March, 2021

The Seven Deadly Oopsies of Digital Therapeutics

Digital Health

Somebody out there in history who was obviously pretty grumpy took the time to categorize the official list of seven deadly sins, at least in the Biblical sense, which are pride, greed, wrath, envy, lust, gluttony, and sloth.

When the next storm hits, telehealth could be a lifesaver

Healthcare IT News - Telehealth

In February, a ferocious winter storm gripped the southern United States. Millions of people lost power and water, with some areas still struggling weeks later. At hospitals, workers spent the night to avoid being stranded , scrambling to care for patients in dire conditions.


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Ten Forces Shaping Health Care in 2021: A View from CVS Health

Health Populi

Expanding omni-channel, data-driven, cost-effective health care in the community, tailoring that care, and attending to mental health paint the picture of health through the lens of CVS Health.

Accelerated by COVID-19, technology carves new pathways for everyone to access health care


Before COVID-19, clinical research was a little-known part of health care. Despite this process being responsible for determining the safety and efficacy of all the drugs, medical devices, vaccines, and other medical therapies available, less than 5 percent of the U.S.


Your Team's Pragmatic Guide to Security

Speaker: Naresh Soni, CTO, Tsunami XR

The pandemic has led to new data vulnerabilities, and therefore new cybersecurity threats. As technology leaders, it's time to rethink some of your product security strategies. Whether you need to rework your security architecture, improve performance, and/or deal with new threats, this webinar has you covered.

Google's next-gen Nest Hub debuts with contactless sleep monitoring and analysis features

Mobi Health News

The new Sleep Sensing feature integrates with Google Fit and is the first health or wellness use of Soli, Google's low-energy radar sensor. Health and Wellness, Digital Health, Emerging Technologies, Internet of things, Care, Technology

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March 31 is the Deadline for E-Filing ACA Returns With the IRS

ACA Times

2 minute read: March 31, 2021, is the deadline for e-filing ACA returns, Forms 1094-C and 1095-C, to the IRS for the 2020 tax year as required by the ACA’s Employer Mandate.


Study of 36.5M people reveals huge jump in pandemic telehealth use

Healthcare IT News - Telehealth

A cohort study of more than 36 million people in the United States found a dramatic increase in telehealth use during the first four months of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Digital Transformation of Patients – Update from Rock Health and Stanford

Health Populi

The coronavirus pandemic accelerated digital transformation of organizations, including health care providers.

From ‘Toy’ to Tool: Why It’s Time for a Gold Standard in Telehealth Education

Health System CIO

As telehealth crosses the threshold from 'toy' to tool, it's imperative that healthcare organizations offer clinicians education and certification that is rigorous, research-based, and steeped in collective experiences, says Dr. Joseph Kvedar.

Frontline Call Center Partners with VBurchett Consulting to Improve Patients' Experiences

Frontline Call Center and VBurchett Consulting are joining forces in modern patient care with a new patient engagement center that utilizes telemedicine.

Mental health chatbot Woebot could be adapted to tackle substance use

Mobi Health News

New data published in JMIR outlines encouraging results from a modified version of the text-based chatbot app. Digital Health, Health and Wellness, Behavioral health, Analytics, AI, Technology, Care, Data and Information

How To Create A Digital Front Door In Healthcare

Electronic Health Reporter

This article is copyrighted strictly for Electronic Health Reporter. Illegal copying is prohibited. By Dessiree Paoli, senior solution manager, Interlace Health. Even before the pandemic, rural hospitals were closing at record rates.

FTB to Publish Employer California Reporting Non-Compliance Data

ACA Times

3 minute read: Employers should be aware that data concerning non-compliance with California’s Individual Mandate will be publicly reported and published annually by the California Franchise Tax Board (FTB) on its website.


University of Cincinnati researchers invent new telehealth drone

Healthcare IT News - Telehealth

Inventors at the University of Cincinnati announced this past week that they had developed a semi-autonomous drone prototype to dispatch medicine or supplies to people's homes.

Primary Care Is Dead. Long Live Primary Care!

The primary care system is failing patients and providers. Capacity shortages have led to long wait times and physician burnout. To fix the system, we must find innovative ways to boost capacity and meet patient-consumers’ shifting expectations.

How Young People Are Using Digital Tools to Help Deal with Mental Health

Health Populi

After a year of living with and “in” the coronavirus pandemic, younger people in the U.S. have had to deal with over twelve months of quarantine and lockdown, going to school remotely from home, and distancing from friends.

Is Healthcare AI Adoption Moving Too Fast?

Healthcare IT Today

Healthcare AI adoption has been growing rapidly, and to date seems to have been producing worthwhile results most of the time.

