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EHRs are killing medical innovation


To paraphrase Bill Gates: "The purpose of humanity is not just to sit behind a counter and do things. More free time is not a terrible thing." I have innovated. I developed a mutation assay. I discovered that vacuum ultraviolet light from excimer lasers is safe to use on human tissue.

EHR 231

HIPAA lets providers text patients, but is it secure?

Mobi Health News

As texting between patients and providers becomes more common, it’s imperative that providers consider the right platform to use and other security features to protect patient data


Why Health apps are like the Wild West, with Apple just riding into town

Lloyd Price

The heart rate monitor built into the new Apple Watch has sparked sharp debate over its risks and benefits, even though the feature was cleared by the Food and Drug Administration.

The Single Market for Healthcare in Europe: Learnings for the U.S.

Health Populi

When I asked my longtime colleague and friend Robert Mittman, with whom I collaborated at Institute for the Future for a decade, how he managed international travel and jet lag, he said simply, “The time zone you’re in is the time zone you’re in.”

Why physicians should embrace fitness trackers


I mused while staring blankly towards the electronic tracking board, where I foresee reading the triage call "My tracker said, I have AFib." I delved into what is in my armamentarium to handle this crisis of the digital age. The stethoscope around my neck suddenly seemed archaic.

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AMA launches Digital Health Implementation Playbook

Mobi Health News

The new playbook will include a step-by-step approach to implementing digital health tools, as well as best practices and other resources.

FDA’s Guidance Plans for Software in FY 2019

Medical Connectivity

The FDA has released its plans for Final and Draft Guidance Documents for fiscal year 2019. There are A and B lists for each category in terms of FDA's priority for action. On the A list there are 11 current drafts scheduled for finalization.

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FDA updates medical device premarket guidance to include cybersecurity recommendations


Updates from the FDA add new cybersecurity recommendations to medical device premarket guidance, including a "bill of materials," that build on the "total product lifecycle approach to device safety," according to FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb


Why healthcare data may be more secure with cloud computing

Mobi Health News

But like with most things in healthcare, organizations need to keep following up after choosing the right vendor and signing an airtight contract to best protect data


A CGM can Keep Your Teen Safe

Insulin Nation

Parents often prefer their teen share every detail about their condition, but that can lead to conflict if the teen feels too controlled. A CGM may be a big help.


Koen Kas, the Gardener of Health Tech Delights

Health Populi

The future of healthcare is not about being sick, Prof. Dr. Koen Kas believes.

Health IT Startup: Relatient

Electronic Health Reporter

This content is copyrighted strictly for Electronic Health Reporter. Relatient is passionate about assisting healthcare organizations with patient-centered engagement.

Patient outcomes are at heart of disruptive healthcare tech

Mobi Health News

Startups are having the biggest impact working on technology that disrupts access, data gathering, monitoring and care interventions to help patients – as well as alleviate clinician burnout – says cofounder and EVP of Health 2.0 Indu Sabaiya


Engaging Your Consumer: The New Wave of Healthcare Business

Mobile Health Matters

One of the major transformations in healthcare today centers on the development of the patient as a consumer. Patients are driving a demand for increased connectivity with their providers, and have a growing expectation for convenient and customizable care.

Ten Tips for Launching a Product or Service – October, 2018

Aging in Place Technology Watch

It’s 2018 and in full sprint to the year-end finish. Soon you will launch a boomer/senior, home health tech product or service, or maybe a caregiver advisory service.


HHS to require drug price listings

Morning eHealth

ONC challenge for safer EHRs — Google AI tool for breast cancer metastasis detection

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FDA Pre-Cert participants share early experiences

Mobi Health News

A collaborative attitude and a commitment to strenuous review have characterized the process so far


The Global Healthcare Crisis

Electronic Health Reporter

This content is copyrighted strictly for Electronic Health Reporter. By Karim Babay, CEO, HealthSapiens. Healthcare is a major expense worldwide and is estimated to account for $3 trillion in spending in the United States, and $6 trillion globally.


