How To Decide Which Mental Health Practice Software is Right for You


How to Select the Best Mental Health Practice Software for Your Practice. Choosing mental health software for electronic health records (EHR) can be tricky. There are many things to consider when determining if a product is right for your practice’s needs. From practice size to growth trajectory to deciding to do your own billing–every detail must be accounted for to ensure you choose an EHR system that is the best fit for you.

Avoid Coronavirus-Related Cancellations and No Shows with Telehealth


With concerns about Coronavirus and the flu going around, there are multiple reasons why clients may feel tempted to cancel their appointments with your practice. Best practice is generally to have a late cancellation policy to protect your practice against the financial ramifications of missed appointments. Once you have enabled telehealth for your practice, you can offer telehealth sessions to your clients who might otherwise have needed to cancel. Private Practice


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Why FaceTime Should Absolutely Never Be Used for Teletherapy


Luckily, we have a telehealth solution for your practice! TheraNest offers a user-friendly, HIPAA compliant telehealth video platform fully integrated within the TheraNest EHR system. Private Practice Embracing Technology telehealth telemedicine teletherapy The short answer?


Tips to Improve Your Practice’s Insurance Billing in the New Year


Insurance billing is never anyone’s favorite aspect of running a private practice, but is a necessary part of the process. The start of a new year is the perfect time to brush up on your know-how so that you can put your practice in the best position to thrive this year. Staying fresh in your understanding of the entire insurance claim submission cycle will help you to keep on top of your practice’s billing and avoid unnecessary delays in cash flow. Private Practice

How to Be Your Own Biller as a Therapist


But if your practice is new, you’re probably not ready to outsource. This flexibility also allows you to control the entire client-practice relationship. EHR software automates many parts of the process, provides templates, and offers many other time-saving benefits. Has a Billing Solution — This may be obvious, but be sure the EHR software you’re considering has a robust billing feature since not all do. Make the billing process easy with TheraNest’s EHR system.

5 Common Mistakes to Avoid in Psychiatric Practice Management


But it’s rare for a program to teach practice management skills. While not as serious as clinical mistakes, practice management mistakes can wreak havoc on your practice. Here are the five most common psychiatric practice management mistakes and how to avoid them. .

Provider Spotlight: How an Urgent Care Telemedicine Nurse Practitioner Balances Family and Career

Enzyme Health

What did you do before practicing telemedicine? I started at a community health center in San Diego - taking care of families from the grandparents to young kids - and I also worked in private practice for a weight loss clinic. At first, I was surprised this platform actually existed for nurse practitioners - I thought only RNs could practice telemedicine! What do you like most about practicing telemedicine?

Moving the Needle at Providence/St. Joseph’s Digital Innovation Group

Digital Health Today

They're already integrated into the big EHRS like Epic and Cerner and integrated into five health systems. But what about organizations that don't use one of the biggest EHRs, like, a private practice physician or smaller healthcare system? Dr. Jennifer Shannon is a child and adolescent psychiatrist with a private practice, director of a residential facility that specializes in eating disorders, and founder of Digital Brain Consulting.

Why Physician Burnout Is On the Rise

BHM Healthcare Solutions

“Few recent residency graduates can afford food, rent and the interest payments on a quarter million dollars of medical school loans while they wait for the contractual right to start a new practice. It is understandable that new physicians would feel an immediate ‘lack of accomplishment’ were they to attempt to enter private practice as did their predecessors,” the authors wrote.

Telemedicine 101: Answering Your Questions


We want EHR interoperability. Can telemedicine integrate with my EHR? A good program offers many benefits to hospital systems, private practices and the community at large. Lately, we’ve been hearing from providers who want to adopt telemedicine but haven’t run a virtual program before. Correctional leaders have asked how to provide medical care without inmates leaving the facilities.

#WWBR Week of September 22, 2014

Chilmark Research

Not too surprising that CVS chose Epic as their MinuteClinic EHR allowing them to readily share records with major HCOs such as MedStar. Useful to understand how some doctors in private practice have turned nickel and diming into a lucrative side business, complete with legal teams and innovation consultants.” They intend to sell to EHRs and other HIT vendors as well as directly to larger delivery systems.”

Weekender 1/4/19

HIStalk Weekender

Epic says that health system EHR sales have plateaued and the company will move “beyond the walls” to store patient records from dentists, on-site clinics, drugstores, and potentially home and hospice care providers. California’s Medi-Cal Medicaid program is investigating private equity-owned Agilon Health, which was subcontracted to coordinate care but reportedly intentionally delayed or denied services purely because of cost. Weekly News Recap.


Weekender 11/9/18

HIStalk Weekender

A study of EHR-related medication events in pediatric hospitals, of which 18 percent appear to have caused harm, finds system usability as the cause 36 percent of the time. Two nationally prominent articles observe how poorly hospital EHRs handle the end of daylight saving time, as information entered between 1:00 and 2:00 a.m. I don’t see an easy way to alleviate this problem in the EHR when accurate, timed entries are critical to patient care and also required.

Weekender 10/12/18

HIStalk Weekender

In fact, many state laws prohibit PDMP data from being exported outside the system to EHRs (it can only be seen in view-only mode on their web browser interface), making use in clinical decision support problematic. It’s not an issue of EHR vendor unwillingness, but rather that they can’t do an implementation if they can’t consistently get the data. Weekly News Recap.

Weekender 1/25/19

HIStalk Weekender

Rhode Island’s health department charges four ED doctors with medical misconduct after they voluntarily report imaging errors caused by EHR ordering setup. The latest example is Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital, which refuses to participate in any private insurance networks for its ED because – as one of its executives explained directly when pressed by a reporter – it needs the excess fees to pay for the less-lucrative care it provides. Weekly News Recap.