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Managing Digital Health Regulatory Uncertainty

Medical Connectivity

Uncertainty abounds when managing digital health regulatory uncertainty regarding the FDA and other international regulatory bodies.

Looking across international borders for digital health tools

Mobi Health News

Panelists at the Connected Health Conference in Boston spoke about the importance of digital health alliances and learning from countries sometimes ignored in the space.

Industry Voices—Sizing up 4 opportunities for digital transformation in healthcare


According to ISACA’s recently released 2018 Digital Transformation Barometer, some of the most hyped technology also is perceived to hold the highest risk and the highest potential benefit.


Loneliness, Public Policy and AI – Lessons From the UK For the US

Health Populi

There’s a shortage of medical providers in the United Kingdom, a nation where healthcare is guaranteed to all Britons via the most beloved institution in the nation : The National Health Service. The NHS celebrated its 70th anniversary in July this year.

In a nutshell: technology and progress in health IT


We have a new electronic medical health record system at our hospital. It was introduced with what I believe is a short and ineffective training program for physicians followed by a far too short on-location use of experts to help the doctors and nurses learn the new system.

The Measurement of Healthcare Quality

Mobile Health Matters

What is quality? The dictionary defines quality as “a peculiar and essential characteristic; an inherent feature; or a degree of excellence.” For many charged with leading quality in healthcare, quality is often measured as a success in certification, a successful audit, or decreasing rejections.

Wearable device data and AI can reduce health care costs and paperwork reports The Brookings Institution

Lloyd Price

Though digital technology has transformed nearly every corner of the economy in recent years, the health care industry seems stubbornly immune to these trends.

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Trump approves opioid package, expands telemedicine, regulates e-prescribing for opioids

Mobi Health News

Trump invited 21 companies to the White House signing of the bill, including Amazon, which unveiled a new AWS Opioid Crisis Council. portal back online as OIG investigates data breach


The Direct Pathway portal used by brokers and agents to enroll people in marketplace plans is back online after CMS reported suspicious activity last week


Harnessing Innovation to Serve and Create Value for Patients

Electronic Health Reporter

This content is copyrighted strictly for Electronic Health Reporter. By Georgia Mitsi, PhD, MBA, senior director and head of digital healthcare initiatives, Sunovion Pharmaceuticals Inc.

Food and Cooking for Health: a UK Perspective from Hammersmith & Fulham

Health Populi

Food deserts aren’t just a U.S. phenomenon. They’re found all around the world. This week as I explore social determinants of health and technology solutions in several parts of Europe, I’ve learned more about food access challenges in the UK.

Amazon launches connected medical device brand focused on diabetes, cardiovascular disease

Mobi Health News

Developed with brand consultancy firm Arcadia Group, the Choice product line will kick off with app-connected blood glucose and blood pressure monitors sold directly to consumers


Boehler, Conway spar on regulatory process

Morning eHealth

Experts say your data isn’t safe — Big data, meet fast machine


Sharing Too Much? A Tale of Privacy, Big Data and Sleep Technologies

Electronic Health Reporter

This content is copyrighted strictly for Electronic Health Reporter. By Brooke Faulkner, freelance writer, @faulknercreek. The proliferation of wearable mobile-connected devices has done a lot of good for people trying to lead healthier lives.


Race to introduce a T1D drug that inhibits glucose absorption

Insulin Nation

Sodium-glucose co-transporter 2 (SGLT2) inhibitors, also called gliflozin drugs, are a new class of diabetic medications. They work by reducing the absorption of glucose via the kidneys with the excess glucose urinated.


Mayo Clinic, Eko team up to build digital stethoscope that detects heart conditions

Mobi Health News

The pair plan to develop a machine learning-based algorithm that can screen for a weak heart pump.


MHS Genesis gets a bad review

Morning eHealth hacked — IBM Watson Health chief steps down


New Tech Tonics Podcast: Dr. Carla Pugh on Serendipity and the Technology of Touch

Digital Health

Carla Pugh does a lot of things. She is a trauma surgeon, entrepreneur, researcher and educator and is officially a professor of surgery at Stanford University School of Medicine (she also went to UC Berkeley so Go Bears!). She is also Director of the Technology-Enabled Clinical Improvement Center at Stanford. Born into an entrepreneurial […]. David Shaywitz Diagnostics and Screening Digital Health Entrepreneurship Girls Rule!