Five Offerings from the Boston Connected Health Conference 2018

Aging in Place Technology Watch

? Held each year – but has much changed? The Connected Health Conference is still a Health IT conference, owned by HIMSS, spruced up by pre-conference Voice Health summit , task forces , and even onstage singing by health tech folk that may wish they were in show business.

Cheaper small scale Insulin production could be available soon

Insulin Nation

Given FDA regulation of biosimilars, it is practically impossible that low-cost generic insulin will ever be approved for US patients. The FDA treats biosimilars and chemical compounds differently and requires costly clinical trials.

DFree, a smartphone-connected wearable for incontinence, launches in US

Mobi Health News

San Diego-based Triple W has launched a new wearable connected health monitor in the United States, focused on urinary incontinence. The sensor, called DFree, uses an ultrasound sensor to monitor changes in bladder size.

The who, what, when, where, and why of Cochrane

Society for Participatory Medicine

Cochrane Collaboration logo – it’s a forest plot!

HC 75

In Need of Repair: Not-for-Profit Hospitals’ Finances

Electronic Health Reporter

This content is copyrighted strictly for Electronic Health Reporter. By Ken Perez, VP of healthcare policy, Omnicell, Inc.


Dispatches from Pittsburgh

Morning eHealth

FDA’s Gottlieb bullish on tech for opioids crisis — States leaving CMS out of the loop on Medicaid breaches


Innovators use digital tools to translate patient experiences into meaningful data

Mobi Health News

The MITRE Corperation's Kristina Sheridan shares how her life experince inspired the Patient Toolkit, which lets patients digitally record symptoms and treatment.

At #SPM2018, Ivan Handler (with @MightyCasey) Wants to Put the Care Back in Healthcare

Society for Participatory Medicine

Here’s the last in our series of posts by and about the outstanding speakers we’ve lined up for the Society for Participatory Medicine’s second annual conference on Oct. 17 in Boston, attached to the prestigious Connected Health conference. Last chance: register here.

Why do Digital Health startups keep failing?

Lloyd Price

The “move fast and break things” approach that works in tech doesn’t translate well to healthcare. Instead, digital health startups should try need-driven innovation.

What’s coming down the pike

Morning eHealth

FDA cyber guidance hits — Q&A on AI


Technology can only save healthcare if it connects with and leverages people

Mobi Health News

Speakers from Fitbit, Johnson & Johnson discussed motivation and behavior change at the Connected Health Conference in Boston

Gartner IT Expo: Wave Three of Healthcare Consumer Engagement


Jeff Cribbs, VP Gartner, gave a session on the third wave of healthcare consumer engagement. Harness a new wave of practices and technology to deliver consumer engagement for your healthcare organization: Consumer access and control of health data will fundamentally change the health data economy.

The Tech Giants are Coming for Healthcare

Lloyd Price

Some of the biggest and most famous tech companies are making big bets on health care. The blue chips of Silicon Valley have announced they’re interested in disrupting an industry that has bedeviled us with rising costs and inefficiencies for decades.

Cyber work

Morning eHealth

Todd Park-DJ Patil startup takes in gonzo bucks (and other health tech) — WH touts health deregs


Digital therapeutics are moving toward a supplement-drug dichotomy

Mobi Health News

At the Digital Health Innovation Summit in Boston, experts said early digital therapeutics companies have an opportunity to sculpt the space

The Fourth Wave: Digital Health Newsletter — Oct 15, 2018 — No. 108

Story of Digital Health

The Fourth Wave: Digital Health Newsletter — Oct 15, 2018 — No. EBD Group has partnered with Demy-Colton to produce a new, three-part report providing insights into digital medicine, which is a subset of digital health encompassing products with potential for disease management.

U.S. hospitals wasting about $25.4B on supply chain every year


In its study of 2,300 hospitals, consulting firm Navigant also found that hospitals could save up to 18%, or $11 million a year per hospital—the equivalent to 160 registered nurses, 42 primary care doctors or the cost of building two outpatient surgery centers

Oscar will push telemedicine for complex conditions

Morning eHealth

Amazon drops a clue on health care venture — Turning up the heat on CMMI

Voice tech gearing up for its next wave

Mobi Health News

Connected Health Conference speakers said design and security concerns will be ironed out as the technology advances