Sun.Nov 18, 2018

Will robots replace doctors?


Among the many recurring topics, this year has been the impact of machine learning in our lives, especially the implications for our future work life.

Healthcare’s big breakthroughs aren’t going to come from Google or Amazon says Tech billionaire Sean Parker

Lloyd Price

Sean Parker, the tech billionaire and cancer research philanthropist, may be a product of a Silicon Valley tech giant — but he’s skeptical about the impact those companies will have as they increasingly make a play in medicine. “I I just don’t think the innovations that are going to drive this revolution in health care and discovery are going to come out of Amazon or Google,” Parker said Tuesday at an event put on by the Washington Post.


Getting Reimbursed as a Telemedicine Provider


Telemedicine is quickly becoming a valuable practice in the medical community, with many doctors offering virtual care services to their patients.