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NLP and AI technologies streamline tedious health care processes to enable faster care


Two years after the global pandemic totally rewrote the health care playbook, hospitals, health systems, facilities, and providers are still striving to find some semblance of normalcy.

The key relationship between health equity and telemedicine

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Health inequity is the result of the behavior of people. It is not the result of anything natural. It involves structural inequalities in the delivery of care – inequalities that are avoidable.


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This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google Privacy Policy and Terms of Service apply. receives FDA clearance for smartphone-based home kidney test

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This marks the urinalysis and wound-care company's third 510(k) clearance


Your State as a Determinant of Health: Sharecare’s 2021 Community Well-Being Index

Health Populi

People whose sense of well-being shifted positively in the past two years are finding greater personal purpose and financial health, we see in Sharecare’s Community Well-Being Index – 2021 State Rankings Report. Sharecare has been annually tracking well-being across the 50 U.S.

Streamlining Patient Care: Strategies to Deal with Unified Communications & Collaboration

Speaker: Zafar Chaudry, MD, MS, MIS, MBA, Sr. Vice President – Chief Digital & Information Officer at Seattle Children’s

During this webinar, you will learn about collaborative healthcare software, strategies for increasing stakeholder participation, and communication optimization techniques for reducing message and alert fatigue.

How physicians are mishandling technology


Physicians are getting their asses kicked by technology, but this is reversible if they integrate technology as they do laboratory science. Medicine needs specialized doctors who only focus on technology.

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Study: Wearables can empower patients, but barriers prevent greater adoption

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Researchers found three themes in their review of studies on wearables: the role of providers and potential benefits to care, driving behavior change and barriers to use


In A Declining Consumer Tech Spending Forecast, Consumer Health Tech Will Grow in 2022: Reading the CTA Tea Leaves

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Supply chain challenges, inflation, and plummeting consumer economic sentiment are setting the stage for a decline in consumer electronics revenues for 2022.

Marshfield Clinic creating hospital-at-home program with Dispatch Health

Healthcare IT News - Telehealth

Marshfield Clinic Health System is partnering with DispatchHealth to bring its rural patients in-home medical care. WHY IT MATTERS. Marshfield serves a population in Wisconsin and Michigan's Upper Peninsula with more than 60 Marshfield Clinic locations and 11 hospitals.

How AI Can Advance Health Equity

Healthcare IT Today

The following is a guest article by Sachin Patel, CEO at Apixio. The use of AI in healthcare is gaining fast traction, with the total market expected to grow over 46% CAGR, reaching $96 billion by 2028.

2022 Guide to Improved Patient Outcomes: AI-Powered Remote Monitoring and Increasing Revenue for Your Practice

Speaker: Mintu Turakhia M.D. M.A.S., Consulting Head of Medical, 100Plus | Mike Wurm, Director of Product and Strategy, 100Plus | Daniel Gasparini, Director of Sales | Nadia Ziyadeh-Hammad, LVN, RPM Coordinator, Greenville Healthcare Associates

2022 brings new healthcare challenges. With the rising need for remote patient monitoring (RPM) and new COVID-19 variants increasing that need, 100Plus continues to reduce patient, clinician, and health care system barriers to RPM use.

Q&A: Telehealth's role in combating the opioid epidemic

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Bicycle Health CEO Ankit Gupta and Medical Director Dr. Brian Clear discuss the treatment landscape for patients with opioid use disorder

Living La Vida Hybrid, for Work, Shopping, Entertainment and Healthcare – Emerging from the Pandemic

Health Populi

With only 1 in 10 people in the U.S. thinking their lives are the same as they were before the COVID-19 pandemic, about one-half of Americans believe that remote work, virtual community events, and telehealth should continue “once the pandemic ends.”

Is the 3G Sunsetting the equivalent of Y2K for Older Adults?

Aging in Place Technology Watch

The 3G sunset has had plenty of warning, but will that matter to older adults? Many people do not remember much about January 1, 2000, the day all systems that stored 2-digit years would become useless calculators. But there was much preparation and so life went on, mostly normal.


Addressing Social Determinants of Health in the Senior Population – #HITsm Chat Topic

Healthcare IT Today

We’re excited to share the topic and questions for this week’s #HITsm chat happening Friday, 7/15 at Noon ET (9 AM PT). This week’s chat will be hosted by Dr. Melissa Urrea from @naviHealthPAC on the topic “ Addressing Social Determinants of Health in the Senior Population. ”.

Remote Patient Monitoring Powered by AI Leads to Improved Health Metrics for Senior Patients

Remote Patient Monitoring provides measurable improvements in patient health outcomes across treated conditions, including hypertension, obesity, and diabetes. These quantitative patient outcomes provide credible data on patient progression and practitioner performance.

