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3 Healthcare Technology Advances Transforming the Industry

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This content is copyrighted strictly for Electronic Health Reporter. By Kristin Savage writes regularly on the Pick Writers blog and occasionally contributes to other educational platforms. Technology has become an inseparable part of our lives.

Researchers question Babylon claims that its system beat doctors at RCGP exam

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Researchers have called into question claims made by health tech company Babylon Health that its diagnostic and triage system performed better than doctors on a subset of the final exam for trainee GPs in the UK


Seven Best Practices for Optimizing EHRs Clinically and Financially

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Healthcare facilities struggle with knowing if they are using their EHRs to the full potential. There are ways to alleviate the confusion and optimize your EHR for combined clinical decision making and operational effectiveness

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GlaxoSmithKline, Novartis and more pharmas made big bets on digital health in Q3 2018

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MobiHealthNews tracked investments, pilots, partnerships and app launches from major pharma companies during the quarter

Healthcare Is Local: Channeling Tip O’Neill in the 2018 Midterm Election Results

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As Tip O’Neill’s mantra goes, “All politics is local.” ” In the U.S. 2018 midterm elections, healthcare voting seems to have translated as a local issue, falling into O’Neill’s axiom.

Samsung Galaxy smartphones control Insulet’s tubeless insulin pump

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The Omnipod Dash Insulin Management System will initially be controlled using a dedicated Galaxy smartphone, but could eventually integrate with personal devices as well


The Future of Medicine is a Doctor-Patient-AI triangle where machines augment clinical care and diagnostics

Lloyd Price

The future of medicine is a physician-patient-AI golden triangle, one in which machines augment clinical care and diagnostics—one with the patient at its heart.


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Wave breaks on GOP House control

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AI: smart in all settings? — HHS gears grind on


Medici acquires fellow medical communication company DocbookMD

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The acquistion is set to give Medici control over DocbookMD's technical assets and customer contracts.


How To Get Started With Outsourcing Medical Billing

Electronic Health Reporter

This content is copyrighted strictly for Electronic Health Reporter. By Ashly Williams, freelance writer, Billing Solutions. For owners and managers of treatment centers, outsourcing your billing process makes perfect sense. The process of managing your billing process requires time and resources.


USDA report finds rural residents less likely to use telehealth services than urban counterparts

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The agenchy noted that other factors including income and education level also impacted an individual's telehealth use.

Samsung, Insulet collaboration prepares to launch smartphone-controlled insulin pump


Samsung has its eye on the medical device space with a new effort to launch a smartphone-controlled insulin pump. The tech company's partnership with Insulet is seeking FDA approval for an insulin pump that could be controlled through a Galaxy smartphone


EMR lessons from Stage 7 EMRAM hospital

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Jane Miller, COO of Royal Children's Hospital in Melbourne, Australia, says her organization, which reached the elite stage 7 EMRAM, treated EMR implementation as a clinical transformation project, not an IT project

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The ‘next frontier’ for patient safety: Inpatient psychiatric care


In the two decades since the “To Err is Human” report spotlighted the dangers of patient harm, incremental progress has been made across the healthcare industry. But behavioral health lags behind, according to a new study


AI, precision medicine need skilled workforce to reach potential

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Sam Hanna, Associate Dean of Graduate and Professional Studies and Program Director in Healthcare Management at American University, talks about the skills needed to use data and technology to create targeted therapies


What the 2018 midterm elections mean for healthcare: predictability


The midterm elections' major implication for the healthcare industry? Some much-needed predictability.


RapidSOS' data-driven emergency response service pulls another $30M

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The latest round brings the startup's total funding to $65 million


Hawaii hospital system develops smarter workflows by eliminating 'stupid stuff'


To make its documentation system smarter, Hawaii Pacific Health hospitals decided to enlist front-line staff in a battle against “stupid stuff.” Turns out, they found quite a bit of "stuff" that was easy to fix and had simply flown under the radar for years


The digital health provider news of Q3 2018

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As providers around the globe continue rolling out digital health strategies, physician organizations are looking to implement guidelines. During the third quarter of 2018, the digital health space has seen a slew of deals with healthcare providers in the US, UK and elsewhere around the world.

Trump administration finalizes rules allowing religious and 'moral' objections to birth control coverage


A year after a court blocked a federal rule that created "moral" exemptions for birth control coverage, the Trump administration published new rules with similar "conscience protections" for employers


Could Physicians e-Prescribe Community Services?

Healthcare Guys

What if helpful community services could be e-prescribed from the EHR in much the same way that an antibiotic or statin is today? That is the vision of Stacy Lindau, M.D., a professor of obstetrics/gynecology and geriatrics at the University of Chicago who has helped launch a startup community coordination system called NowPow.

CMS proposes additional oversight of ACA exchanges, including abortion coverage


The agency wants to prevent people who are enrolled in Medicare from also enrolling in exchange plans, and it also wants to bill consumers separately for the portion of premiums that would go toward abortion services

Humana reports $901M in Q3 earnings, attributing growth to prevention


Making the most of technology and addressing social determinants of health improved the customer experience for members and cut costs, said CEO Bruce Broussard


Cigna launches pregnancy app following success of maternity program


Following the success of its “Healthy Pregnancies, Healthy Babies” program, Cigna has launched a new app aimed at reducing preterm deliveries through early identification of high-risk pregnancies. The app connects expecting mothers with a health coach and personalized alerts


Premier acquires Cedars-Sinai Medical Center spinout Stanson Health in $51.5M deal


Charlotte, North Carolina-based Premier Inc. will acquire health tech company Stanson Health in a $51.5 million deal expected to close by the end of the year


Infrastructure, committee changes are health IT focal points as congressional power dynamics shift


Sure, health IT doesn't get the political attention that pre-existing conditions coverage does, but advocates see opportunities in the new Congress to push issues around infrastructure, telehealth and security