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The clinical burden of documentation


The purpose of clinical documentation is to efficiently communicate critical data to peers in a readable fashion while meeting compliance and billing requirements. This documentation should not represent a data dump.

The Caveats of CES 2019

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According to the Cambridge Dictionary, a “caveat” is, “a warning to consider something before doing anything more.” ” It is fitting that CES is held in Las Vegas, land of high risk and, with a lot of luck, reward.

Seizure-detecting wearable Embrace2 cleared by FDA for use by children

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The clearance is a first for the relatively underserved epilepsy wearable space


Blowback on CMS price transparency rule

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EU medical official wary of GDPR — Algorithm outperforms humans at pre-cancer detection


The promises of consumer health data dominated CES 2019

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From on-stage demos to expo floor chit chat, attendees couldn't resist discussing what data collection and analysis could bring to consumer healthcare technology

How Home Health Agencies Can Use Virtual Care with Rural Patients

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This content is copyrighted strictly for Electronic Health Reporter. By Lee Horner, CEO, Synzi.


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What has Telemedicine done for You Lately?


You’ve discussed it in strategy meetings, you’ve overheard your competitors talking about it at conferences, and maybe patients have even asked about it: telemedicine. Why do you need it in your organization?

Using voice content to live healthier lives

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Meet Our Digital Marketing & MicroStrategy Experts at NRF 2019


If you’re attending NRF 2019 , be sure to stop by the MicroStrategy booth (#1955) to meet with Perficient experts Jim Butz, MicroStrategy Practice General Manager, and Kevin Bauer, Digital Marketing Practice Director, as they showcase demos and retail expertise.


Fixing the interoperability problem with data science

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The Fourth Wave: Digital Health Newsletter — Jan 11, 2019 — No. 118

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The Fourth Wave: Digital Health Newsletter — Jan 11, 2019 — No. My newsletter for Jan 11, 2019 is viewable here and inline text below, without images. Sign up for free, here. JOIN THE 65,000+ MEMBER DIGITAL HEALTH GROUP ON LINKEDIN!

The Best Wearable Technologies To Manage Health

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This content is copyrighted strictly for Electronic Health Reporter. By Michael Isberto, blog director, Colocation America. Technology advancements are helping many industries thrive in the current Computer Age. One of these is the healthcare industry.


The German Healthcare system moves one step closer to Electronic Patient Records

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[link] Gematik (the Society for Telematics Applications) recently published the specifications, approval procedures and field test concepts for the components and services for a German electronic patient record.

Food Effect on Glucose

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Modeling Food to Glucose Process. Many physiologic processes in the body have been described with a model-based structure. Insulin absorption was modeled as early as 1959, and compartment models for it followed. Insulin’s effect on glucose was modeled with compartment to compartment flows as well.


3 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Implementing Telepsychiatry

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There’s a lot to consider when implementing telepsychiatry into your health system. Here are three questions that will help you guide your process. The post 3 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Implementing Telepsychiatry appeared first on Iris Telehealth

Physiology of Managing T1D

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Glucose measurement technology has advanced and this has enabled the control strategies that can be used today. Introduction. Our body needs the energy to work, and there are just a few ways for cells to get that energy: oxidizing (burning) either fat or a sugar known as glucose. Glucose is the result of the digestion of carbohydrates in the gut (stomach and duodenum) whence it is absorbed by blood and delivered around the body.

Payer Roundup—Congress introduces legislation to expand chiropractic access for veterans


Bipartisan legislation was introduced this week to expand access to chiropractic services to veterans, plus more payer headlines


Basal insulin Management in T1D

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Overview. The current insulin regimen for glucose management is called basal-bolus, named after its two components: Basal —background insulin reflecting second phase insulin release from a healthy pancreas. Bolus —prandial insulin for the first phase, meal-related, dose.


MACRA & Telehealth Reimbursement

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MACRA is a new legislation in the United States. In May 2018, the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services Administration (CMS) released a brief but noteworthy document entitled, Summary of Policies in the Calendar Year (CY) 2018 Medicare Physician Fee Schedule … Read more. The post MACRA & Telehealth Reimbursement appeared first on TBH Institute Blog.

A Systems Approach to T1D Care

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Diabetes care is especially complex for T2D because there are a lot of variables that impact the effect of food, insulin, and exercise on blood glucose.


Executive Spotlight—Don Berwick on how federal health policy is 'backpedaling'


Don Berwick, former CMS administrator and co-founder of the Institute for Healthcare Improvement, sat down with FierceHealthcare to discuss the current health policy landscape

My T1D Journey as a Systems Engineer

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Systems Education. I was always technically inclined, and majored in physics in college, then did graduate work in Cybernetic Systems. Cybernetics has come to mean computer and internet related technology, but when it was first used in the 1940s it referred to communication and engineering control systems. It was in that graduate school program that I learned of adaptive control and model-based control, as opposed to traditional feedback control. Late Onset Diagnosis.


Utah may become the next state to seek Medicaid work requirements


The idea in the legislature comes just months after voters in the state passed Medicaid expansion


Using CGMs, Insulin Pens, and Pumps

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How to interpret CGM for BG control. Continuous glucose monitors provide a wealth of information that may be used tactically to improve BG control. Some of this is provided right on a Dexcom CGM receiver by the “trend arrow” that it displays, but the algorithm they use to come up with it cannot know the insulin you took, not to speak of any exercise or even recent meals, so it does not always display as comprehensive a trend as a better-informed estimate could.


Healthcare Roundup—UC San Diego Health opens state’s first accredited geriatric ED 


UC San Diego Health has opened its geriatric ED, the first such accredited unit in California, plus more healthcare headlines


Bolus Insulin Management in T1D

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Bolus insulin is the insulin you take for food. What you eat is digested in stages; some is absorbed right in the mouth, which is what makes honey the best thing to use for a serious hypoglycemic emergency. Honey is separated into glucose and fructose by enzymes added to nectar by bees. Sucrose, or table sugar, on the other hand, is a disaccharide that passes through the stomach without digestion, and finally breaks down in the small intestine, after which the liver converts it into glucose.


ACOs should plan for shorter path to greater risk in CMS' overhauled MSSP


Applicants for CMS' new Pathways to Success ACO model should expect to face a shorter path to increased financial risk, according to a new report


Acronyms and References

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Acronyms and References. amylin. link]. AndriodAPS. link]. Aspart. link]. Automated insulin delivery. link]. BG (Blood Glucose). link]. blood plasma. link]. C-Peptide. link]. cannula. link]. capillary. link]. carbohydrate. link]. CF (correction factor). link]. link]. cohort. link]. link]. dawn phenomenon. link]. link]. link]. Degludec. link]. Detemir. link]. dimer. link]. disaccharide. link]. DIY artificial pancreas. link]. duodenum. link]. link]. gangrene. link]. ghrelin. link]. Glargine. link].