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What If Marie Kondo Reorganized Health Care in the U.S.?

Health Populi

Have you read the life changing magic of tidying up , or Spark Joy , books by Marie Kondo ? Her new Netflix series, Tidying Up with Marie Kondo debuted on January 1, and has enjoyed passionate early viewership by consumers in America who are among the world’s major hoarders.

Telemedicine in the Hospital Setting-More Than You Think!


How important is the hospital in today’s healthcare environment? The American Hospital Association (AHA) reports close to 57 million Americans “rely on the hospitals in their rural or non-urban towns for medical care.” So the answer is: very important, especially to those 57 million Americans!

How EMR alert fatigue overwhelms physicians


As a hospitalist, like most in health care, I am afflicted by the slow march of thousands of mouse clicks on the electronic health record (EHR) every day I work. But after starting a new job and learning a new EHR, I have become painfully aware of the volume of alerts that pop up when […].

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New Tech Tonics Episode: Susan Desmond-Hellmann: The Inquisitive Leader

Digital Health

Her illustrious career has taken her from clinician to biotech executive to university chancellor to CEO of the world’s largest foundation, yet throughout this exceptional journey, Susan Desmond-Hellmann has remained empathetic, inquisitive, and emphatically true to herself.

Calling Out Health Equity on Martin Luther King Day 2019

Health Populi

On this weekend as we appreciate the legacy of Martin Luther King, Jr., I post a photo of him in my hometown of Detroit in 1963, giving a preliminary version of the “I Have a Dream” speech he would deliver two months later in Washington, DC.

Clocktree Directory is coming soon!


Make a Great First Impression on New Clients. Clocktree is excited to let you know that we are launching a service soon that helps prospective clients find and connect with you on Clocktree.

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Medical Device & IoT Summit

Medical Connectivity

Join us in Boston on February 25-26 to dig deep into medical devices and the Internet of medical things. In this post-EMR world, medical device data is increasingly valuable and continues to evolve. Use cases have moved beyond clinical documentation into the EMR to include near real-time remote surveillance, and the collection of high fidelity medical device data for clinical decision support and training artificial intelligence algorithms.

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From Yorkshire Lad to Global Design for Health: A Profile of Sean Carney of Philips

Health Populi

Have you heard the story about a boy born in Yorkshire, England, who studies art in Birmingham, finds his way to Finland to work with design maestro Alvar Aalto, and then crafts a printer that Steve Jobs loved? I have, at CES 2019, when I sat down with Sean Carney, Chief Designer at Philips.

FDA finalizes new 510(k) guidance, shifts away from aging predicate devices

Mobi Health News

The new guidance aims to modernize the process and generate more market competition.


Sernova Cell Pouch Hopes to Improve Islet Transplant Success

Insulin Nation

Philip Tolekis, CEO and Founder of Sernova. Sernova is a regenerative medicine company located in London, Ontario. The corporation is led by President and CEO Dr. Philip M.

Planned Parenthood’s new chatbot

Morning eHealth

What automation means for health jobs — Data sharing for mental health

The Consumer and the Payor, Bingo and Trust: My Day At Medecision Liberator Bootcamp

Health Populi

To succeed in the business of health information technology (HIT), a company has to be very clear on the problems it’s trying to address.

Toilet seat sensor tracks blood pressure, stroke volume, blood oxygenation

Mobi Health News

A recently published study found the toilet seat's readings to align with those measured through more conventional means


Doctors are from Venus, Data Scientists from Mars : or Why AI/ML is Moving so Slowly in Healthcare

Lloyd Price

The world of healthcare may look like the most fertile field for AI/ML apps but in practice it’s fraught with barriers.

Why I Never Miss Our Southern California Holiday Event


Every year during the holiday season, Perficient colleagues across Southern California office come together to celebrate our collective efforts, successes and more than anything, to spend time together as a team.


Americans Are Warming to Universal Health Care, Kaiser Poll Finds

Health Populi

Most Americans like the idea of universal health care as a guaranteed right, Kaiser Family Foundation learned in this month’s Health Tracking Poll.

