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Treating Mental Health through Telehealth: Understanding Physician and Consumer Willingness

American Well

Approximately one in five adults in the United States has a mental illness, 1 but only 41% of those with a mental illness receive the necessary treatment.

The Most Overlooked Cyber Security Threat: Network Printers

Electronic Health Reporter

This article is copyrighted strictly for Electronic Health Reporter. Illegal copying is prohibited. By Jim LaRoe, CEO, Symphion, Inc. The trend in cybersecurity news is to focus on the latest buzz words like artificial intelligence, blockchain, ransomware, denials of service or HIPAA fines.


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Implementation best practices: Teeing up telemedicine

Healthcare IT News - Telehealth

Telemedicine has been gaining a lot of steam in recent years. And it has become an increasingly important component of healthcare delivery.

Technology Solutions for Optimizing Clinical Documentation

Healthcare IT Today

The following is a guest article by Jessica Campbell, DNP, RN, Clinical Informaticist at LogicStream Health and Tiffany McCauley, MSN, RN, Clinical Executive at Elsevier. Clinical documentation is widely known to be a time-consuming task.

Big Idea: Primary Care Automation

Healthcare automation that gives primary care providers more time with their patients—and less on screens—can improve care for patients, increase satisfaction for providers, and deliver positive bottom-line results for system leaders. Download this guide to learn how to optimize automation and keep the patient-provider relationship at the heart of the healthcare experience.

Effective engagement technologies address patient psychology

Mobi Health News

Catalia Health CEO and founder Dr. Cory Kidd discusses his company's approach in designing an AI-based care engagement platform


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Digital Transformation In Healthcare Is Not Happening As Fast As It Should — And There’s One Reason No One is Talking About

Electronic Health Reporter

This article is copyrighted strictly for Electronic Health Reporter. Illegal copying is prohibited. By Juan Pablo Segura, co-founder, Babyscripts. At first glance, the healthcare field seems to be a goldmine for digital innovation. An overextended workforce, outdated protocols, hundreds of wasted hours in administrative tasks, a patient population that is wide open to digital solutions, a multitude of inefficiencies and redundancies — the opportunities for digital overhaul in […].


There Is No Health Without Mental Health – Today Is World Mental Health Day

Health Populi

There is no health without mental health. Every 40 seconds, someone loses their life to suicide. So #LetsTalk (the Twitter hashtag to share stories and research and support on the social feed). Today is October 10th, World Mental Health Day.

Apple files patent for stretchable health tracking band

Mobi Health News

The item could measure blood pressure, respiration rate and ECG signals.


New telehealth bill in CA would expand access and ensure reimbursement


The California Assembly passed a telehealth bill requiring healthcare plans to equally reimburse providers for services having the same effect remotely as in person. The bill, awaiting signature by California Governor Gavin Newsom, would expand telehealth access to all CA residents by requiring health insurance plans to reimburse providers for appointments that would have the same impact whether in person or via video. Assembly Bill 744 strengthens and clarifies the existing telehealth statutes.

Virtual Front Door or Brick Wall? Care Pathways in Healthcare

Are you offering your patients a virtual front door or a brick wall? Today, 85% of healthcare visits start online. If your patients don’t have a way to access care virtually, you’re losing them to Dr. Google. Clear care pathways that start online ensure your patients get the best care they need while staying loyal to you.

The IT Staffing Shortage Is a Problem Morphing Into a Crisis: What to Do

Phoenix Health Systems

Staffing shortages have plagued the healthcare industry for years, and this year hospital IT departments are feeling more pain than ever. The shortfall in physicians and nurses understandably gets the most press attention, but two phenomenons are pushing scarcity of specialized IT workers into the stratosphere: computer and IT jobs across all industries are projected to grow 12% from 2018 to 2028, and healthcare is projected to add 3.5


Wasted: $1 of Every $4 Spent on Health Care In America

Health Populi

A study in JAMA published this week analyzed research reports that have measured waste in the U.S. health care system, calculating that 25% of medical spending in America is wasted. If spending is gauged at $3.8 trillion, waste amounts to nearly $1 trillion.

10 digital health mergers and acquisitions from Q3 2019

Mobi Health News

The deals include big names like Philips, long-time startup players like Mango Health and a dose of private equity

UnitedHealthcare app gives members on-demand access to telehealth services

Healthcare IT News - Telehealth

UnitedHealthcare launched a new app this week that enables its millions of members to access on-demand virtual doctor visits on their smartphones, computers and other devices. WHY IT MATTERS.

Convenience Care Is Here, and It's Eating Your Lunch

Patients want high-quality care that is accessible and affordable. If they can’t get it from you, direct-to-consumer healthcare services make it easy for them to get it somewhere else. Give them the ability to consume your services just like they consume everything else in their lives: on their phones or computers, quickly, and where it’s convenient for them.

