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Why clinician buy-in is key to digital health transformation


It was a summer day seven years ago. We had closed our first U.S. hospital customer for my digital health company, which enables health systems to deliver digital care journeys for patients (e.g., surgery, oncology, chronic care, etc.). I was ecstatic! Unfortunately, our excitement was short-lived.

New PTC Data is Cause For Concern For Employers

ACA Times

Employers should review their ACA compliance processes carefully in light of new data issued by the Kaiser Family Foundation (KFF). Below we’ve identified why. Key PTC findings. Health exchange enrollees claimed an estimated total of 9.7


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Key Trends Set To Transform The US Healthcare Sector In 2022 And Beyond

Electronic Health Reporter

This article is copyrighted strictly for Electronic Health Reporter. Illegal copying is prohibited.


Stress Is Playing A Big Role in Consumers’ Food Habits: Food-As-Medicine Update from IFIC

Health Populi

The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated consumers, globally, to take on more DIY roles as well as self-care for health and well-being.

Burnout, Tele-Health, and Accessibility: How to Manage the Expectation of a 24-Hour Workday

Speaker: Keith Carlson — BSN, RN, NC-BC, Host of The Nurse Keith Podcast

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, telehealth has become more prevalent. Telehealth increases patients' ability to access care and the potential for the well-being of the physician or RN, but only if implemented with reasonable provider expectations. In this webinar with Nurse Keith Carlson, learn how the industry can promote compassionate care and reduce burnout, and how healthcare settings must implement modern practices that help physicians and RNs to practice efficiently, expertly, and at the top of their license.

Patient platforms should be intuitive in design and execution


Patients need access to their health care data and health care consumers need access to their health care information. Data and information are not the same. Data is akin to the ingredients for a meal, while information is more like the meal. Imagine ordering a meal in a restaurant.

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5 Impressive Advancements in Nursing Technology

Electronic Health Reporter

This article is copyrighted strictly for Electronic Health Reporter. Illegal copying is prohibited. Technology has advanced in leaps and bounds in almost all industries, but it’s not hard to see just how much has changed in nursing. Previously labor-intensive tasks like lifting patients and administering medication are now […]. The article 5 Impressive Advancements in Nursing Technology appeared first on

Digital Health Adoption Across Communities is Uneven By Rurality, Race, Health Plan, and Gender

Health Populi

While telehealth, mobile health apps, and wearable technology are all growing for mainstream consumers, there are gaps in adoption based on where a person lives, their health insurance plan type, race/ethnicity, sexual orientation and gender.

How AI-based technology can help improve hospital capacity management


The events of the past two years have irrevocably shifted hospital capacity management practices.

Amwell, Transcarent launch new behavioral health offerings and more digital health briefs

Mobi Health News

Also: Women's healthcare provider Tia expands into fertility care

2022 Guide to Improved Patient Outcomes: AI-Powered Remote Monitoring and Increasing Revenue for Your Practice

Speaker: Mintu Turakhia M.D. M.A.S., Consulting Head of Medical, 100Plus | Mike Wurm, Director of Product and Strategy, 100Plus | Daniel Gasparini, Director of Sales | Nadia Ziyadeh-Hammad, LVN, RPM Coordinator, Greenville Healthcare Associates

2022 brings new healthcare challenges. With the rising need for remote patient monitoring (RPM) and new COVID-19 variants increasing that need, 100Plus continues to reduce patient, clinician, and health care system barriers to RPM use.

Antidote Health debuts telemedicine-based mental health clinic

Healthcare IT News - Telehealth

Telehealth company Antidote Health is extending its virtual care offerings to include a service focused on mental health issues.

Health Care Costs At Retirement in 2022 Hit $315,000, Fidelity Forecasts

Health Populi

A couple retiring in 2022 should budget $315,000 to cover their health care costs in retirement, based on the 21st annual Retiree Health Care Cost Estimate from Fidelity Investments. For context, note that the median sales price of a home in the U.S. in March 2022 was $436,700.

Consumers May Not Be Well Informed About Uses Of Patient Health Data

Healthcare IT Today

Over the last several years, concern has grown among healthcare professionals over the ways patient data is being used, and just as importantly, how well patients understand what those uses are.

Study: AI deep learning models can predict race from imaging results

Mobi Health News

Authors of the study said the results raise concerns about worsening health disparities, especially when models can detect self-reported race information where human radiologists can't


Remote Patient Monitoring Powered by AI Leads to Improved Health Metrics for Senior Patients

Remote Patient Monitoring provides measurable improvements in patient health outcomes across treated conditions, including hypertension, obesity, and diabetes. These quantitative patient outcomes provide credible data on patient progression and practitioner performance.