Germany approves new digital mental health app for prescription

Mobi Health News

Deprexis, an app used to help mental health, is the 11th app to be approved for medical prescription and reimbursement in Germany so far via DiGA, and MobiHealthNews learns more about the process from Julia Hagen, Health Innovation Hub

The Significant Difference Between Telehealth and Virtual Care

Electronic Health Reporter

This article is copyrighted strictly for Electronic Health Reporter. Illegal copying is prohibited. By Sandeep Pulim, MD, chief medical officer, Bluesteam Health. Telehealth, telemedicine, and virtual care are often used interchangeably to describe remote healthcare visits.

Product Transformation: Adapting Your Solutions for Cloud Models

Speaker: Ahmad Jubran, Cloud Product Innovation Consultant

In order to maintain a competitive advantage, CTOs and product managers are shifting their products to the cloud. Many do this by simply replicating their current architectures in the cloud. Those previous architectures, which were optimized for transactional systems, aren't well-suited for the new age of AI. Whether you're a seasoned CTO or an industry trailblazer, this webinar will help make your product ready to meet the competition by adopting an architecture that is optimized for AI innovation. Join Ahmad Jubran, Cloud Product Innovation Consultant, and learn how to adapt your solutions for cloud models the right way.

New Stimulus Plan Expands PTC Eligibility, Employer Penalties

ACA Times

3 minute read: President Joe Biden recently signed into law the American Rescue Plan (ARP) and it includes provisions that make ACA healthcare coverage more accessible to Americans. The $1.9

How health systems should be preparing now for the future of hospital at home

Healthcare IT News - Telehealth

Telehealth proved its mettle this past year. Now more hospitals and health systems are looking to expand their efforts beyond video visit-based virtual care, and push for expanded remote patient monitoring programs – up to and including the provision of acute care at home.

How Fruits and Veg Can Make Health and Lower Costs – Calling Chef José Andrés to the White House

Health Populi

Springtime is finally emerging on the east coast of the U.S. and my local CSA farm is on my mind.

Moving Beyond Excel for Your Healthcare Analytics Needs

Healthcare IT Today

When I talk to healthcare analytics companies, we sometimes start talking about competitors in their space. When doing so, I think the reply I get most often is that most healthcare organizations are currently using Excel. This is surprising until you dig into it a little deeper.

Improve Onboarding with User-Centered Design

Speaker: Dr. Kate Wolin, Founder, Circea

In the age of social distancing, digital onboarding is becoming essential to any program. This is especially true for medical practices, where the threat of the pandemic is the most real. As consultations are being digitized, so are the process in which new patients are processed and appointments are being scheduled. Practices with compelling onboarding experiences are the ones who will ultimately succeed in the pandemic area and beyond. Join Dr. Kate Wolin, founder of Circea, for an overview of behavioral science and the evidence-based strategies that can be used to support patient engagement. She will also review how a patient-centered design strategy can be used to evaluate and refine onboarding processes.

GE Healthcare announces its first wireless portable ultrasound device

Mobi Health News

The Vscan Air comes from a long heritage of handheld imaging devices, keeping some features like a two-sided probe while ditching all the wires. Digital Health, Usability, Medical devices, Technology

Becoming A Travel Nurse 101: The Complete Step-By-Step Guide

Electronic Health Reporter

This article is copyrighted strictly for Electronic Health Reporter. Illegal copying is prohibited. If you’re itching to travel, love meeting new people, and are passionate about healthcare, it might be time to consider becoming a travel nurse.

How The Raise the Wage Act Could Impact ACA Compliance

ACA Times

3 minute read: The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) issued a report last month that outlines the budgetary effects on American employment if the Raise the Wage Act of 2021 is enacted.

Amazon confirms nationwide expansion of telehealth services

Healthcare IT News - Telehealth

After months of rumor, Amazon confirmed Wednesday that it would be expanding its Amazon Care app-based services to its employees across the United States this summer. The announcement also said that Amazon Care would be available this week to serve other companies based in Washington.

Big Idea: Primary Care Automation

Healthcare automation that gives primary care providers more time with their patients—and less on screens—can improve care for patients, increase satisfaction for providers, and deliver positive bottom-line results for system leaders. Download this guide to learn how to optimize automation and keep the patient-provider relationship at the heart of the healthcare experience.

How Grocery and Retail Companies Are Delivering Health and Healthcare

Health Populi

The Wall Street Journal featured the grocery chain Kroger in an article yesterday titled, COVID-19 Vaccinations, Tests Give Boost to Kroger’s Health Ambitions. With 2,250 pharmacies and 220 clinics largely in the Midwest and the southern U.S.,

Does IoT Increase Security Risks in Healthcare?

Healthcare IT Today

Healthcare is full of acronyms and jargon. IT is the same. Mix them together and you have a mess that is not unlike what you get with a 2-year-old in the same room as wooden alphabet blocks. On top of this alphabet soup are the technology myths that persist – like what really causes EHR […].

EHR 96

Roche inks deal with Diabeloop to integrate automated insulin delivery

Mobi Health News

As part of the partnership Roche's Accu-Chek insulin pump can integrate with Diabeloop monitoring system. . Digital Health, Technology