Dartmouth- Hitchcock’s ImagineCare Platform Leverages Wearables, Connected Health & Analytics for Personalized Patient Care

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Dartmouth-Hitchcock (D-H), an innovative New England healthcare system with 1,000+ providers is committed to creating a “sustainable health system”, which proactively engages patients through new care models to achieve the triple aim. With ImagineCare, the Provider and patient have a window into the latest health status for insight and action. sensor- based devices, apps), combines it with EMR data (i.e.

Data Integration: Taming the Beast of Healthcare – Part 2


The problem, it is impressively difficult to integrate data from one or more EMR systems into a cohesive analytical database. I told you the process of extracting data from your EMR system with its associated ancillary systems and getting it to the point of analysis and reporting can be a terrifyingly complex and time-consuming task. Well then… let me introduce you to the Perficient Analytics Gateway for Healthcare.

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2019: Healthcare IT gains new ground

Healthcare IT News - Telehealth

2019: Year in Review It's been an eventful year for health IT. Whereas many health systems were preoccupied back then with the basic blocking and tackling of EHR implementation, this year they were investing in AI and machine learning, exploring advanced pop health analytics, deploying leading-edge cybersecurity tools, expanding telehealth programs of all shapes and sizes – and embracing cloud hosting to an extent that would have been unthinkable a decade ago.

The Dumb Side of Artificial Intelligence and its Impact in Health

Lloyd Price

AI holds great promise to improve the quality and effectiveness of many aspects of health services delivered around the world today. These are a few early examples that demonstrates the power and potential of AI to fundamentally change how health and medical conditions can be managed differently. This point was brought home recently by Dr. Mobasher Butt from digital healthcare startup Babylon Health when he played to a packed house at London’s Royal College of Physicians.

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