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Silicon Valley is obsessed with growth. For Digital Health Startups, that obsession is not only misguided, but dangerous

Lloyd Price

The prevailing idea in the tech industry is that to succeed, you have to be ready to sell your idea, no matter how far along your idea really is. You’re encouraged to believe in your product even when there is no product to believe in.

As AI, virtual care reshape the healthcare workforce, remember the difference between 'tasks and jobs'

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As healthcare manages the twin challenges of a shrinking workforce and an expanding patient population , hospitals and health systems are faced with some fundamental challenges. And they're spending lots and lots of money to help manage them. Accenture data shows that nearly two out of every three dollars spent by U.S. hospitals – 65 percent of expenditure, on average – goes to labor costs.

Why Cloud in Healthcare?


Previously, I discussed the benefits of adopting cloud into the healthcare industry. In this post, I want to address the main question; why implement cloud in healthcare? Cloud is more than a place to store data; it has become an ecosystem of tools for enterprises to make the most of their business.

EHR 31

How can data analytics to improve the care and outcomes of cancer patients?


I want to share some thoughts about artificial intelligence, or as I prefer to call it “data analytics.” Fundamentally: How can we capture the capability of analytics to improve the care and outcomes of cancer patients?

Stop Creating Disloyal Patients

90 percent of patients feel no obligation to stay with a healthcare system that doesn’t offer digital tools. What can you do in the face of such a sobering statistic? Patient-facing telehealth options that allow patients to get virtually instantaneous care privately, securely, and from anywhere can keep your patients from seeking care from the easiest, nearest, and cheapest provider.

Retail Pricing in U.S. Health Care? Why Transparency Is Hard to Do

Health Populi

“It’s the prices stupid,” Uwe Reinhardt and Gerard Anderson and colleagues asserted in the title their seminal Health Affairs manifesto on U.S. healthcare spending. Sixteen years later, yesterday on 8th July 2019, a Federal U.S.

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How Finland is teaming up with pharma to identify genetic variants in disease

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The country's FinnGen Project seeks to use its unique population bottleneck and cohesive health records to drive genetic insights


Are We Over Connected Yet?

Medical Connectivity

Some of us remember when distributed medical devices such as patient monitors had their own dedicated server. That server had one job, to support that manufacturer's medical devices. It was not connected to the enterprise network, in part because there was no network.


The New Drug Companies Aren’t Drug Companies At All

Health Populi

The health/care ecosystem continues to morph as the stakeholder groups themselves are blurring across and outside of their core businesses. Today’s example of this is Clover Health, which launched Clover Therapeutics this week.

Rural communities helped by telehealth, but broadband internet still an issue for 1 in 5 rural households


NPR produced an interesting segment on the state of telehealth services and how they’ve helped people in rural communities. The article spotlights one woman in rural CA who needed therapy but lives in a town with only two therapists and could only get one appointment per month.

Forrester Names Leader in Virtual Health Care Solutions

Forrester Research identified and evaluated the top players in digital health. Read the report to see who stood out—and who needs to catch up.

XRHealth opens up VR platform to third-party developers

Mobi Health News

The company exclusively announced to MobiHealthNews its plants to create a tool kit for providers, payers and pharmas.


Value-based healthcare – what it means for Thailand

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Thailand’s population is ageing rapidly with almost half of its electorate above 50 years old by 2025. Healthcare costs are rising and it is not tenable in the long-run to keep building hospitals.

Americans’ Financial Anxiety Ties to Personal Cash Flow and Health Care

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Six new technologies for older adults – July 2019

Aging in Place Technology Watch

More smarts are moving into tech for older adults. AI capabilities combined with a Voice First interface is increasingly expected – and so they are part of new offerings to help older adults, bothliving at home or in senior living communities. Will older adults be comfortable with them?


Building Your Digital Health Ecosystem

With the fragmentation of the pharmacy industry, digitized provider networks can offer a much-needed solution to connectivity, data sharing, collaboration and interoperability between physicians, patients and pharmacies.

Partnership will see Amazon Alexa provide access to NHS-verified health information

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The tech giant's partnership with the NHS was first announced last year.

How digital tools can alleviate the stigma of mental health issues

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Why On Earth Are Physicians Still Collecting Patient Data Using Paper Forms?

Healthcare IT Today

As part of its “Patients over Paperwork” effort, CMS recently issued a Request for Information seeking new ideas on reducing levels of administrative burden. The initiative seems to be making a serious impact.

Some say data sharing incurs patient risk

Morning eHealth

Another study deems telemedicine abortion safe — Boehler departing CMMI

Telemedicine: Real-Time Trauma and Clinical Care with Global Reach

Today, connecting the patient to the right specialist is largely dependent on the patient’s ability to travel to the physician’s location. The ability to use technology to monitor patients in real-time, share information about their condition and provide treatment remotely, will improve the quality of care and save lives for patients everywhere.

How digital therapeutic company Omada Health has taken a cue from life sciences

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CEO Sean Duffy discusses clinical validation, digital therapeutics and the new opportunity for a digital provider.

Top 45 Healthcare Blogs for 2019


Our team at eVisit is always trying to keep up with the latest healthcare news, trends, and issues that matter to physicians. Needless to say, this requires a lot of time reading and doing information gathering on the web.

Real-World Evidence is What Pharma Needs Now to Help Cure Lung Cancer

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The following is a guest blog post by Julie Krommenhoek from Ciox. Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer (NSCLC) is a designation that accounts for more than 80 percent of lung cancers diagnosed, and it has emerged as a new hotspot for investment by pharma manufacturers.

Fertility tracking apps: hyped and inaccurate?

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Q&A with gerontologist Louise Aronson — Obamacare arguments: week preview


Community Health Centers: Increase Growth through Care Management + Telehealth

Understand the Growth Potential for Community Health Centers through this Easy-To-Use Care Management Guide. This guide covers Billing, Claims Processing and Payment for CCM, BHI and More!

FCC advances, seeks public comment on $100M rural telehealth pilot

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The program would provide an 85% discount on telehealth connectivity expenses for health organizations serving rural communities

Why France's 2019 Health Bill will be key in harnessing health data for research

Lloyd Price

The access and use of personal health data for research purposes is increasingly receiving press attention. Undeniably, there are renewed possibilities of conducting health research by processing and cross-referencing large volumes of data through sophisticated algorithms.

Featured Health IT Job: Sr Epic Analyst

Healthcare IT Today

We like to regularly feature a healthcare IT job that might be of interest to readers. Today, we’re featuring the Sr Epic Analyst position that was recently posted on Healthcare IT Central. This position was posted by Prisma Health and is in South Carolina.

E-health in Korea: Moving care beyond the hospital

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quip expands consumer dental supplies service with appointment browsing, booking app

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quipcare and the premium quipcare+ will allow members to schedule professional dental services with upfront costs 30% to 40% less than average, the company said


Fujifilm Medical Systems Settles in Boston to Improve Healthcare

MedTech Boston

Fujifilm today announced that it has moved its Medical Systems and New Development businesses to Lexington, Massachusetts, in a push to further. The post Fujifilm Medical Systems Settles in Boston to Improve Healthcare appeared first on MedTech Boston.


Corepoint and Rhapsody Merge to Advance Interoperability in Healthcare

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Rhapsody, a global leader in healthcare data interoperability, today announced that the company will merge with Corepoint Health, the supplier of the Best in KLAS® healthcare integration platform.

Thoughts about updating Registries


In New Zealand we are lucky enough to have had a national patient registry for some years which serves as a unique identifier of patients in New Zealand – the National Health Index or NHI.