Automated Insulin Dosing — Past, Present and Future

Insulin Nation

The ultimate goal of Automated Insulin Dosing (aka artificial pancreas) requires sensing BG levels, then calculating and delivering insulin in an ongoing feedback loop.

Novo Nordisk to launch two connected insulin pens, taps Flex to manage data

Mobi Health News

The pharma company will also partner with Dexcom, Glooko, Roche and IBM Watson Health to help patients manage diabetes data


Five Upcoming Aging and Technology Innovation Events

Aging in Place Technology Watch

Go forth and network this fall. Especially for startups, but useful for long-time members of the field, going to events can reveal contacts that you may need or initiatives that you did not know existed.


Telemedicine, Baby Boomers and Tech-Savvy Millennials

The Arizona Telemedicine Program Blog

There’s a lot of buzz in every industry around the Baby Boomer population these days. After all, this remarkably large group of adults is the biggest in history to face the issues of retirement and aging.

Whither Cochrane, for e-patients and everyone else?

Society for Participatory Medicine

This will be the third, and last, in my short series on attending the Cochrane Colloquium in Edinburgh in September of this year.

Prince Harry spotted wearing sleep tracking Oura ring

Mobi Health News

On the Prince's trip to New Zealand and Australia he was seen donning the wearable which uses heart rate, motion and temperature sensors to track a user's sleep.


Healthcare Leaders on Unlocking the Value of Disruption: “Digital Innovation Needs to be a Strategic Priority”

Healthcare Informatics

AT the FT Digital Health Summit, a panel of healthcare leaders discussed how to unlock the value of disruption and the role digital technology can play in achieving value-based care

Help Yelp serve families with information about nursing homes

Aging in Place Technology Watch

? Consider CMS Five Star Rating system and how it ‘serves’ families. Rant on.

Limit Your CPT Code Set Updates to January? Here’s Why That’s a Bad Idea

Electronic Health Reporter

This content is copyrighted strictly for Electronic Health Reporter. By Sudhir Singh, Coding Institute. Payers don’t accept deleted CPT codes, so your claims can’t succeed if your medical procedure codes are out of date. But do you know how often you need to update your CPT code set?


Garmin-Fitabase integration offers new data management platform for wearable-powered research

Mobi Health News

The device maker's wearables and Fitabase's research platform are already being used in a Copenhagen University study on physical activity during pregnancy


Epic chops down App Orchard fees

Morning eHealth

Does HHS get a cut of opioid bill’s PDMP grants? — ONC spotlights acute care hospital IT

Four Key Lessons from the Digital Health frontlines

Lloyd Price

Startups and SME's selling their digital health products and solutions into the healthcare industry, a tale of David and Goliath? Or the Tortoise and the Hare? I would say the latter.

HIStalk Interviews Rachel Marano, Managing Partner, Pivot Point Consulting

HIStalk Interviews

Rachel Marano is managing partner and co-founder of Pivot Point Consulting of Brentwood, TN. Tell me about yourself and the company. I’ve spent my entire career in healthcare IT, almost 18 years. I’m a computer science graduate. I started my first job at Cerner, where I learned the healthcare IT industry through the Cerner consulting concept. I eventually moved into the hospital side, going to work for Advocate Health Care to get off the road.

EHR 65

Nvidia, Scripps team up to research AI uses in genomic, sensor data analysis

Mobi Health News

The new collaboration will start with using the technology to predict atrial fibrillation.


Evangelists tout digital push at Milken

Morning eHealth

Q&A with OneMedical exec — Administration updates


Fourth Wave: Digital Health Newsletter — Oct 23, 2018 — No. 109

Story of Digital Health

The Fourth Wave: Digital Health Newsletter — Oct 23, 2018 — No. My newsletter for Oct 23, 2018 is viewable here and inline text below, without images. Sign up for free, here. JOIN THE 65,000+ MEMBER DIGITAL HEALTH GROUP ON LINKEDIN!

Guide: The Rebirth of Governance in Healthcare



71 digital health funding deals from Q3 2018

Mobi Health News

Over the quarter, MobiHealthNews tracked $3.3 billion in digital health deals

White House to hold interop event

Morning eHealth

Azar sees opioid crisis turning — Other conference dispatches