5 Essential Tech Tools For Seniors

Electronic Health Reporter

This article is copyrighted strictly for Electronic Health Reporter. Illegal copying is prohibited. More older adults are embracing technology. According to a Pew Research Center report, 58% of seniors 65 years and above use the internet today. Technology enables seniors to combat loneliness and improve physical and mental […]. The article 5 Essential Tech Tools For Seniors appeared first on


Reimagining Health Care Without Walls – Deloitte’s Vision

Health Populi

Delivering health care during the heights of the COVID-19 pandemic proved to both patients and their clinicians that virtual care was not only a viable channel for care, but very often a preferable “place” to collaborate for treatment.

How Healthcare Technology Can Impact Operations

Healthcare IT Today

The following is a guest article by Melissa Powell, COO at Genesis HealthCare. More and more, best practices in the business world are intruding into the healthcare industry, which should come as no surprise, given that many of the issues are the same. How can resources best be allocated?

Q&A: Why startups should work with the healthcare industry to improve maternal care

Mobi Health News

On the heels of a $9.2 million Series A, Mahmee CEO and cofounder Melissa Hanna discusses the fragmented maternal healthcare experience in the U.S.


Innovative Ways to Improve Your Patients’ Digital Experience

Speaker: Prof. Dina Ziadlou, Ph.D., Professor at School of Health Science at Colorado Technical University, USA, Executive Board Member & Chair of Digital Transformation Leadership at International Society for Telemedicine and e-Health, Switzerland

As our healthcare ecosystem is a patient-centric system toward achieving quality care domains, it is essential to reshape our client empowerment and engagement strategies based on digital transformation to maximize the effectiveness of healthcare outcomes.

Navigating a Care Delivery Tipping Point


Three guiding principles for 2023 and beyond. Responding to consumers’ rapidly evolving expectations can seem like a moving target. Amazon continues to develop its shipping and returns strategy because their customers demand it.


The Census Really Knows: Tech usage and the 65+

Aging in Place Technology Watch

When it comes to people, the US Census has all the data. From its American Community Survey (ACS) summary files and detailed tables , we know as of November, 2021, for example, the US population (315 million), the number of housing units (133 million) and whether they are owner-occupied.


Researchers Plan Blockchain-Based App Designed To Reward Patient Compliance

Healthcare IT Today

A midwestern health system is partnering with a university to build a blockchain-based app focused on rewarding patients for complying with their regimen. Among the key goals of the project is to see whether the app can provide the rewards while still meeting consumer privacy and protection laws.

Fujitsu teams up with Riken to release new drug discovery tech

Mobi Health News

They aim to bring down the period and costs for new drug development

Playbook: Critical & Time-Sensitive Pharmaceutical Cold Chain Shipments Best Practices

In this playbook, we look at the role accurate, real-time data plays in extending your visibility, best practices for increasing your visibility.

How Telehealth and Remote Patient Monitoring Can Help Manage Long COVID Symptoms

DrKumo Remote Patient Monitoring

Long COVID is evolving as the next phase of the global health crisis, afflicting millions of individuals with neurological, cognitive and breathing problems, and organ damage months after they got sick.

Balancing risk management with scalable costs is 'table stakes' for security strategy

Healthcare IT News - Telehealth

The current cyber environment means that it's often not enough for healthcare delivery organizations to secure their own boundaries – as noted in a Cloud Security Alliance report this week.

HIM Leaders Take Note, there’s a Spotlight on Autonomous Coding

Healthcare IT Today

In a recent Emerging Technology Spotlight report, KLAS Research found that provider organizations who are using CorroHealth’s autonomous coding product are highly satisfied with the solution’s functionality and that it has had a positive impact on their operations.

Advancing digital therapeutics for mental health

Mobi Health News

With the need for mental health support growing, could DTx be the key to making treatment more accessible

19 Massive Telehealth Learnings After 4,000,000 Visits in 2021

Speaker: Matt McBride, CEO and Co-Founder of Mend

Join Matt McBride, CEO of Mend, for an engaging discussion of the current state of Telehealth and patient engagement, including how your organization can streamline workflows to improve patient care.

US Deputy Secretary of the Treasury Wally Adeyemo Meets DrKumo in Exclusive AAPI Founders Roundtable

DrKumo Remote Patient Monitoring

Deputy Secretary of the Treasury addresses the important role AAPI-owned businesses play in growing the national economy. BUENA PARK, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, May 17, 2022 — US Deputy Secretary of the Treasury Wally Adeyemo met with Dr. Kelly Nguyen from DrKumo Inc.


Hospitals performed 100,000 unnecessary surgeries in the first year of COVID-19, Lown Institute says

Fierce Healthcare

Hospitals performed 100,000 unnecessary surgeries in the first year of COVID-19, Lown Institute says. agliadkovskaya. Mon, 05/16/2022 - 17:42


5 Surprising CIO Takeaways from HCP’s IT Reverse Expo

Healthcare IT Today

Staffing challenges and cybersecurity are the top challenges currently faced by health system CIO’s. They are struggling to keep up service levels with a shortage of staff and dwindling budgets. On top of that, they are being asked to standardize to a smaller number of vendors.