likely to be used in the future to communicate directly with providers, if they aren’t already. It is our most valuable asset. FHIR and APIs.

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The 3 Legs of the Health Informatics Standards Process

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Lately, I’ve been describing the standards process that we’re engaged in – making a difference to people’s health through defining healthcare IT standards – as a process that has 3 legs. It’s actually 3 legs of a journey. The first leg is developing the base standards the define the capabilities for describing and exchanging healthcare. These base standards enable all sorts of communities to form around exchanging healthcare data.

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Judy Faulkner talks lessons learned from Epic's COVID-19 response

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"The pandemic has taught us that there are some massive failures in the American healthcare delivery system," said Halvorson. It takes a lot longer than three days to put a brand-new system in! But then we figured, "OK, we have to figure out how to do it.

The Graying, Retirements, and Renewal at Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise (IHE)

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IHE it-self is now 20 years old, so it is now reaching a maturity level that is beyond up-start. This does not mean it is irrelevant nor without improvements. IHE has been moving toward Profiling FHIR, using online publication creation tools, using GitHub, and providing a more mature Connectathon platform. IHE is not what it was before, so please engage and help move Healthcare IT standards along. I have been involved with IHE for 20 years.

HIStalk Interviews David Wenger, CEO, Bridge Connector

HIStalk Interviews

It is focused on solving the business workflow aspect of healthcare and creating interoperability between systems and ease of communication without the need for code. It is a truly scalable platform that provides an affordable solution to any sized healthcare organization so that they can streamline their business use case workflows. I watched him my entire life and learned from him about healthcare and why it’s broken. We do it for them.

By 2020, 1-in-5 Healthcare organisations will adopt Blockchain says new IDC report

Lloyd Price

Blockchain lets the healthcare industry exchange data in a standard format, automate complex processes and apply AI against large silos of medical data. It might even allow patients to sell their data for rewards. While the financial services and shipping industries have been quick to deploy blockchain, the healthcare industry could soon follow their lead as it looks to increase efficiency and security, reduce costs and expand services with the distributed ledger technology.

IT preparedness is key to managing outbreak of COVID-19, says CIO of SNUBH

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South Korea has been lauded as a role model in its containment and flattening the curve of COVID-19 infections through a combination of rapid intervention, extensive testing for the virus, contact tracing/surveillance and enlisting the public’s health, according to a report by The New York Times. Another critical component of helping manage and contain the spread of the virus is the role of healthcare providers and hospitals.

A guide to telehealth vendors in the age of COVID-19

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Here’s a selection of just some of the many telehealth vendors out there, along with descriptions of their offerings, for healthcare organizations who might want to make use of the technology during this unprecedented time. It offers one system for telemedicine that spans the care continuum from urgent to acute care, and equips clinicians, patients and the industry that supports them with tools to enhance the healthcare experience.

Workforce development: Your organization is only as strong as its people

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How can you minimize the effect of this trend on your healthcare organization? In the month of July, we'll speak to experts about how they're managing their workforces – not just clinicians, but IT departments, data scientists, care managers, back office staff and others. Digital transformation: Healthcare making progress but much work remains. With some 95 percent of healthcare providers having deployed EHRs, the healthcare system is officially digital.

Maturing Collaborative Culture Drives Analytics and Experience


The emerging Salesforce/Cerner relationship is one of many indicators of a new paradigm in the culture of—as much as of the mechanics of—interoperability. The industry is finally moving past the perception that owning data (or at least preferential access to data) has a value in its own right, and recognizing that value is only achievable in multi-party relationships that enable data siloes to actually merge and create new insight.

“Apple announces effortless solution bringing health records to iPhone”

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Since June 2010 we have been providing Facetime Video Consults with registered Doctors (in the UK and Ireland where our Doctors are registered) via 3G Doctor and it’s abundantly clear that the value and usefulness that the independent impartial advice of a registered Doctor could offer to billions of Patients has been undermined by the lack of access Patients have to their Medical Records. “Apple today introduced a significant update to the Health app with the iOS 11.3

Covid-19 : the defining milestone for technology in healthcare

Lloyd Price

That said, like many of my peers in the healthcare sector, there is overwhelming agreement that the last three months, and the next three, will undoubtedly be seen as the defining milestone for technology in healthcare. It would therefore be remiss not to make a few observations on what we have seen, the ones who have got it right, what we need to learn, and a few predictions. It relies upon brave hard working people that are the very lifeblood of our society.