Health IT Leaders Expect To Make Broad Use Of AI and Machine Learning Technology

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At the same time, it highlights the degree to […].

Redox and FDB Partner to Improve Medication Adherence with EHR Writeback Functionality

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Interoperability-as-a-service provider, Redox, recently announced a new partnership with First Databank (FDB) to improve patient education, compliance and clinical workflow.

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Announcing 2020 – Leveling Up Your Innovation Efforts

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Over the past several years we began to notice that many health IT conferences were focused on breakthrough and disruptive innovations that may help healthcare organizations a decade from now. Every year we go to a lot of conferences – at least 50+.

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Big Tech: Apple’s Mastery Of Consumer Design Could Offer Unique Healthcare Advantages

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I opened the box, plugged it into the wall and dove into it with a passion. By today’s standards, its 33 MHz processor, 4 MB of RAM and 250 MB hard drive seems laughable, […].

EHRs and Collaboration: Leveraging Technology to Help Patients with Substance-Use Disorders

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Ambulatory Communication and Patient Experience EMR-EHR Health IT Company Healthcare IT Behavioral Health EHR Charlie Hutchinson InSync InSync Healthcare Solutions Psychiatric Collaborative Care Model Substance Abuse Disorders

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Is Epic Poised To Own The Healthcare Voice Assistant Market? Not Quite.

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Given its position atop the EHR industry, the things Epic does can have an outsized influence on the healthcare world. Will such be the case when Epic debuts its new voice assistant at HIMSS20? According to a piece appearing in Healthcare IT News, Epic is debuting […].

Humana Opens The Door To Massive Influx Of Patient-Generated Data

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Here’s a deal that could have a greater impact than it might appear upon first glance. Humana has cut a deal with a vendor allowing members to share data from a very wide range of devices and apps with its wellness division.

Connect, Learn, and Meet Up with People at #HIMSS20

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In case you don’t know about the HIMSS conference, it brings together 40,000-50,000 of the best and brightest healthcare IT professionals along with 1300+ exhibitors in one conference in Orlando, FL. The 2020 HIMSS Annual Conference is just under 4 weeks away.

Talking Healthcare Chatbots with Kamal Anand, CEO & Co-Founder of Asparia

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Ambulatory Analytics/Big Data C-Suite Leadership Communication and Patient Experience EMR-EHR Health IT Company Healthcare IT Hospital - Health System LTPAC Asparia EHR Chatbot EHR Integration Healthcare Chatbot Kamal Anand Nir Ayal Nirav Modi SimplifiMed

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Enough About Healthcare Already. Yeah, I Said It.

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At the end of every year and through into the next, health IT pundits spend time holding forth on the 12 months to come. We select a few technologies to praise and a few to criticize, make predictions about and write up our thoughts about broad trends we see gathering momentum.

Practical Innovation on Full Display at 2019

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The annual event was created to break down the silos that separate people, organizations and companies in Health IT. The event brings together smart, forward-thinking and hard-working Health IT professionals for 3 days of collaboration, sharing and conversation.

My Top 5 Healthcare Innovation Targets for 2020

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Now that I’ve shaken off the holiday malaise and gotten back to business, I’ve begun to wonder which areas of healthcare will become the new hotness for the coming year. After tossing off a short LinkedIn post on this subject, I decided to dig in further and share my conclusions with you.

Group To Offer Health Data Access To Android Phone Users

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In recent times, Apple has been making a number of public moves focused on getting its customers to pull their health data onto their iPhone. Using Apple’s Health app, consumers can have their health data downloaded automatically from any institution with which it has partnered.

SNF Setback: Acute Care Providers Share Limited Data when Transferring Patients to Post-Acute Care

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As patients move from acute-care facilities to skilled nursing facilities (SNFs), the sharing of critical patient information and associated data is extremely important for coordinating care. The following is a guest article by Sean Vandeweerd, Sr.

It’s Time for Hospitals and Skilled Nursing Facilities to Break Down Patient Data Silos

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The following is a guest article by Sean Vandeweerd, Sr. Product Manager, PointClickCare Technologies Inc. Our healthcare system is approaching a critical time in which an aging population will bring baby boomers into hospitals and post-acute care facilities in record numbers.

Access to Medical Records – Healthcare IT Today Podcast Episode 15

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For the 15th episode of the Healthcare IT Podcast, we’re talking about Access to Medical Records. Should patients be able to access medical records? Some of it is just bumping up against culture and other is fear.

How Clinical Communications Technology Connects the Care Team In Complex Cases

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When multiple specialists and post-acute providers are serving the same patient, getting the right information to the right person in a timely manner becomes more challenging. The following is a guest blog post by Mary Hatcher, Vice President of Product Development at PerfectServe.

Tampa General Launches Data-Driven Clinical Command Center

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Tampa General Hospital has launched a centralized clinical command center using AI and predictive analytics to help streamline care delivery and improve patient throughput. In doing so, it joins a growing list of hospitals making big investments along these lines.

Hospitals May Work With Comcast On In-Home Patient Monitoring

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Cable entertainment giant Comcast is apparently working on launching an in-home device designed to monitor people’s health, possibly in partnership with hospital systems. In doing so, it’s jockeying for position in a market with immense potential.

Banner Health Chatbot Offers Answers To ED Patients As They Wait

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I’ve got to say that it’s nice to write a positive story about a healthcare system’s health IT efforts after covering troubles they’ve faced previously.

2019: Healthcare IT gains new ground

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2019: Year in Review It's been an eventful year for health IT. Of course, that's been the case every year over the past decade since the first meaningful use checks were mailed out, kickstarting the digital healthcare age as we know it.

HIStalk Interviews Jeremy Pierotti, CEO, Sansoro Health

HIStalk Interviews

Jeremy Pierotti is co-founder and CEO of Sansoro Health of Minneapolis, MN. We knew that the next generation of digital health solutions would require data liquidity. We thought we had an innovative way of providing advanced data exchange between health IT applications. We’re excited by it. I’ve always believed that in healthcare, we adopt treatment technology eagerly and deploy it pretty rapidly. We want to pull patient charts.


Brigham and Women’s Primary Practice Pilots New Mobile App to Drive Patient Engagement & Collaborative Care

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Twine Health Mobile App Engages Patients with Chronic Conditions The story about the health decline of our citizens is being told everywhere. In the December 2014 PwC Health Research Institute (HRI) Report, two relevant health directions are described.