Report: Digital respiratory health market primed for growth, could reach $557M by 2023

Mobi Health News

While connected devices currently reign supreme, authors of the report see a market opportunity for new players offering a purely digital service


Digital and AI Are Top Health Priorities In 2019, but EHRs Continue To Dominate IT Spend

Electronic Health Reporter

This content is copyrighted strictly for Electronic Health Reporter. Damo Consulting, a healthcare growth and digital transformation advisory firm based in Chicago, recently released its third annual Healthcare IT Demand Survey report.

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Why Integrity Comes First, No Matter What


Our Perficient colleagues share how they live and breathe our core values. Here, Michelle Wilkins, Immigration Specialist, writes about how each of Perficient’s values come into play in the immigration department, but none so much as integrity.


Consider: Aging in a Virtual World

Aging in Place Technology Watch

Once upon a time, in a language far, far away… We used terms like long distance , remote , and telepresence to describe services and experiences that were taking place somewhere else. We were guided on how to cope with these remote processes where we were not present to manage or experience.

Opinion: Blood pressure measuring smartwatch is a paradigm shift for hypertension management

Mobi Health News

Brigham and Women's Hospital Resident Dr. Daniel Yazdi outlines the benefits for doctors, patients and digital health disease management programs

Moving Forward with Digital Transformation, with Cybersecurity in Mind

Healthcare Informatics

While digital transformation and cybersecurity strategy may seem largely unrelated, two technology thought leaders say the two issues are intertwined, particularly as healthcare organizations face evolving cyber threats


Step-by-Step Use of Siebel Composer


After much anticipation, it finally happened, we got a project where the client wanted to use Siebel version 18 (aka IP 2018), which meant that this project was going to be done primarily utilizing the Composer rather than Siebel Tools.

How Is Technology Helping To Prevent STDs?

Electronic Health Reporter

This content is copyrighted strictly for Electronic Health Reporter. By Brooke Faulkner, freelance writer; @faulknercreek. We look towards technology to help solve many of the issues that plague the world today.


Stanford, VA Palo Alto Health Care System launch trial of digital depression therapy program

Mobi Health News

Meru Health's app-based program will be deployed and evaluated among roughly 70 older adults with depression symptoms


Three Ways Telemedicine Helps With The Treatment Of Influenza


It’s that time of year again: FLU SEASON. infuenza hospitals health outcomes Tips osha infection

Our Proven Recipe for Customer Community Success


The Best Communities Focus on Content and Design. Content plays a foundational role in a community’s success. However, having helpful, easy-to-follow content available for your customer community means nothing unless users are able to find it, consume it, and understand it.


Second-Rate Desktop Support is Common, Needless and Very Fixable

HitPoint Blog

Sad but true. We all love our laptops, the technology sidekicks that we use for seemingly everything, and tweak with our own idiosyncratic brands of organization, file names and passwords. So, handing over a suddenly uncooperative or erratic laptop to your hospital’s IT staff for repairs — whether physically or through remote intervention — can be unnerving and for some of us, close to panic producing. Why such apprehension?

Making sense of patient engagement, activation and empowerment

Mobi Health News

How a clear distinction between the three could improve the success rate of digital health pilots

So how big is Amazon-Berkshire-JPM anyway?

Morning eHealth

New product label needed for AI — EHR reports lead to subpoenas

EHR 70

CPQ Trends to Watch in 2019


The Evolution of CPQ. Configure Price Quote (CPQ) has been around for a long time. Product configuration and pricing were part of several homegrown ERP/MRP systems since the 1980s and has become more mainstream with the introduction of CPQ-focused software since the beginning of this century.


HIStalk Interviews Eric Widen, CEO, HBI Solutions

HIStalk Interviews

Eric Widen is co-founder and CEO of HBI Solutions of Palo Alto, CA. Tell me about yourself and the company. I have a long background in healthcare, over 25 years now. I’ve worked and focused on solving problems in healthcare, typically using data. We started HBI Solutions with a more sophisticated bent on using data and data science techniques to solve problems in healthcare.

NHS App being rolled out across England

Mobi Health News

The NHS App is now being rolled out across England, NHS England announced this morning, following private testing between September and December with over 3,000 patients from 30 GP practices


Startup moves

Morning eHealth

From the Hill — FDA finalized guidance