Report: Digital health funding falls after booming 2021

Mobi Health News

The Rock Health report found U.S. digital health startups raised $10.3 billion in the first half of 2022, putting the year on track to fall short of 2021. But there are some bright spots for the sector

Moving Telehealth out of the Post-Covid Doldrums

Health System CIO

Telehealth can play a much bigger role in improving care and satisfaction. But until it becomes more attractive to physicians, that potential may never be reached, according to Joseph Kvedar, MD, Senior Advisor of Virtual Care at Mass General Brigham.

4 Ways Telehealth Is Set to Revolutionize Rural Healthcare

AMD Telemedicine

Pandemic restrictions may have largely lifted, but one of COVID’s most important healthcare disruptions — telemedicine — has only become more relevant. That’s great news for the nearly 20% of Americans living in rural communities.

VR Changing Surgical Training is About Repetitions

Healthcare IT Today

When you first hear about VR (Virtual Reality) being used for medical training, it kind of sounds like a game or a joke and not a serious addition to a doctor’s training.

Burnout, Tele-Health, and Accessibility: How to Manage the Expectation of a 24-Hour Workday

Speaker: Keith Carlson — BSN, RN, NC-BC, Host of The Nurse Keith Podcast

Learn how the healthcare industry can promote compassionate care and reduce burnout in a variety of ways.

Health2Sync, AstraZeneca to roll out digital support tool for early CKD detection in Taiwan

Mobi Health News

Health2Sync has upgraded its patient management platform to identify patients' CKD risk levels


Clinician Corner: Meet Dr. Chris Heh, MD, DO

Iris Telehealth

Iris clinicians are at the heart of what makes our organization such a special place to work. That’s why we’re turning the spotlight on the amazing work they’re doing every day. This month, we’re sitting down to talk with Dr. Chris Heh.

Five Signs of an Unhealthy Heart You Should Not Ignore

DrKumo Remote Patient Monitoring

Cardiovascular illnesses are the primary cause of death worldwide, accounting for one out of every three deaths. [1] 1] Here are the five signs of an unhealthy heart you should not ignore. Shortness of breath. The sensation of not being able to breathe correctly is known as shortness of breath.

RTLS Helps Address Staff Duress

Healthcare IT Today

Realtime location systems (RTLS) have long been known to help hospitals with medical device management, but there is a new use-case that is growing in popularity and importance: addressing staff safety and duress.

Innovative Ways to Improve Your Patients’ Digital Experience

Speaker: Prof. Dina Ziadlou, Ph.D., Professor at School of Health Science at Colorado Technical University, USA, Executive Board Member & Chair of Digital Transformation Leadership at International Society for Telemedicine and e-Health, Switzerland

As our healthcare ecosystem is a patient-centric system toward achieving quality care domains, it is essential to reshape our client empowerment and engagement strategies based on digital transformation to maximize the effectiveness of healthcare outcomes.

Northwell and Google Cloud partner to automate workflows, identify health risk factors

Mobi Health News

New York-based Northwell said the collaboration will accelerate its digital transformation


How can I start a telemedicine program, and what does it cost?

AMD Telemedicine

This article was originally published in July 2015 but was updated in June 2022. I want to ‘do telemedicine’: What is involved, and how much does it cost? The use of telemedicine is at an all-time high, with 85% of doctors using telehealth to connect with patients.

How AI and NLP can boost care via remote patient monitoring

Healthcare IT News - Telehealth

Shannon Hastings is the chief technology officer at Project Ronin, where he helps to lead the organization in delivering systems to help cancer patients and clinicians, including remote patient monitoring for cancer patients.

GIS Provides Common Ground for Data

Healthcare IT Today

The annual Esri User Conference offers a unique opportunity to see how Geographic Information Systems (GIS) have been deployed to solve complex problems.

Playbook: Critical & Time-Sensitive Pharmaceutical Cold Chain Shipments Best Practices

In this playbook, we look at the role accurate, real-time data plays in extending your visibility, best practices for increasing your visibility.

Health2Sync, AstraZeneca to rollout digital support tool for early CKD detection in Taiwan

Mobi Health News

Health2Sync has upgraded its patient management platform to identify patients' CKD risk levels


Athenahealth alums launch health stack solution, Fold Health, to transform primary care

Fierce Healthcare

Athenahealth alums launch health stack solution, Fold Health, to transform primary care. agliadkovskaya. Thu, 07/14/2022 - 17:20

Healthcare Enterprise Risk Management: Safeguarding Sensitive Organizational Data


In recent years, cybersecurity has emerged as one of the most pressing focus areas for c-suite executives seeking to strengthen their healthcare enterprise risk management. healthcare enterprise risk management