A Look Inside EMR and Telehealth Integration

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How can your telehealth service integrate with your EMR? DOTmed summarized the key learnings from our recent webinar on EMR integration and telehealth. With more and more hospitals and health care facilities implementing electronic medical records (EMRs) into their IT infrastructure, telehealth is gaining traction as a way for physicians to keep in touch with their patients.

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The Top Telehealth Terms to Know

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At American Well, we recognize that telehealth is a new or budding concept for a lot of people in a lot of different industries. Our goal is to help you understand how telehealth can work for you and what exactly all these buzzwords mean. Telehealth is on the rise in ACOs.

Extending Care Series: An Integrated Solution


In past posts, we’ve shared key determinants in telehealth adoption, as well as the world of opportunity with EHR-integrated video. Cisco Extended Care is more than just telehealth. Healthcare Cisco Extended Care Cisco Healthcare demo ehr EHR integration emr EMR integration Health IT healthcare healthcare technology telehealth telemedicineWelcome to the third and final blog of the Extending Care series.

How telehealth has enhanced Cleveland Clinic’s value-based care strategy

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Interest in the telehealth industry has grown rapidly in recent years, with 78.5 In a recent webinar, Matt Stanton, senior director of distance health at Cleveland Clinic, and Danielle Russella, president of customer solutions at American Well, discussed how Cleveland Clinic incorporated telehealth into its spectrum of care and services. In September 2014, Cleveland Clinic partnered with American Well to deliver urgent care via telehealth. EMR integration.

How Health Systems Can Address Consumerism Trends with Telehealth

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1 Telehealth directly addresses these goals and responds to the consumerism trend. Here is a couple of ways in which telehealth helps health systems meet consumer needs and goals: Improve the Health of Populations. Yet telehealth is still a relatively new care delivery model.

Getting Started with Telehealth: The Top Five List

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So you’re considering telehealth, but you’re wondering where to start. Here are the top five considerations you should take into account for a successful telehealth strategy and implementation. #1: you need to ask yourself “What are my telehealth program goals?”

Making the Most Out of Telehealth

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Every health system has a different strategy for using mHealth and telehealth that builds on its own strengths. No two mHealth or telehealth programs are alike. Some telehealth platforms look great from the outside, but fall short of expectations. That’s why today’s healthcare providers looking to transition into telehealth must to consider both internal and external criteria before deciding what programs to pilot and what solutions to implement. “A

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Telehealth Providers’ “Wish List” for the Future

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Indeed, our recent Closing the Telehealth Gap research report – jointly produced by Avizia and Modern Healthcare – showed 7 2-percent of hospitals, 52-percent of physician practices and 36-percent of additional groups (like nursing homes and ambulatory centers) now use some form of telehealth. Beyond the hurdles, they see a clear telehealth road map to better satisfy. All these wish list goals will benefit from streamlined implementation of telehealth within organizations.

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A Clearer Picture of Telehealth’s Opportunities & Challenges

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Telehealth is a phenomenon growing at breakneck pace, with some industry analysts estimating the global telehealth technology market at $18 billion and projecting 18-percent annual growth through 2020. It’s happening so fast, in fact, that adoption can sometimes outpace our grasp of exactly how providers are using telehealth. These barriers help shape the current, often limited, uses of telehealth around the country today.

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Improving Stroke Patient Outcomes with Telestroke Programs

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While it’s proven that telestroke programs enable greater collaboration between providers and better access and care for patients, certain telehealth functionalities are essential for the seamless evaluation and treatment of patients.

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Medicare Reimbursement for Remote Monitoring Should Drive Adoption (What a long, strange trip it’s been….)

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Yet, to date, most telehealth has been delivered via videoconferencing between patients and doctors. Workflow/EMR integration. Whatever you think of our current administration, it is a fact that they are more telehealth friendly than any in history.

U.S. Telemedicine Industry Benchmark Survey

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In addition to improving and expanding patient service, the vast financial benefits makes telemedicine consults a makes payers eager to gather more research on closing the telehealth gap. Telehealth and Telemedicine Uncategorized Behavioral Health Law Telehealth telehealth laws

Ford Produces an Electronic Health Record for Cars


EMR telehealth TelemedicineCar owners can now get a text message of their car’s health. Why can’t we get something similar for ourselves? The Ford Motor Company offers an option for car owners to develop and track a VHR – Vehicle Health Report for several of its models. The data links to a website, [link] using the customer’s Bluetooth-paired and connected mobile phone.

3 Health IT Infographics You Need To Read Today

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Whether you are thinking about implementing ICD-10 or a llocating resources for a new EMR/EHR system , these infographics are bound to get your brain moving. There is no better way to end the week than with some great informative and beautifully designed infographics.

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3 Trends to Watch in Healthcare Information Management

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In an effort to better facilitate communication among medical professionals and allow access to the entirety of a patient’s care, healthcare providers are using electronic health records (EHRs) instead of electronic medical records (EMRs).

