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Congress waives telehealth restrictions for coronavirus screening

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As was requested by several leading healthcare technology organizations this past week, Congress has included a provision that waives some restrictions for Medicare telehealth coverage as part of its new COVID-19 supplemental funding package. ATA, HIMSS and the other groups had asked the legislators to consider the CONNECT for Health Act, which lifts restrictions on Medicare telehealth coverage during emergencies , as they drew up the supplemental spending.

The Role of Case Management in Healthcare


Over the last several years, healthcare stands out as one of the most robust employment sectors in the U.S. All told, approximately 20 million Americans hold healthcare positions as of August 2018. Healthcare’s importance to the U.S. Additionally, factors like the drastic uptick in America’s senior-citizen population long expected by the Census Bureau will only bolster the need for a strong and well-supported healthcare workforce. Healthcare