Anxiety, Anger, and Depression: The Overlooked Symptoms of Low Blood Sugar

Insulin Nation

Unexpected Anxiety. I was sitting at my desk scrambling to get a project done before the end of the day. I could feel my blood sugar dropping but was determined to finish the task at hand before I stopped to rummage through my desk for a juice box. Then the symptoms started.


The Hospital CFO in the Anxiety Economy – My Talk at Cerner’s Now/Next Conference

Health Populi

As patients have taken on more financial responsibility for first-dollar costs in high-deductible health plans and medical bills, hospitals and health care providers face growing fiscal pressures for late payments and bad debt.

Sentio collects $4.5M to measure, treat behavioral health

Mobi Health News

The startup's Feel platform incorporates an emotion-sensing wristband and connected CBT app


Cloud-enabled tumor board review enables faster insights than traditional methods

Healthcare IT News - Telehealth

The conventional tumor board may soon be a thing of the past. Tumor boards typically comprise practitioners from multiple backgrounds, who meet to weigh a wide range of options for potential oncology treatments, study gene sequencing and assess patients' suitability for clinical trials.

Stop Creating Disloyal Patients

90 percent of patients feel no obligation to stay with a healthcare system that doesn’t offer digital tools. What can you do in the face of such a sobering statistic? Patient-facing telehealth options that allow patients to get virtually instantaneous care privately, securely, and from anywhere can keep your patients from seeking care from the easiest, nearest, and cheapest provider.

MEDITECH eh – Investment in Canadian EHR Market Pays Off

Healthcare IT Today

When MEDITECH released their latest statistics for their Canadian operations, I was floored – 47% market share and 35 years of collaboration in Canada. I knew MEDITECH had been in the country for a long time, but I had no idea their ROOTS ran so deep [Canadian readers will get the joke].

EHR 97

TrialNet: Preventing and Delaying the Onset of Type 1 Diabetes

Insulin Nation

For several decades, TrialNet has been working on research to prevent or delay type 1 diabetes in relatives of people already diagnosed with the disease. This research is particularly valuable for children of adults with type 1 diabetes and for children with siblings with type 1 diabetes. .


Floridian company matching seniors to college students raises $10M

Mobi Health News

Papa's Series A round was led by Canaan with participation from Pivotal Ventures, Initialized Capital, Y Combinator and Sound Ventures.


PDMP privacy: we’ll see it in court

Morning eHealth

VA/Cerner update — New York privacy and genetics update


Forrester Names Leader in Virtual Health Care Solutions

Forrester Research identified and evaluated the top players in digital health. Read the report to see who stood out—and who needs to catch up.

5 Actions Hospitals Should Take Now to Prepare for Interoperability

Healthcare IT Today

The following is a guest article by Deborah Hsieh, Chief Policy & Strategy Officer at Ciox. Focus on interoperability for health data systems has increased recently given multiple proposed Department of Health and Human Service’s regulations addressing how health data is shared.

AristaMD’s eConsult Now Available In the Epic App Orchard

Electronic Health Reporter

This article is copyrighted strictly for Electronic Health Reporter. Illegal copying is prohibited. AristaMD is now available in the Epic App Orchard marketplace.


Livongo inks deal with Federal Employee Health Benefits Program, stock jumps

Mobi Health News

The deal is expected to add 45,000 new Livongo members by 2021.


Four tech and aging blog posts from September 2019

Aging in Place Technology Watch

Fall and red leaves arrived as typical late in the month. But as inevitable as those changes are, other notable events occurred during September – including AARP’s partnership with Getty Images to combat age bias in advertising.

Building Your Digital Health Ecosystem

With the fragmentation of the pharmacy industry, digitized provider networks can offer a much-needed solution to connectivity, data sharing, collaboration and interoperability between physicians, patients and pharmacies.

Social Virtual Reality: Health, Healthcare, and Health IT! – #HITsm Chat Topic

Healthcare IT Today

We’re excited to share the topic and questions for this week’s #HITsm chat happening Friday, 10/11 at Noon ET (9 AM PT). This week’s chat will be hosted by Chuck Webster (@wareFLO) on the topic “Social Virtual Reality: Health, Healthcare, and Health IT!”

Cleveland Health Startup Takes On Physician Staffing Through Locum Tenens

Electronic Health Reporter

This article is copyrighted strictly for Electronic Health Reporter. Illegal copying is prohibited.

BrainCheck completes $8M round to fuel focus on dementia

Mobi Health News

Long centered on sports health and concussions, the cognitive assessment software firm is raising funds to up its game around seniors' mental health