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Dartmouth- Hitchcock’s ImagineCare Platform Leverages Wearables, Connected Health & Analytics for Personalized Patient Care

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sensor- based devices, apps), combines it with EMR data (i.e.

Brazil’s HealthTech sector is new hot spot

Lloyd Price

Telehealth and mobile health apps To help make healthcare advice, diagnosis and monitoring more accessible, telehealth services in Brazil are expanding. iClinic, a SaaS EMR platform, is one of the top Brazilian startups that has made a big impact on modernizing healthcare.

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Stanford’s ClickWell: Virtual Model for Primary Care

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MyHealth Mobile App All patient information from the virtual visit is transmitted to the Epic EMR and is accessible through the MyHealth portal. The patient uses the MyHealth app to upload tracking data from Withings, Fitbit and Apple HealthKit to the EMR, sharing health status between visits.

Brigham and Women’s Primary Practice Pilots New Mobile App to Drive Patient Engagement & Collaborative Care

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EMR Inclusion: Dr. Rose wanted to incorporate summarized patient data information into their EMR and appreciated that Twine Health created a note template to capture changes in the care plan, goals and medications.

Think There Are Still Problems with Telemedicine?

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Back in 2008 when American Well was founded, there was some skepticism as to the impact telemedicine – and the newly minted “telehealth” – could realistically have on the industry, and the benefits for health systems and their physicians and patients. But over the years, as comfort with technology (including the near-ubiquitous adoption of smartphones and tablets) and wireless broadband improved, the landscape for telehealth became more fertile. So, what’s next for telehealth?

New Bipartisan Legislation Promotes Telemedicine

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4442 in the House) would greatly expand providers’ ability to leverage innovative telehealth healthcare technologies to increase access to healthcare for Medicare enrollees—and be appropriately paid for doing so. By Kofi Jones.

How health IT enables safer medical travel and tourism

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With an EMR system, it’s easy to gather patient clinical notes, diagnostic scans, medical administrator records, and discharge summaries in digital form. An EMR system deployed in the cloud can make a smartphone a virtual healthcare wallet. Combined with analytics software, a cloud-based EMR system provides easy access to the knowledge and insight that overseas doctors can use to identify medical problems. Innovation Uncategorized Medical tourism Telehealth Videotelephony

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Telemedicine Today: August 2016

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Regardless of where you live or work, telehealth is making an incredible impact. Ben Lawrence, director of nursing at Hughenden Hospital, said the telehealth service is drastically improving patient care. 90% of Large Employers Will Offer Telehealth in 2017. According to the National Business Group’s annual survey, 9 in 10 large employers will make telehealth services available to employees next year, if telemedicine is legal in the state.

Telemedicine Today: September 2016

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Arkansas Children’s Hospital expects to expand the telehealth program to more than 40 schools by next school year. NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital Telehealth Program Slashes ER Wait Times. All telehealth providers are from NYP, board certified and formally trained.

HIStalk Interviews Rich Berner, CEO, MDLive

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I got into healthcare about 15 years ago, working in a variety of roles across a number of the big EMR and population health management companies. Then we have a lightweight EMR that automates as much of the visit as possible to focus on letting the physician do what they’re trained to do, which is focus on the care they want to provide. Rich Berner is CEO of MDLive of Sunrise, FL. Tell me about yourself and the company.

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Kevin Groskreutz, Division CIO, Hospital Sisters Health System, Chapter 1

Health System CIO

Overseeing ancillary systems & telehealth System CIO Ray Gensinger — “He brings a lot of energy to the organization” Hospitals on Meditech & Epic “We’re discussing a single EHR strategy.” Overseeing ancillary systems & telehealth. Telehealth & remote monitoring — “Preliminary results have been very positive”. HSHS’ transition from independent model to managing 14 hospitals Enabling IT to “engage a new business model.”

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3 Real-World Reasons the Scripps Study Failed

Chilmark Research

Even if we put aside about the growing financial disincentive to use health insurance, we’ve moved into an era of invisible, ubiquitous utilization, of Minute Clinics, telehealth, YouTube, WebMD, and Dr. Oz. Remote Monitoring CAN work – but that doesn’t mean it WILL.

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Healthcare Logs On. Finally.

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m not talking about ACA, EMRs, PCMH, ACOs, or any other in-vogue healthcare acronyms. interest in technologies like telehealth that had been relegated to innovation labs. And there are no bigger pushers of telehealth than employers. Change is afoot in the healthcare system.

Weekender 8/10/18

HIStalk Weekender

However once you hit “whole organization” level systems, as you do with an organization-wide EMR/EHR, putting a bit of distance between you and the primary vendor becomes important. Readers Write: A Smart Telehealth Strategy Creates Great Value While Meeting Myriad Needs.