Tue.Jul 07, 2020

Faster Pace for Corporate Investments and Behavioral Health in COVID-Driven Digital Health Era

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The pace of digital health investments quickened in the first half of 2020, based on Rock Health’s look at health-tech financing in mid-year. Digital health companies garnered $5.4 billion in the first half of the year, record-setting according to Rock Health.

Novartis, Propeller Health co-package new asthma treatment

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The co-packaged product, which will be launched in Europe this year, combines Propeller's sensor tech and Novartis' new medication.


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Cloud-based telehealth, linked with Epic EHR, helps one hospital scale up virtual care

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Lee Health, a health system based in Fort Myers, Florida, has had inpatient telemedicine infrastructure in place since 2014, ambulatory telemedicine since 2015 and a direct-to-consumer system since 2019. THE PROBLEM.

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UAE’s Mulk Healthcare launches global “e-hospital”

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Launching as an app this summer, the Mulk E-Hospital will reportedly offer a range of healthcare services by over 2,000 medical specialists from around the world


Why Smoking Costs Employers More Than They Realize

Your employees are smoking, and at a cost of $7,000 per year for each employee who smokes, that adds up - fast! This free report will show you how an effective cessation program pays for itself.

Blending Marketing and Health IT Solutions – #HITsm Chat Topic

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We’re excited to share the topic and questions for this week’s #HITsm chat happening Friday, 7/10 at Noon ET (9 AM PT). This week’s chat will be hosted by Colin Hung (@colin_hung) on the topic of “Blending Marketing and Health IT Solutions“.

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How health systems can entice consumers to walk through digital front door

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Primary topic: HIMSS20 Digital Coverage Disable Auto Tagging: Short Headline: How health systems can entice consumers to walk through digital front door Featured Decision Content: Region Tag: Global Edition Right Now


Rock Health reports record digital health funding of $5.4B set to the backdrop of a pandemic

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Telehealth and digital behavioral health were two of the most popular investment areas.

DocDoc Helps Patients Discover Providers

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You would think matching patients with the best available provider would be easy with the data and intelligent algorithms we have at our collective disposal. It isn’t. For one, the data required from both patients and providers is siloed and not readily accessible.

Elucid Digital Health’s dashboard gives pharma and CROs real-time patient data

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Elucid’s Pill connect dispensing system will provide contract research organisations (CROs) and pharma the ability to show adherence data during a clinical trial, across country, site, and individual patient number

Primary Care Is Dead. Long Live Primary Care!

The primary care system is failing patients and providers. Capacity shortages have led to long wait times and physician burnout. To fix the system, we must find innovative ways to boost capacity and meet patient-consumers’ shifting expectations.

Mayo Clinic CEO blasts 'just-in-time' ordering as pandemic changes supply chain


Mayo Clinic CEO blasts 'just-in-time' ordering as pandemic changes supply chain. rking. Tue, 07/07/2020 - 13:24


Cochlear receives FDA clearance for three new hearing devices

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Cochlear Limited announced yesterday the U.S. Food and Drug Administration clearance of three new products to be added to the company’s suite of hearing technology devices, all of which can connect to smartphones


Verma: COVID-19 proving the need for greater interoperability


Verma: COVID-19 proving the need for greater interoperability. pminemyer. Tue, 07/07/2020 - 13:33

FraudScope secures $7M in funding

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FraudScope, an artificial intelligence platform that detects heatlhcare fraud, waste and abuse, completed a $7 million Series A round of funding last week. With this financing, FraudScope now has $10.5 million in total funding.


Big Idea: Primary Care Automation

Healthcare automation that gives primary care providers more time with their patients—and less on screens—can improve care for patients, increase satisfaction for providers, and deliver positive bottom-line results for system leaders. Download this guide to learn how to optimize automation and keep the patient-provider relationship at the heart of the healthcare experience.

Lower Extremity Amputations Are Most Common in Type 1 Patients

Insulin Nation

Among the many complications from diabetes, foot and leg amputations may be one of the most widely known to those outside of the diabetes community. But, until very recently, the actual rates of amputation among people with type 1 versus type 2, was not well understood. Now, a new data study by Aetion is shedding some light on how often this severe complication effects each group. And the results for the type 1 community are more than just a little disheartening. How Diabetes Leads to Amputation.


Appointment Scheduling and Self-Scheduling – Telehealth Features Series

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In this Teleahealth Feature Series, we’re going to cover the long list of potential telehealth features available today. As you’re considering your own approach to telehealth, we will provide you a look at all the possible features telehealth companies are offering on the market.

Podcast Interview with CIO Kevin Wiese, Part 2: “We End Up Learning From Our Non-IT Staff.”

Health System CIO

In the behavioral health space, where the no-show rate for visitors has long been a challenge, telemedicine offers a level of convenience that could be a game-changer, says CIO Kevin Wiese. Time will tell as we look at the data.” When you have timelines in place and milestones to meet, as CIOs always do, the last thing you want is to delay them.

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Rural health systems among top recipients of PPP loans


Rural health systems among top recipients of PPP loans. treed. Tue, 07/07/2020 - 10:27


Virtual Front Door or Brick Wall? Care Pathways in Healthcare

Are you offering your patients a virtual front door or a brick wall? Today, 85% of healthcare visits start online. If your patients don’t have a way to access care virtually, you’re losing them to Dr. Google. Clear care pathways that start online ensure your patients get the best care they need while staying loyal to you.

OrthoLive Founder to Host AANA Webinar


OrthoLive Founder, Michael Greiwe, M.D., will lead AANA 's webinar, Using Telemedicine to Increase Revenue in the Current Environment, on Tuesday, July 21 at 8:00 P.M.

Verily's OneFifteen rehab campus ramps up telehealth as opioid overdoses rise


Verily's OneFifteen rehab campus ramps up telehealth as opioid overdoses rise. hlandi. Tue, 07/07/2020 - 15:19

Sample Questions for Nurse Peer-Interviews


A good peer interview nursing team will deploy a series of questions designed to learn about a candidate’s mental, emotional and physical state, helping them find the best fit for their unique situation

4 Uses for Live Chat You May Not Know About

Health Portal Solutions

Live chat provides an easy and cost-effective way to engage with your users through your portal. Besides instant messaging in a secure environment, live chat has other capabilities that can improve the experience for your users and productivity for your team.


Convenience Care Is Here, and It's Eating Your Lunch

Patients want high-quality care that is accessible and affordable. If they can’t get it from you, direct-to-consumer healthcare services make it easy for them to get it somewhere else. Give them the ability to consume your services just like they consume everything else in their lives: on their phones or computers, quickly, and where it’s convenient for them.

Removing Obstacles to Surgery Care with Telehealth


In a given year, 48 million surgical inpatient procedures are performed. Because surgical care often requires specialized knowledge, many patients must travel beyond their local hospital or clinic to receive this needed care.

Upcoming Webinar – Sling RepoInit


Curious about using Sling RepoInit? Want to learn more in depth about how Sling RepoInit can enable your AEM DevOps team to manage the initial repository state in code?


5 Ways to Consider Digital and Data and An End-to-End Architecture


Digital and data are like TV and movies. Imagine the following three scenarios of watching a movie during a long weekend with different types of technology. Note, all these movies are rated high or low on IMDB. Watching an amazing movie like Avengers End Game or Avatar on a laptop or iPad.